Her Words Get Deep Into Your Soul


Just Patty

Petite Magique

I’m not much of a poetry person or a person who can really appreciate the finer arts and things that special people in this mad world create. However, that was until I stumbled across the work of Just Patty. Now, I don’t know her personally, I only see what crosses her blog and Facebook. I like reading her poems and poetry because they dig deeper than I can ever imagine going. She has talents I will never understand but will always admire. I saw the one above on Facebook tonite, it makes sense, and I remember all over again being introduced to her art. Anyway, I stole it from my feed on Facebook tonite and wanted to share with my friends. Y’all can read, right? Do yourselves a favor and pay her a visit, you’ll not regret your choice to go but you will regret not ever taking a chance on something new.  Sorry Patty, I had to snag it to share.