Rexi’s Kitty Is Addicted To The Sting!


Each time I see Kitty checking out my blog I joke silently to myself that she must be addicted to the sting. Well, a fan is a fan, I’m perfectly fine with it. Speaking of which, weren’t y’all supposed to send me pictures of your computer with my blog pulled up? What happened? Y’all ain’t skeered are ya?


Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty………………..Kitty?


Well, well, well, as I was trolling my Facebook page I had a few notifications, one being mentioned in a comment by none other than Dr. Rexi herself. Seems her kitty was so stressed out by not having her own eco-friendly cat perch she just collapsed. Or, maybe she is just napping, either way, Rexi shared another great shot of my blog as seen on her computer. Which reminds me, weren’t all of y’all supposed to be sending me pictures of my blog as seen on your computer? I put this challenge out a while back with only a few proud takers. Let this be your cue, if Rexi can do it twice then y’all should be able to do it at least once. Email it to me or tag me on Facebook and see it displayed here. Now, what are you waiting for?