Pet Relief @ The Airport? WTF?

See the original image here @ The Huffington Post where I borrowed it from.
“San Diego International Airport doesn’t discriminate against any of its travelers — including the small, furry kind. In addition to the typical men’s and ladies’ restrooms located throughout the airport, San Diego offers bathrooms just for dogs. Located in terminal two, the pet pit stop is decked out with turf, a fire hydrant and a hand-washing station for owners. The airport also has a pre-security pet relief area that’s outdoors and is located between terminals one and two.” (This information borrowed from the story posted by The Huffington Post)
A patron to my blog actually came across this article, thanks TK, since she knows I can’t stand reading The Huffington Post. This article only pushes forward to prove my point of what they consider to be news worthy. But enough about their dumb asses, I just wanted everyone to know I wasn’t making this shit up and to give the original source of the quoted text and the image above.

Now before anyone jumps in and back out of my ass for posting this and offering questions let me first say that I know and understand that these pet relief areas have been created for the thousands of travelers who use service animals. I know this. I also know that in 2009 DOT (Department of Transportation) required that airlines and airports alike provide pet relief areas and the escorts to get to them. As a result, airports everywhere either expanded current facilities or created new areas, most of which are outside, with only a handful being inside. Now, I didn’t know anything about how or why these areas until just a few days ago when I had to do some research so I could stop scratching my head in disbelief. However, I’m still in a bit of disbelief that some airports have put full restrooms for service animals inside terminals. Maybe it is because I believe animals should be doing their business outdoors.

Not to take this totally off track here but aren’t there some other, better, improvements to be made to airports than to install animal restrooms? Yes, maybe you are right, if I needed to travel with my service animal I really could appreciate an animal restroom in the airport I was traveling in. But, on the flip side of all of this it isn’t the case. Not only do I not have a furry pet but I don’t want one either. I guess this makes me a little one sided in my thinking because I don’t see the point in any of it. But, then again, it shouldn’t really matter to me because I don’t fly, haven’t in 14 years. In the end it really doesn’t matter what I think anyway. I was just very surprised when I started reading all the information out there about pet relief areas at airports. My intent here was not to offend anyone with a service animal and also travels thru the airport system, I was merely trying to find out why it is absolutely so important to spend money on interior facilities for dogs at airports. I think I will just leave well enough alone.

Before all you haters start licking your chops at the ways you can e-mail me and jump my ass, just save it because I don’t want to hear it from you. Have your opinion but understand I have my own as well. If you think it is a great idea to have interior pet restrooms than I am extremely happy for you, if you don’t then I am extremely happy for you as well. This post was to describe my utter surprise about a topic I knew nothing about. Our world is full of strange and bizarre shit, in my opinion interior pet restrooms in our nation’s airports hits right there in my own personal top ten. If this is your first time ever hearing about airports providing these indoor facilities then welcome to my club. Want to learn more? Go get your ass on the internet and search for the information before this is all you are getting from me because I am done here.

As a reminder, the picture and the quoted text in italics was borrowed from The Huffington Post from an article they wrote on 17 June 2013 by writer Lisa Miller. I did not have permission to use the picture or the text just in case you were wondering.