Dark Poetry: Broken Mind


Dark poetry: Broken mind


A broken mind
Darkness rules with ruthless joy
No escape to find
No backdoor in this evil hell
Just me and my shadows of the past
Tirelessly torturing
Shamelessly demolishing what I am
What I once was
Never any relief 
Never are those memories kind
Just me and my demons from before
Please, nevermore
Spinning in an endless circle
Falling down an ungraceful spiral
Fighting to leave the madness behind
In vain
Going insane
No one saves me
No one can make me 
I ignite
Burst into all-consuming flames
It’s just me and my broken mind…

Just Patty.


For much more, please pay Patty a visit @ Petite Magique and show her some deserved love. If you let her, she will touch your soul. This poem was borrowed to share with y’all, just remember all of her works belong solely to her. I hope y’all enjoy her poetry and writing as much as I do. S.S.

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