My Very First Blog Post Ever

Way back in the spring of 2001 I decided I wanted to create a blog to capture some of my personal ideas, beliefs, life, and history. It wasn’t that I had (or have now) an amazing life that I needed to write an autobiography, I just wanted a place to put my thoughts, what better way than to use the new and upcoming technology then to make a blog. My roots remain intact today, I write for the purpose of being able to “talk out-loud” to a very non-specific audience. But then again, one couldn’t really even define one’s audience back then. Fortunately for me recently, I was trolling myself, y’all might be familiar with Googling yourself, a disgusting habit, but I’m sure most of us have done it at least once. Anyway, my original of the three blogs I have started pops up as a result. Intrigued, since I thought it was dead and buried long ago, I clicked the link. It remains as the day I left it, before moving on to pursue other pastures. But when I started reading the things I was writing it all came back to me. I then located my initial post. In a minute, I will share that with you. Oddly enough, I find myself concerned in similar ways with how religion changes the lives of the most honest men and women. Fortunately for me, many years has passed, but one thing remains the same, what history writes about us will never change, good or bad, right or wrong, historical facts will remained emblazoned in time forever.

I remain, still today, as seen by my last post and some real recent ones, a critic of organized religion because, more often then not, it is personal opinion. I remind each of you that I am a full supporter of personal freedoms and we all know that each individual will always be bound for the choices he/she makes. I may criticize, ridicule, and as many accuse me of, mock organized religion, it is purely my personal opinion in life and my choice to do so. I used to think I was seeking answers, shopping which version of truth and reality I wanted to see or be a part of. Slowly but surely religion began to be pushed out of my life, becoming pointless, and I really started looking into what we all know as mainstream organized religion. Although there is personal opinions in this inaugural post of mine, there are also many historical facts. Take from it what you will, but I think after this post I will be avoiding the topic we all call organized religion for many reasons I don’t think I need to go into now. The emails used to be entertaining but they have turned into another kind of beast, a beast that I had to learn to break and learn to ride like a horse with an attitude problem.

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Let’s Follow The Money …….. 


I have studiously avoided the subject of religion and politics in past conversations face to face with people, preferring to concentrate on personal aspects of our situation in the world. But, the fucking time has come to discuss it. This will be difficult reading to some Christian patriots out there. But if you have reached the level where you can accept that our government is not, nor has been, acting in our favor; that those in power lie; that “those who would enslave us” will use any means, any vehicle to achieve that enslavement; then you must examine the evidence without the rose colored glasses.

If we are indeed in a spiritual battle across the planet, then you must be able to recognize the devil in his many guises. Correct or incorrect? Next to “government”, his favorite institutional tool must surely be “organized religion”. What better way to lead the sheeple, his captured “flock”, into slavery. In my youth and even as an adult, I found myself being very uncomfortable with organized religion. At that time in my life I was, like most Americans, totally ignorant in regards to the New World Order agenda and the plot to destroy, or override our Constitution. Intuitively, I refused to allow government or religion to exercise much of a hold on me. For many years I struggled with what appeared to me to be an unsolvable paradox; How could I love my country to the extent of serving her military and believe in a God yet be fearful of my government and apprehensive of the church and organized religion?

Certain aspects of Christianity have always disturbed me since I was a very young age. The Crusades, the Inquisition, the burning of so-called witches and the distant look in a fanatic’s eye when they realize you aren’t going to fall for their particular interpretation of the Bible. Yet Christianity and the pursuit of the freedom to practice it, is directly responsible for the founding of this country I love so dear. Christians account for less than 30% of the world’s population. Are we supposed to believe that the other 70% of the world and all of the great men who were not Christians were and are still wrong? For us to believe that any one denomination, or religion for that matter, is the only way, is to deny the omnipotence of God and the mere idea of his actual existence in body, spirit, and mind.

Religion is man’s way of dealing with his mortality and the Bible used by Christians is much more than the proprietary property of one group of people. It is the foundation of two other religions, Judism and Islam. It is, in itself, the greatest tool for the civilization of mankind in existence and simultaneously the cause of most wars, bloodshed, divorces, and disagreements. The Bible is a history of tyranny and an epic saga of the determination of a few men to lead their people out of slavery. It, and the lessons it teaches, inspired our Constitution, our Declaration of Independence and our Bill of Rights. Yet, despite the recurring theme of God guiding men out of their slavery; of God giving man his freedom; of breaking his chains and protecting his chosen ones from harm by the leaders of the day; we have, allowed our so-called leaders to use it as a tool to return us to a slavery called organized religion.

Standing on a Sacramento Mountains summit in New Mexico in 1997, looking out over the perfect harmony of earth, air and sunlight, I knew without a doubt that something spectacular existed somewhere in our vast universe. Something more to explore, something more to explain, and something more than we, as men, could possibly ever have the capacity to understand. Each of us see divinity through eyes colored by their culture and surroundings, we have the tendency to believe others are somehow wrong in their beliefs. Evil men have seized upon this practice and used it to unite us against others, often ending in us fighting and dying for someone else’s favorite interpretation. Our country was created by men fleeing religious persecution, but some of those men, in turn, persecuted the Indians who worshipped God in their own way, through nature. Is it not said that God gave us the gift of free will. When we use it to persecute, prosecute, denigrate or force our belief system on others, we are giving in to the dark side of man. When we allow our greed, our envy, our sloth or any of the seven deadly sins, to guide us, we allow evil to rein. When one man, or group of men, seek to impose their morals or their dictates on another, we have tyranny. It is even more insidious when, under the guise of religion, we allow ourselves to be led down the path of slavery once more.

How is it done? An example from our history. Before World War 1 Joseph Stalin and Franklin D. Roosevelt conspired to dominate the world. It was their job to create a tension that would lead us into a world order. With most of Russia already dominated by the Communists, it fell to Roosevelt to create the same conditions here. In his sweeping measures of 1933, he stole our gold, gave it to the bankers and replaced it with a monetary system that they could control, inflating or deflating it as needed. There was still the need for an entity to replace the failed League of Nations. Alert Americans doomed that organization but Communist spy, Alger Hiss, and his buddies were waiting in the wings with the United Nations.

So, even before the war was over, the scene was being set for the installation of  the UN as a ruling body, with the memory of Patrick Henry still fresh in their evil little minds, the “One Worlders” had to neutralize the danger of Christians becoming involved in politics. They latched upon the fraudulently used but oft-quoted doctrine of the “separation of church and state.” The  agency used to cut the balls off the church was none other than the IRS. According to this list, excerpted from a list of 30 requirements for 501(c) (3) Churches. Put out by the Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Service Pub 1826 (9-94) Cat. no. 21096G, churches must:

1. Be incorporated (BECOME A BUSINESS)
2. Have a recognized creed and “IRS approved form of worship.”
3. Have “IRS approved code of doctrine”.
4. Have ordained ministers educated in “state accredited colleges.”
5. Be “neutral on political issues.”
6. “Have tax exempt status issued by IRS.”
7. Pastor must answer to the IRS as to “daily activities of the church.”
8. The IRS must be privy to “all financial transactions” of the church.
9. Pastor must supply “names of all donors”- make books records available.
10. May only use “IRS approved” fundraising methods.
11. Pastor will be “called to account over any stand taken against the tax system.”
12. Church “must advocate and support racial integration.” (Multiculturalism)
13. May “not” engage in activities “opposing pornography.”
14. May “not” support legislation saying “children belong to parents” rather than state.”
15. May not form a Political Action Committee nor support legislation “opposing lotteries and gambling activity.”
16. May not “oppose the public school system.”
17. May “not publicly declare” we are to “obey God rather than the government.”

These requirements only pertain to churches that want to escape paying taxes. Most businesses cannot operate at a profit today because of taxes. In fact, most small businessmen are either forced to cheat on their taxes and lie to the government simply to make ends meet and to feed their families. So the government which stole our gold in 1933, led us into a world war, imposed illegal taxation and adopted the 10 Communist planks verbatim, as stated in the Communist Manifesto, and has now invaded your churches and now controls your religion, as of 1942. Our pastors, preachers, priests and rabbi answer to the government, not God. The obedience of the Christian Coalition to the Republican party, the refusal of the ministries to endorse a true leader or to expose political corruption is now explained.

Meanwhile, Bible reading Christian Home-Schoolers are prosecuted, their children taken away because the “government court” believes unauthorized, unsupervised reading of the Bible (or the Constitution) is somehow dangerous! Guess what? They’re right! For when you read the Bible without the blinders of “organized religion” you realize you are in a constant battle against evil to maintain your freedom. If you aren’t against it, you are unwittingly for it. The Word the Bible teaches is hushed up in Church. The word you get, when you read it right, is FREEDOM. The ironic part of all this is that no religious leader has had the guts to stand up to the system, to expose the part the bankers play, or to break through the primarily Jewish control of the media. Only Louis Farrakan has been able to organize an effective protest against the new enslavement of Americans. He was able to organize a million man march and speak out against this creeping Fascism called the United States government while a white patriot group was only able to amass a few hundred. Dick Gregory led a demonstration against the CIA drug running. For all our espousal of the Constitution, God and Country, we lack the effort to bring organized religion back into control.

Feel free to look into the finances of organized religion and you will find deceipt, corruption, idolism, and money funding things you don’t even want to think about, it’s ALL a piece of history now.

————- End Of Original Text ———-

As I reviewed this very first post of mine before re-posting it here I see I used to be a little fucking angry. At what specifically or exactly why I don’t really know today. But, life was different for me back then, I had just got out of the Air Force, been divorced, and starting a new life, to include a new wife. I wasn’t a very big fan of people back then, it has taken me years to pinpoint why, but as I get older I am able to see better. Does this post from a long gone era justify my way of thinking towards organized religion today? Absolutely not, but the point I want to make is that the further I got away from religion, politics, the military, and a cheating cunt wife, I found that things began to make sense. Men are evil, nobody can deny it, it is a fact proven every single damn day. We, as human, look for a root and reason, and some continue to follow an outdated way of thinking, a way that uses FEAR as a primary tool. Do you really think that this is the right approach? Sure, we are people, we need organization, we need to be able to herd together in gatherings, but we also need room to be able to think for ourselves without being condemned for pointing out flaws in organized religion, man, government, and society.

As mentioned at the beginning of this particular post, I think I will steer away from writing about religion of any sort simply because it is taxing on the mind. It has come crystal clear that no matter what, its all just my opinion. Maybe I’m the one who is butt-hurt.  I’m tired, bored, and disappointed in many things about the response this blog gets. Most of all, I realized there are many angry motherfuckers out in the world that don’t want to see anything at all. So be it, tour is now officially over. I will be returning to posts about weekends, sex, naked women, vacations, family, tattoos, music, food, cars, guns, military, The United States of America, and all the other things, people, and places I like in this world. I would like to stay away from the negative impact that religion has had on me and the world in general. If you want depressing shit about your religion just turn on the ol’ boob tube and cook your brain a little while there. Anyway, I really appreciate ALL of the email that has been coming in, even those wishing I would go to hell, ALL very appreciated. So, well, fuck, where are we taking this little ‘ol blog from Texas? I figure it like this, since I’m already driving on the road headed to hell then I better make it a road trip to remember. With everything being said, I think, all there is left to say is to remember to eat it every day, your lady will always appreciate your continued efforts.

Out With The Old & In With The New


Not too terribly long ago I made the command decision that I wanted a new wedding band. Oh wait, don’t get me wrong, I have been happy with my wedding band for 14 years now. But, it was starting to show its age and didn’t have the same impact in looks as it had in years gone by. Part of the reason is purely my fault because I never took it off. If my ring was off of my finger it was because I was ordered to remove it. Other than that it remains on my finger 24/7. I thought when I had our matching set made that I used a good mix of materials, 18k yellow gold and platinum, and could get looks and durability as well. With my continuous wearing of my band is where the problem evolved because I wore it out. It wasn’t fitting right anymore on the inside and had developed an “edge” where the material had been worn away with time. My wife’s band on the other hand looked as shiny and new as the day we were married. That goes for her platinum engagement ring as well, one would never know it was 15 years old and worn daily. Since all three rings were custom made for me they had more than just the traditional sentimental feelings attached because I designed them all and picked out the 3 karats of diamonds which were mounted in her engagement ring. It goes beyond the money that was invested, it involves more with what do we do with the old rings once I have new ones made. Keep them? Pass them down? Sell them? Recycle them? I never thought I would choose the sell option, not in a million years. But, doing a little research made the decision for me since gold prices were good, platinum prices were 20 times higher now than what I paid, and the diamonds would also fetch a pretty penny. But, we will get back to all that in a bit.

So, it was me, not my wife, that was looking for new wedding bands. In my defense, I have had conversations with my wife about hers and she had been telling me that when the day comes to replace hers that she only wants one ring instead of the two. Well, I couldn’t honestly find myself a ring and not also one for her, so my exploration into custom rings and what I personally wanted has begun. I knew a few basic things about what I wanted and what I didn’t want in my new ring. Number one is I didn’t want there to be any gold, none. I also didn’t want it to be fancy since I still work for a living, but I did want it to be noticeable. After I was able to remember the company that made our custom rings the first time I was able to contact them so arrange a consultation. I was looking for a platinum centered ring with black stainless steel on both sides. When at my meeting I was told that I should add some black diamonds to give it some class. Diamonds? I have never wore diamonds ever in my life. But, I was shown five matching 1/5 karat black diamonds and I think I was hooked. We took ring finger measurements, 14 1/2, and she gave me the price and the estimated time of delivery, about 3 weeks. I’m not going to tell y’all how much I paid because I feel a little guilty spending what I did for a ring for myself.

For my wife’s ring I was pretty picky. I wanted our to “match” but not be identical if that makes any sense. I picked platinum as the metal but wanted a mix of white and black diamonds. I really didn’t want it to be completely solid at the width I wanted so I had them doing a webbing type of lattice. On hers we placed 3 karats of black diamonds and 2 karats of white diamonds on 1/3 of the surface of the ring, which, as I found out later, was an amazing feat to get to happen on a size 4 1/2 ring. I needed for her ring to stand out and demand to be noticed. In my opinion my desires were rewarded with an amazing looking ring. I couldn’t wait for the delivery.

Almost a month had passed and I received my package in the mail. I was as excited as a small child waking up Christmas morning. After reading the short letter and reviewing the final invoice I really hoped I got what I wanted because there aren’t any returns. With this venture I had to have got it right the first time or I was really screwed. Slowly I began to open the box which contained the rings. My first impression was they nailed it. Then I could only wonder when would be a good time to give my wife her new ring. Then the idea hit me. At first I thought I had the perfect moment to reveal her ring to her. Her 40th birthday was just a few weeks away and I believed this would be a nice addition to what I had already got for her. I know she isn’t even expecting a new wedding ring and its probably the furtherest thing from her mind when she wonders what I might have come up with. So, this was my plan. Fortunately for me I was able to work in the surprise of her ring with about 35 of closest friends and family while we were all out to eat. The surprise on her face was priceless since hadn’t even noticed that I was already wearing my new band. Not to pat myself on the back but at that point I pretty much figured I had hit the home run of all home runs known to mankind.

I had already arranged to have all three of our old rings appraised by a local precious metals buyer so now I needed to just go. After a very short conversation with my wife she mentioned we should sell the rings since we no longer have a need for them. All I could think to myself was that is a fantastic idea and I told her I would take care of it. The following day I went down to the buyer and she wasn’t actually interested in the rings themselves since they were custom and had been engraved. The only option I was given was to sell it all for “scrap” to be melted down. A little worried, I told her to proceed with the weighing of the metal and the diamonds. Holy shit! Did I mention the price of gold, platinum, and diamonds had seriously increased from the time when I bought these rings? No? Well, let’s just say my “scrap” was worth over 30 times what I originally paid to have 3 custom rings made. After verifying that I was the owner of the rings by providing my original invoice she asked if I wanted to go ahead and make the exchange. Of course you know I did the deal. The cool thing is this place pays in cash. Which was great because I needed to replenish my stash. Are you wondering if I told my wife about the tidy profit? To date it has never come up in conversation so no she does not know. But then again, she never knew what was spent the first time around.

The moral to this whole story is, well actually, there is no moral. However, what I learned was that when the time comes for change or making a decision for something one wants that it is best to just act on it. I think if I would have hesitated that we would have nothing new to show for it today. My wife and I have an interesting relationship because we actually trust in one another’s decisions.