The Fucked Youth Of Our Nation


It may not be fair of me to judge all of the youth of our nation based on my personal interaction with a few of them lately. But, real quick, I want to share what happened at the gas station first thing this morning. See the picture of my hat? Did you read it? Do you know what it is? At the gas station, this 20 something kid asks “dude, that game is awesome, Deadwood is super hard tho”. Me, “what in the fuck are you talking about”? Kid, ” I’ve been playing that badass game for a couple weeks now, it’s badass dude”. Kid, “you been playing”? Me, “it’s a fucking city in South Dakota you dumb shit”! Kid, “no its not, its the game I’ve been playing on the Xbox, its not a city, that would be a stupid name for a city, its a game, ask your kids, they’ll tell you.” I shook my head and walked away, hoping that his stupid didn’t get on me. Check, I’m clear. What a fucktard bonehead!

The Ultimate Friendly Reminder


How Stupid Can One Person Be?

I have seen allot of dumb shit in my life, make no mistake about that. However, this ding dong bimbo has moved into my top three list of dumb shit and dumb people. She would move straight to #1 but I have an ex-wife who currently holds the positions #1 & #2. So, push play and you won’t have to wait very long for the ignorance to start pouring out of her mouth. Just in case the video does not work for you personally, here is the link to the video. I will apologize in advance because this is 3:17 of your life you are never getting back.