A Special Halloween Treat


Over the years The Scorpion Army has grown significantly and continues to exceed my own imagination. The very first person to announce she was going to start a “fan club” for me is still my strongest supporter, sharing all kinds of things for me to use over the years. Typically, she sends me pictures she knows I won’t post because she likes to poke fun at my so-called PG rating I have tried to maintain here @ T.S.O.T.S.B. over the years. However, this year she changed her game up a bit and for the my favorite time of year she has finally sent me a picture I can post. Although, she does remind me, once again, “that a little naughty never killed anyone”. I suppose she’s right, so here y’all go, finally I can display a picture of her. Halloween is a time of year when a little sexy can be seen when you least expect it. I would like to thank her as well as all of The Scorpion Army for all of their fantastic hard work and every single contribution they share. Have a very Happy Halloween everyone and don’t be afraid to get a little naughty this year.