A Girl And Her New Truck

 I have mentioned a time or two how my 17 y/o daughter is driving now and how she has a fascination with driving my trucks. Most of her driving education was completed in one of my trucks. In fact her driver’s education was provided by me thru the PTDE program (Parent Taught Drivers Education) offered here in Texas. Now, she has a car (currently for sale) that was given to her by her biological father over a year ago for her sixteenth birthday. He had bought a new vehicle and figured he would give her his old car. Well, it isn’t that old, it’s a 2008 Nissan Sentra SE-R which had only 17K miles on it. He thought it was perfect for her since she’s only 5′ tall. Since day one she has not really cared for it a great deal and said she felt very “small” in it when she was driving. But, we kept the car because it was a gift. That don’t mean it was driven a great deal. There has been under one thousand miles put on it in 14 months. Secretly, her and her grandmother had been searching for a truck. However, her and her grandmother didn’t exactly know what they were looking for or what they were looking at altogether. This is where I was called in. They needed help locating a truck. Now, if my daughter had her way, she would be driving my H1 Alpha because she thinks I need to give it to her. Way wrong answer. What’s the next best thing? Well, actually, there isn’t a next best thing because nothing else on the planet even compares to a H1 Alpha. I hunted for many months across the continental United States to find the one I want, I have no intention of parting with it just yet. They know I will search until I find exactly what I want and I won’t settle.

First of all I sat down with her and she explained what she was looking for in a truck. Her list wasn’t real hard to fathom and I figured I would be able to fulfill what she wanted to have. Now we had to talk budget. She has scrimped and saved 2 thousand dollars, her grandmother gave me five thousand dollars, and as I found out, the rest was going to be up to me. Hey, it’s better than having to foot the entire cost myself, so I graciously took all donations. She explained she was looking for solid red, solid black, or solid white. She wanted four doors. She wanted it to be 4×4 with a small lift. She wanted it to be an older model Ford. She wanted it to be a standard because she has found that to be her preference. She didn’t want a fixer upper, she wanted something to drive right away. That was about it for what she was actually looking for. Seemed like it would be easy enough because what she was looking for was pretty broad in the overall scale of things. Plus, living here in Texas, finding a 4×4 Ford isn’t all that hard, it’s the finding the right one for sale that showed to be a challenge. I have some standard places I start when looking to buy anything vehicular, Craigslist.com and Autotrader.com because they usually have a great local selection. If those two fail me I grab an actual paper and go from there. I searched on and off for a couple weeks and really didn’t see anything I wanted to give money for because I really didn’t care for them. My wife said I should have been taking my daughter out looking because it should be her choice. True. But beyond how it looks she would be no help. Although, I have been teaching her about the importance of everything under the hood and under the vehicle. I don’t know if it all makes total sense to her or not. She has “gear head” tendencies for sure, but I don’t want to force any of it on her, I just want her to know more than where to put the fuel.

All of the looking and disappointment soon came to end. My daughter, son, and I were driving to the lumber yard, yes an actual outdoor lumber yard, when we saw this red 4×4 Ford F350 with a 4-sale sign in the back window. She wrote down the phone number so we could call the owner later and maybe look at it. After spending about an hour at the lumber yard we finally found what we were looking for, got loaded up, and headed home. I got so involved in what we were doing that I had forgot we had a phone number to call. After a few hours I was reminded by my daughter to call. I was pretty disappointed because I had to leave a message as my inquiry. So, back to work. Later in the day just before dinner the gentleman gave me a call back. We discussed the truck in some detail and I decided it was worth a look. I didn’t tell my daughter he called because I wanted us looking at the truck to be a real surprise. The following morning, Sunday, we all loaded up in the H1 to go for a “ride”. Only my wife and I knew where we were going. We figured we would have fun and make a game out of it all. Since the man lived about 40 miles away from my house we just enjoyed the drive thru the countryside. It was quite nice just milling about way out in the boondocks. Finally we arrived at our final destination. As we drove up the dirt driveway I mentioned that I had to make a detour to talk to a man about some parts I was looking for that I needed to repair a trailer. I said we would only be a few minutes and then we could be on our way again. We pulled up by the house and the man was walking out the front door to meet us. I jumped out to go talk to him in advance of everyone else. Everyone else got out and came to where I was to meet up with me. The man said they could go look around all the old junk while we talked. My kids wandered off back behind the garage and disappeared out of sight. All of a sudden I’m getting a text message from my daughter to tell me that this man had a truck similar to the one we had saw driving the day before. She wanted me to come look at it and if I liked it to talk him into selling it. Really? This is an amazing development! We all made it back around the garage and my daughter was smiles from ear to ear. It was funny to watch. The only thing she said to me was “ask him”.

He started out telling us a story about the truck and how he ended up with it. His youngest son was the owner of the truck. His youngest son is a Marine who was killed in Afghanistan 18 months ago at age 23. He said he was holding onto the truck because he believed it would have sentimental value. He would drive it once a month or so to keep everything in good condition, he would keep the oil changed, he always kept it clean. But, now he wanted to sell it because he was done with his mourning and felt selling it would help him and his wife to move on with their own lives. Now, I didn’t know all of this about his son in advance, but I’m glad that he shared. He quickly changed gears and wanted to show off everything this truck had to offer. This was, however, his son’s first love. He spent every last nickel he had making this the truck that stood before us and spared no expense doing so over the years. The simple version of what was offered with this truck is as follows. It’s a 1997 F350 Crewcab Powerstoke 7.3L diesel with a 6″ suspension lift, 36″ tires, a 4″ dual exhaust, K & N treatment, and a Banks Power System. Also, it had electric trailer brake hook ups as well as a hide-away gooseneck ball. It also boasted a very clean and very well maintained interior. It is a 5 speed manual transmission as well as being what my daughter says is the perfect shade of red. To top it all off it has only 98,000 miles on it. Pretty much this truck has hit every mark on my daughter’s wish list. I was thinking quietly to myself that the truck was perfect to add to our family because it could be used to work as well as looking pretty. Let’s give it a test drive to see how it runs. It ran impressively, I would have no concerns with her driving this truck at all. I was also thinking he was about to drop the price bomb on me and it wasn’t going to be pretty. So, we started talking about price and he started talking about all the add-ons and special treatments it had. Then, after a long sigh he said a price that almost put me on my ass. Now, I was expecting something between $19K and $22K as it sits. So, I was very surprised, as well as happy when he said $11K will drive it home today. There is only one hiccup in the whole deal, he has no idea where the title is located. No big deal, I will pay the additional $25.00 for the title search. We shook hands and the deal was said and done. My daughter was so excited she ran up to him and gave him a very big hug and a very heart felt thank you. I gave him $9,000.00 in cash and wrote a check for the remaining $2,000.00 and then he handed the keys to my daughter.

After everything was settled I called USAA (my insurance provider) and had the truck added so we could drive it home. Everything was set with only one exception, the only two people who can drive a standard are my daughter and I. And she has very little experience doing it. So, she wants me to ride with her to ensure she has no problems. What does this mean? It means my wife will need to drive my H1 home. No big deal right? Wrong, in the almost 2 years I have had the H1 she has never driven it. Why? Because she thinks it is way to big, so she has never wanted to drive it. Well, today is the day I tell her. I just told her to follow us and try to keep up. We took off like a band of outlaws and hit the road to head home. My daughter did wonderful driving her new truck and had no problems. My wife had the same success and when we got home she handed me the keys and told me she has no desire to ever drive it again. My daughter said it is a big difference between driving her new truck and driving her Sentra. She loves it. We did good. My wife thinks it’s a bit too big for my daughter because she is so small. My daughter says those are fightin’ words. Once we got home she wanted me to take a few pictures for her………so she could update her Facebook status. So, I did my best and she posted pictures of her new truck. In the end the reason I’m writing this post is because I had a few pictures and the journey to finding the truck has been an interesting one. It made me think about how every vehicle tells a story about the previous owner and now the story continues with this truck and my daughter. I know what you are thinking, and yes, my daughter is a redneck just like her dear old dad. I have to hand it to her, she knew what she wanted, and now she is happy. Sadly, she said jokingly, her boyfriend can’t drive the truck because he can’t drive a standard and she’s not going to teach him. Kinda mean if you ask me.

The First Impression

This story provided by A.K. via e-mail. A.K. explained briefly that she had just started reading my other blogs before they up and disappeared. She stated she was glad that I started over and especially glad that I started this particular section because she also likes hearing peoples stories on Monday morning. A.K. hails from sunny Orlando Florida and she has been working at Disney World for 3 years now and doesn’t think she will ever have a better job. She is a graduate of FSU (Florida State University) with a degree in Integrated Marketing & Management Communication. She didn’t say where she worked specifically but did mention she does get to be in costume most of the day and gets to meet many people. She says she loves to have her picture taken with unsuspecting guys as sometimes she gives them a firm grip on their ass just to see their expression as nobody actually knows who is actually in the suit. Which is where her story begins. As a note, besides this initial commentary everything will be as stated as is was in the e-mail. I will take this opportunity to say that A.K. is not shy and does not sugar coat what she has said. So, let’s go……….
“After living in Florida and working at Disney World for about a year I decided I was ready to have some fun and have a relationship. I think that my pussy cat needs me to get a real man since he gives me these strange looks when I start cussing like a sailor because the batteries died in my pink rabbit and have to stop, run thru the house naked, and try to find batteries. Freakishly this happens more often than not. You would think that I would just keep the batteries close. Then I think, close to where, where is a close place, since I live alone I can fuck myself wherever, whenever I want to and nobody knows the difference. If my neighbors new that I spent 90% of my time in the apartment naked I might have more knocks on the door for sugar and milk. One time I thought this guy must be gay because I peeped thru the peephole and saw it was my hot neighbor so I answered the door naked. He didn’t even notice, he was more concerned about borrowing some cooking spray. I returned to the door, still naked and smiling, handed him the spray, and asked him what he was cooking. He said eggs and hashbrowns, I was waiting for an invite, but all I got was him telling me that he liked my pierced nipples. What the fuck? How about licking my nipples? How about grabbing the hoops and dragging me around the house until you bend me over the couch and drill me like tomorrow is never to come. But no, just a nice nipple piercing. Maybe I need a sign on my door that reads: “Pierced Clit, Pierced Nipples, Anal Is Okay, I Swallow, Just Open The Fucking Door And Tell Me To Put My Ankles Behind My Head”. Maybe that wouldn’t be blunt enough. Maybe being a natural blonde throws men off. I have needs. Now I need to get dressed and go to the store for more batteries because my rabbit demands to be fed!
One day during the heat of August I decided that inside the costume was way to fucking hot to be wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I had to be naked because of the heat. People don’t understand that it is hot in the suit. Sometimes I sweat so bad it feels like warm pee going down my legs. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting all sweaty, I would just prefer it happening while some cute guy was pounding my holes like he was going for the gold. Anyway, after about an hour of mindless wandering around the park, well, not mindless, we have an actual route and time frame to meet, I decided today was going to be the day that some lucky sonofabitch was going to get fucked so hard that he be left wondering who fucked who. I was on a mission. I need to find the right guy in the right mind. I hunted and I hunted. Then, bingo, I found him and it was game on. I walked up to him mocking his every move. This went on for a few minutes until finally he stopped and asked me what in the hell I thought I was up to. We generally are forbidden to talk, but on that day I broke all the rules. I told him I was trying to get his attention because I wanted him to know that seeing him made me all wet and wanted to know what he was going to do about it. His expression was absolutely priceless! He told me lets walk and talk about this for a moment. We chatted it up for a bit and he explained to me that he was here with his brother’s family for his niece’s 13th birthday. Oddly enough they were to have a birthday lunch in the Crystal Palace Restaurant with all the characters from the Hundred Acre Woods. I was smiling but he could not see me. He said he would really like to take me up on my offer of checking out my wetness, nut really needed to get to lunch. I asked him for a piece of paper and a pen so I could give him my cell phone number. After giving it to him I told him to take a picture with his phone so he wouldn’t forget about my pouncing. He laughed and took the picture. He also gave me a deep finger grope as I was bent over. Holy shit don’t stop there! Please don’t stop there, go deeper, go faster, and just keep going. Then, it was over, just like that, and he walked away. He left me there ready to take it with only a teasing poke. I would bet money, since he knows his fingers were in my pussy, that as he walked away he smelled his fingers.
So now I wait. I wait for his call. I don’t want to wait, I want, I need him to finish what was started right now. Another hour passed and still nothing from my unknown hero. Well, crap. I went back to the cast changing room and got out of my suit. I got to looking inside and realized I need to drop this by the cleaners on my way out of the park. I’m obviously very disappointed in how the day played out. I wonder if he went around the park and tried to get frisky with the other Tiggers. That would have been funny to watch. Why the fuck didn’t he call? On my way home I stopped off at the grocery store for some dinner and of course some heavy duty batteries, Mr. Rabbit is going to have to work over time tonight! I got home, got undressed, took a long hot shower, shaved, put on something comfortable, warmed up my dinner in the microwave, poured me a glass of wine, and finally sat down to eat, alone. Maybe I need a new approach. Maybe I should just give up on ever meeting Mr. Right. Shit, for that matter how about Mr. Wrong. After watching the television for a while it was time to go to bed and get some rest, I am very exhausted. Afterall a good man is hard to find and a hard man is never going to call. What was I thinking while at the park today? I could have been fired for fucking a guest to the park. What a way to go tho! We’re sorry Ms. A.K., due to inappropriate behavior with a guest we will be terminating you, signed: Mickey Fuckin Mouse. As I layed in bed staring at the ceiling fan wizzing by I fell fast asleep. When I woke the next morning I felt like I was ready to take on the world one more day. I think that might have been the best night sleep I have had in a year.
I spent the day waiting for Mr. Wonderful with very high hopes but he was a no show. It crushed me for the entire day and at the end of it I just went straight home and layed out on the couch. Then, magically, my phone began to vibrate in my pocked. As bad as I wanted to see who was calling I was enjoying the tickle. Fine, I pulled it out of my pocked and answered it. It was him. It was really him. We talked a bit and he wanted to know if my offer was still open. I reached down between my legs, wet as hell, so yeah asshole the offer is still open. I gave him my address and told him there was no need to bring food or wine or booze or porn or anything, just get his happy ass over here. About 30 minutes later he decided to show up. I answered the door naked and dripping. It all started there. I jumped up on him like I was going to ride that bull for 8 seconds, hell I wanted to ride it for 8 hours and hope this stiff dick survives for round two. It was absolute crazy madness. I can’t ever recall being fucked so hard and so good ever in my life. I honestly thought he was going to kill me pounding me so hard since I kept not being able to catch my damn breath. After a good 25 minutes of earth shattering sex he threw me on my back, grabbed my ankles and held them by my ears, then shot the biggest load of cum up the length of my body and all over my face. It was fucking beautiful! Holy shit! More please oh please let him have one more time in him. Then, out of the blue, there is a tap on the door which was wide open, it was the guy who borrowed the spray. He had a bizarre shocked look on his face. As a joke I asked if he was next. He shook his head no so I told him to just go to the kitchen and put it on the counter. He did and then pulled the door shut on his way out.
Me and Mr. Wonderful fucked like rabbits for the next two days straight. Finally he just gave out. He gave all the wood he had. He was tired, raw, and bewildered as to how he lost two whole days. We said our goodbyes as he was heading to the airport today to go back to somewhere in California. When I went in to work that day I thought about him a little, okay, allot. I was walking a bit funny because I had been rode so hard for so long. Then, out of the corner of my eye I see this beautiful piece of meat that needs to get pounced by Tigger. Well hello there, care to be my next victim.”
The pictures and the story in this post were provided by A.K. I can’t thank her enough for sharing this twisted ass tale. Goes to show you that no matter who you are there is something horny inside of you that wants to get out of control.