Life Has Given Me The Boot!

 Well, life itself didn’t give me this boot, that beauty was provided by my podiatrist earlier this morning. Why? Well, I will see if I can try to explain it all. I’m no doctor so I have to translate it all into a way I understand it and maybe y’all will understand it as well. Right now, the diagnosis is all but assumption only since my left foot is so swollen that doing an MRI would not provide the best results. So, I will be having my MRI next Friday morning. So, the guess right now based on x-rays and my symptoms is that I have torn my plantar fascia ligament and have an entrapped nerve in the tarsal tunnel (tibial nerve). So, for now, I get to wear this rigid walking boot during the day and a rigid sleeping boot when in bed to keep it as immobilized as possible for the next couple of weeks. Which really sucks for me because we have passes to go to Schlitterbahn in Galveston this coming Sunday. It is what it is. I never imagined this kind of pain before. This comes from a person who has had a knee replaced, multiple knee surgeries, and many broken bones. I know a little bit about pain. But, there is no pain I have ever suffered as bad as it being on the bottom of my foot. I think I would rather it be broken or sprained that be in this condition, that is for sure. I was told that there will be a surgery in my very immediate future to “relieve pressure” and repair damages if possible.

So, I guess y’all can consider this my medical update. A few of y’all knew I had something going on with my left foot and I figured this would be the “easy” way to explain it all to everyone. Other that what was said above I don’t have anything else to add. This too shall pass with time. The only bad part about this is I really hate sitting on my ass and doing nothing. I thrive on coming and going as I please. The break from everything will probably do my body good so I can’t complain. Life handed me a boot to wear and wear it I will. I will tell y’all this one thing, my foot being immobilized is the best it has felt in a very long time and that my friends is a great thing for me.

I have an update on my status……(20 August 2013)

A few have asked me to share my MRI results when I got them. These are just the results done by the Radiological Interpretation department M.D. and only were shared with me because I asked in advance, otherwise I would have to wait until Friday when I visited the podiatrist.

I had to “Google” most of this because it isn’t written for the layperson to even remotely try to read and understand. Let me start with saying this is an eleven page report with allot of information, good and bad. I will just go with the highlights.

1) Two subchrondral stress fractures in the ankle
2) Partially torn/ruptured Achilles Tendon
3) High grade partially torn Flexor Digitorum Longus Tendon but otherwise intact
4) Osteochondral Lesion in the Anterior Plafond
5) Visible Plantar Fasciitis with extreme fluid and edema in surrounding tissues.
6) Partially entrapped nerve in the tarsal tunnel (tibial nerve)

What does that mean? It means it freaking hurts to walk. Perhaps there is a doctor in the house and can give us all the run down. Now, these 6 things were the highlights of the report because the rest is considered minimal to the actual injury or caused by the injury.

Speaking of injury, I never injured it. I got out of bed a few weeks ago to get ready to go to work and when I stepped down everything went to crap and I had to curl up on the bed holding my foot.