Sticks And Stones………………..Right?


I belong to a fair share of “groups” on Facebook that host a large number of military/veteran members. On occasion, this being one of them, I come across some really stupid and frustrating bullshit or people, this case it is both. I have to remind myself that pieces of shit like this one roam the gutters of our fine planet. I won’t lie to y’all either, I visited his Facebook page where the image below was grabbed, and I wanted to weep for his ignorant ass, but instead I was struck with a fit of laughter. I’m sorry if y’all happen to be his friend, but he is a fucking douche.


From Time To Time Y’all Will See


From time to time y’all will see me shed light and direction to The Sting Of The Scorpion Blog’s Facebook page. I try to do this every other month or when people start asking where they can find it. Well, now I have made it super easy for everyone and have eliminated all the guesswork. Now y’all can find the button shown below on the right side of this blog.


It’s a real place I promise which is solely operated by me and only me. As it is today, it’s got a small followership which I would really like to see increase quite a bit. Typically either my personal Facebook page or the community page is how many of y’all get in contact with me. Many times it is to let me know to be on the look out for an email, request information, or just to chat. Since I operate solely from my cell phone it is a quick way for me to see what is happening. Beginning next month, if I can get it all worked out, it will be where I post my news letter listing past posts and upcoming posts, a feature being requested at this time. Its also going to be the place where The Scorpion Army gets information since I refuse to mass email people. As you can see below, it’s a real place on Facebook and we look forward to seeing y’all soon.