Look At Me ! ! ! ! We Have A Winner!


Earlier this week I threw down the gauntlet and challenged readers to provide me with a caption for the above picture. I was provided 150+ suitable captions but (pun intended) “I think I’ve gone poopernova” was my personal favorite. The choices were so vast I had to enlist the help of my two daughters (23 & 17) to help me pick a winner. With a secret ballot with the top ten of our selections, “poopernova” got three #1 votes out three. It isn’t too often I have a hard time coming up with a caption or something smart-ass to say but I know exactly what to do each and every time it happens in the future, just ask my readers. I would like to thank each and everyone of y’all who participated. Most of y’all put in multiple captions and variations of those captions and for that I’m grateful. Dalecooper57 has an awesome blog too, go check out Diary Of An Internet Nobody and see for yourselves.