Hurry! The Weekend Is Coming!

themagicweekend2But wait! What’s the hurry? What’s the big deal? Sit back a moment and I will explain to y’all why the weekend being here is such a big deal. If you are inclined to see for yourself what has been submitted in the past just search The Sting Of The Scorpion for “The Magic Weekend” and 20 some odd stories will pop up that have been by great readers just like y’all. For more, click the “Magic Weekend Information” tab at the top of the page for a bit more. Don’t fret if you have submitted before and it was published, I like repeat offenders. As well, if someone has submitted before and the story or pictures were declined to be published don’t let that hold you back. As y’all will see, here at The Sting Of The Scorpion, we are pretty open minded as to what we post ourselves. Can I talk about myself in the third person like that? Anyway, your information can be as private or as public as you want it to be. Upon request I also add your blog/website so others may find you in the dark. I also provide the donating party a link to place on their blob/website to use as they see desirable.

So, what’s the deal with The Magic Weekend? I started it a while back because I would come to work Monday morning and here some outlandish stories of Sex, Jail, Blood, Money, or Fame, and I would always tell people it was utter bullshit if they don’t have some pictures, receipts, or a few scars to show for it all. Then it hit me, I’m going to start telling these stories, and when I did it took off like a bat out of hell. But, just like in real life, so many submissions come without any pictures which usually means a decline on my side. I have posted more than one using pictures I found on the internet because the ones sent to me were too graphic to put up here. Plus who wants to see a picture I had to blur out for one reason or another anyways.

So, that’s why we are here today. I have been falling down on my duties the last few months and haven’t been asking for y’all’s great weekend stories. It’s time for y’all to tell your stories about your weekend for the “world” to see. So what did you weekend involve? Sex, Jail, Blood, Money, or Fame? Got questions? Just ask me. Fair enough? Great, lets GO!

Submit stories/pictures to