Are we all not infidels?

Originally Posted 03 December 2011

In·fi·del /infdel/ Noun: A person who does not believe in religion or who adheres to a religion other than one’s own. Based on the definition provided, however you choose to slice it or split hairs, aren’t we all infidels? Because if you don’t follow a religion or are not of the religion of someone else that makes Y.O.U. an infidel. So, why is that term so important? My answer is it is just another excuse to justify any religion and it cause.So, lets begin. To make things absolutely crystal clear for all of you, this entire post is based on my opinion. I am not asking you to agree or disagree with me, I am just throwing some thoughts out there for y’all to chew on a bit. Those who know me, had dialog with me, read different things I have written, or any other way you may have come into contact with me, know I do not believe in god and think the bible and books like it from other religions are pure fairytale fluff. Don’t leave yet, I am just getting wound up for the first pitch.

There is not one single person on planet Earth that is not an infidel. Disagree with me? Re-read the definition. We all on the same page now. Where am I going with this? I am not really sure, but you will know when we get there. Deep down inside my core I hope this pisses everybody off enough to start questioning the reasons why we have allowed stupid bullshit like faith, religion, or the lack of both, to be a reason to hate our neighbors, whether that be next door or next continent. I am, for the first time, very angry. Why? Good question. You will have your precious answer before you leave. Do not skip to the end. If you do, you wont get offended and then I have failed.

I find this very simple when it gets broken way down to the basics. We will work our way back up to global in a bit. People are stupid by nature, they need to compete for everything so they have an opportunity to lose and have someone to be pissed at so they can blame someone else for their failures as a human. That’s bullshit, but all humans do it. Someone is better than you and beats you, so you have to hate them. Someone makes more money than you, so you have to hate them. Someone has something you don’t, so you have to hate them. You are of a different religion or don’t follow a religion, so you are hated. Too simple? People have been fighting wars for these reasons since the dawn of time. Why? What makes you better than me? Or……… what makes me better than you? I will tell you a secret, you need to have a seat with the rest of the bitches while you are waiting for me to actually give a fuck.

Does the topic of being considered an infidel piss me off? Yes, it does. Because it is a hypocritical statement made by people with no tolerance for anything except for what they have to say. I don’t believe in god……………..hate me. I don’t believe in your god…….. hate me. I don’t care that you hate me…………… hate me more. It goes way deeper than a country, a society, a community, it goes straight to the individual. I am lucky I live in a place where I think and believe what I want. But is it lucky? People from my own country hate me because I think god and the bible are fairytale. But, I think that about all religions and all gods. It is stupid for humans to put faith in nothing. I have said it in the past and I will say it again, if you need to hate me or kill me because I wont be a part of your little cult, then come on, don’t be a pussy.

I spent way too much time in Iraq and Kuwait making sure that people of those nations knew they picked a fight with the wrong country. It gave me pride to know I was hated for being an American. Great. Be pissed at me because I have what you don’t have. Your pissed because you aren’t supposed to like the the things I do and the freedoms I have, but you do like them. But, we go back to a basic question, why do humans entertain the feeling of hate? Why is that a “need” that has to be fed? Are we not all different in one way or another for many different reasons? Isn’t that what makes us individuals? I get aggravated on occassion for reasons beyond my knowledge about things that I really consider dumb reasons to do something stupid. I use that word, stupid, quite a bit. It isn’t my judgement on someone, a group, or idea, its just how it appears. People will die for their beliefs and will kill fro their beliefs. I too would do the same, but not in the name of a god or a religion. I am not a sheeple, I don’t need to be led anywhere. I don’t have this empty void that needs to be filled by fantasy or fairytale. And, I surely don’t hate someone just for being better than me or worse than me.

I find my self caring about things that are real, things I can touch, like my family, my job, and making sure that both are happy. That upsets many people, but I have a bad knee so it is hard for me to make the jump onto the bandwagon. Am I an infidel? Sure. Why not. I do fit the definition. You will never see me use my differences with people as a launching pad to hate them. Fuck that, I don’t have time in my day for all of that. We work hard, we play hard, and we live our lives happy. If someone can’t handle that the things in my life make me happy, step up and we can set you on your way with your tail between your legs. I have an extremely low bullshit tolerance and that has hardened the way I think about the petty shit that happens on our planet. I will not change.

I suppose I should close this entry. Before I go tho, I want you to have a final message. I am who I am, I am like many who fail to grasp the idea of hating someone for their beliefs. Religions around the globe teach intolerance. They say love thy neighbor, but act in a way that is different. It should be love thy neighbor only if they agree with you. Believing in a god does not make you better or worse than me, its your choice, as it is mine. When the war of infidels explodes just know this, I will fight by your side whether you choose to return the favor or not. I am not changing for anyone, but that doesn’t make me your enemy.