A Special Halloween Treat


Over the years The Scorpion Army has grown significantly and continues to exceed my own imagination. The very first person to announce she was going to start a “fan club” for me is still my strongest supporter, sharing all kinds of things for me to use over the years. Typically, she sends me pictures she knows I won’t post because she likes to poke fun at my so-called PG rating I have tried to maintain here @ T.S.O.T.S.B. over the years. However, this year she changed her game up a bit and for the my favorite time of year she has finally sent me a picture I can post. Although, she does remind me, once again, “that a little naughty never killed anyone”. I suppose she’s right, so here y’all go, finally I can display a picture of her. Halloween is a time of year when a little sexy can be seen when you least expect it. I would like to thank her as well as all of The Scorpion Army for all of their fantastic hard work and every single contribution they share. Have a very Happy Halloween everyone and don’t be afraid to get a little naughty this year.


My Inbox Is Alway Open For Sharing

But y’all already know that my inbox and fb messenger is always open. One of my favorite things about this blog is all of the emails and messages I get from readers who want to share one thing or another with me and most of the time so it can get posted on the blog. There is a long history here with quite a few if my readers, especially the transplants who followed over from blogspot. Everyone knows that if you send me pictures that I will most likely post them up so everyone can see. The latest group of pictures were to say hello, show me tattoos, show me the Halloween costume that was picked, and yes, let’s not forget showing the boobs, boobs are always welcome and always appreciated. With that being said, here are the censored versions of what I pleasantly found waiting in my email this morning. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to more in the future.