Explanation Of Why We Are Here Now


After much thought, meditation, and a few jugs of margaritas, I decided that it was time for a change in regards to the way I blog. I wasn’t unhappy with the way I was blogging but I was unhappy with the fact that the subject matter I was covering was all over the place and took up six different blogs. Two of those six blogs were considered static and didn’t update beyond their creation. So, the updating of 4 different blogs has become time consuming, and as I was told, confusing to the reader. I have had many suggestions to just do everything I am doing but do it in a consolidated fashion. Right, what does that mean? Well, it meant I needed to consider my options. I have found that my old host was very simple to use but also somewhat limited to what I could figure out to do with it, in my opinion. I’m sure I only scratched the surface on using the resources and tools offered. But, I’m lazy, I like everything at my fingertips and not have to search around for it. When my old blogs bought the farm after many years of service and I made the choice to rebuild I had WordPress recommended to me by many people. Unfortunately I’m stubborn and pigheaded most of the time. In fact, when I decided to make this move I was concerned that I might have too much material to transfer and perhaps the point would get lost in translation. But, I have found that with the tools offered here that it made it super easy to do tweaks, minor and major.

So I have made the jump to WordPress and have successfully moved everything here. I was pleased that everything was all placed in a hierarchical manner based on the date when I was importing. At first I wasn’t sure about it but it started growing on me when I was working on it. I really like having only one place, just one blog to update, and only one blog to worry about. If you were a reader before then you know what I had to offer and that won’t be changing. Only now a reader doesn’t have to go in multiple directions to see what I have posted because it will all be here. I will be keeping many features offered before, such as “The Magic Weekend”, “Guest Blogging”, “Bartender Stories”, “Hate Mail”, “Random Pictures”, “Poster Creations”, and much more. I chose to use some current categories as well as create a few more. All the “Categories” are listed at the top right of this blog for easy searching. In time all of the posts here will be categorized in it’s proper category. I have a feeling it will be a constant time consuming challenge to get it as accurate as I want it to be. As well, you can use the label cloud to search everything on this blog.

All is well now and the dust shall settle pretty soon.  If there are ever any questions or concerns please contact me.

Without further ado, I present to you The Sting Of The Scorpion.