What Am I? #7





Update – – – – Here Is The Answer Y’all Are Seeking (contest is now closed)

I guess it is time for me to reveal the answer. There was only one really close answer, made by “jerseylil”, when she commented “Part of a sign like a street sign?” I don’t think she knew, at the time of her comment, how close, as vague as it was, to the real answer. You will see below that, yes indeed, it is a sign. This particular sign is at my place of employment to let us know where our outside “Designated Smoking Area” is located. When I got to looking at it real close I thought it would make a great challenge to be put up on this here blog. As you can see I took the time to circle the area, shown in red, which was zoomed in on. I appreciate everyone’s participation, there were visitors from Blogcatolog, Facebook, WordPress, Google+, and Pinterest. I’m glad everyone enjoys playing because I have many more in the pipeline ready to launch.