A Cautious Word About Sexting Selfies


Over the past weekend my wife was getting texts sent to her one right after another about 1 in the morning Sunday, thirteen to be exact. The above picture is one of them. My wife, thinking something is wrong or something important is going on jumps out of bed to check her phone and has 13 texts from a number she is not familiar with. Once she wakes me up to show me what was sent, there were quite a few that got progressively explicit, and some that both of us looked at twice because we wanted to figure out what she was doing. All I will say is it involved a rather large handle of a brush being used as an instrument of “pleasure”. Me and my wife were impressed with the depths she achieved.

After a short discussion with me, my wife calls this girl to find out who she is and inform her she had been texting her very intimate pictures to a wrong number this whole time. The girl, very apologetic, explained that she was wondering why the recipient was not replying because that was odd behavior on her part, yes I said her. Apparently, when she was typing in the number to text to for the first time her hands were a little slippery and she mistyped one digit, making my wife the new recipient. Hell, had she went a digit the other direction it would have gone to my number instead. Luckily for all parties involved, they went to my wife.

Sexting happens, this we all know, all I’m saying is to be careful so y’all don’t surprise a total stranger by mistake. On a plus side, some of the pictures got me to thinking, but that is another place and another time altogether for discussion. So, be safe when sexting, make sure your hands are dry, because cell phones get slippery. Anyone else had a similar situation happen? Want to share?

What Are Bartender: Untold Stories?


Welcome to the section where I get to share stories about the great club I worked at in the not so distant past, the interesting industry that I worked in, the array of people I had the pleasure to  meet everyday, and of course being a bartender in a full nude strip bar. Just take a stool and enjoy the beverage of your choice while I share stories and tantalizing tales that have been shared with me and/or observed by me. Now y’all are ready to be “exposed” to the things I’ve heard and the things I’ve seen thru the eyes and ears of a real Texas Bartender while working in a real Texas strip club. One can search around The Sting Of The Scorpion and find a variety of stories directly or indirectly related to Bartender Stories, I encourage y’all to look to the links on the right and click “Scorpion Sting’s Bartender Stories” as this will help to narrow your search.

As a bartender in a full nude strip bar I was witness to many amazing sites, I got to meet many amazing people, and best of all I got to listen to the stories of many people. The incredible challenge I always had was knowing what to do with all of the information that had been offered to me. What do I do? Write a book? Write a movie? Neither, but I did write it all down. I took notes and wrote down triggers so that the stories would come back to me easy. Why do all that? Why bother? Good question, which the stories I will tell will hopefully relay and answer some of those, if not all, questions. In time gone by I had a separate blog dedicated solely to telling stories from my perspective from behind the bar based on my conversations and observations. And, unfortunately I fell victim to some culling of blogs and it became a deleted statistic I chalked up as a great loss. However, as y’all can see here, I have been trying to maintain the tradition of telling my stories. from this point forward I will warn you that the content will become adult oriented and the language as well as the descriptive picture will become a bit more colorful. I’m not the best story-teller, but I try to be a fair story re-teller.

The views and opinions expressed within the walls of this blog section are mine. However, the purpose of this blog section is to re-tell stories I have heard and to tell stories based on what I have seen, so some things will be borrowed to a point. All names have been changed or omitted. Quite possibly y’all might read things here written in a coarse or blunt manner. This will not be done to offend you, however it might be needed at times to relay the true and accurate message. Some of the images you will find in this blog section belong to ME because I took them. Others are assumed royalty free and found publically on the internet. When needed, or asked for, I will include where or who I got the photo from. Please contact me if you have any questions at all about anything you may find here. Please enjoy your stay, return soon and often. Don’t be surprised if the story I tell one day is about you or somebody you know.