Predictions, Conclusions, And Reality


So, it has been about three months now since I have initially mentioned anything about getting laid off. If you are new or need a quick review, just visit Life’s Little Curveballs for that post. I had spoke with my old boss, who also happens to be a dear family friend, this past Saturday at my daughter’s graduation, about how things were going at work. He explained that for 3 months now there has been zero activities happening so everyone op there has just looking busy. Yesterday he and his boss were permenately relieved of their management positions and laid off. The company has left one employee to pack up the warehouse, clean the warehouse, and help get the building ready to sell. Unfortunately his days are numbered and have been scaled back to only 4 hours a day in preparations for the company’s complete closure on a fate yet to be announced. Needless to say he is shitting bricks this very moment. At least they all witnessed the warning shot they dodged 3 months ago, I know 2 of the 3 already had new jobs in the hunt. The company now has 8 essential personnel to shut her down.

We had all sat down last time after my own layoff and made the prediction that this day would be coming within 6 months, but it seems the company wishes to accelerate the end closure. I will need to sit down one day and write something obout the journey this company has had because it actually is quite a story. I asked my friends to remember that every end is the start of a new beginning. I will follow up on this life changing event in the near future.

Another Life, Another Time

I generally get a handful of texts and e-mails every week from people I worked with at Club X. Usually just to let me known whats been happening and what will be happening. I suppose it is done to “keep me in the loop” even though I have been out of that loop for quite some time now. I generally do not reply to 99% because there usually isn’t anything for me to say. Now, I have two people, one stripper and one waitress, that I do keep up with and talk to regularly because we all became decent friends over the years I worked there. What makes them special you might ask? I will make a long story short, because it actually took me a few months to figure out what was going on. In the beginning I thought there was just the waitress who also was a stripper on her off nights. She would talk to me like normal regardless of what shoes she was wearing that night. Then, out of the blue, after a couple of months, she was on the dance floor stripping and at the same exact time she was waitressing. I thought I had lost my damn mind at first and then they both came over to the bar I was working and sat down, the both smiled while they just sat there looking at me. Yes, now I know, they are twin sisters. There had always been the two of them and few, if anybody, knew about it. Most people in the club thought the same thing I did. Anyway, a friendship grew and developed and now they keep in contact with me quite a bit.

This morning I get an e-mail from them asking me if I miss being a bartender there. They also known I was laid off and wanted to known why I just don’t come back. Do I miss being a bartender there? Not really. I do miss the money but I have said this all before now. I’m sure I could go back to bartending and it would be a decent paycheck, but I walked away when I did for some very specific reasons, first and foremost it was because I was done working nights and second is the hours I worked. It was a freaking part time job yet I worked 50-60 hours a week while having a day job doing 40 hours a week. You do the math, I was tired, more like exhausted, no walked around like a freaking zombie most days. So, I gave up bartending at the strip club, with that I have up about $100k a year, so yes, it has been missed. However, after doing that for 5 years, I socked away a nice start to a retirement, which, so far, we haven’t had to dip into, as of yet. I think it would take something very drastic to get me to go back permanently. Not that time is not now. I liked it after I quite, I see my family now and we have relationships now, something we could not have when I was working nights. I won’t bore y’all with the issues that job caused with my wife. I will say that it wasn’t for the reasons y’all might be thinking, it was simpler, it was because I was never home to spend time with her, ever, and it had a tremendous impact on our marriage. I will leave it there.

I do miss the people, I do miss bartending, and yes, I even miss being surrounded by hundreds of totally nude woman every day. The scenery was always nice. But, back in the real world is where I belong. Perhaps if I was single it would be different. One never knows. As always, the sisters like to include pictures of themselves at work, and to date the one shown here today has been the only one I have been able to share. I wonder, daily, where my life is going, and with often reminders of the past I see that wherever it is that I am supposed to be going is probably I’m the direction I am already headed. I am happier now that I have been in so many years. That’s what we should be, right, happy in our life? Personally, I think that is the answer.

Life’s Little Curveballs

Well, let’s see here where to begin. First of all this is being written on my 7″ tablet so I don’t want to hear any complaints about the end result. Deal? As you can see by the picture taken this very morning I am alive and well. It has been one hell of a week and a half for me. Before I actually start I would like to apologize for my lack of being here. Its been a mixed bag and I haven’t really had blogging on my mind until today. Why today? Perfect question which has no answer. I haven’t been looking forward to having to write a post on my tablet but this is what I currently have to work with for now. What happened is the question I have been getting for close to two weeks now. What happened, indeed.

It appears the company I formally worked for was dealing with a financial crisis for reasons that are, in reality, pathetic and as a result myself and 9 other poor bastards were laid off, effective immediately on Monday, 17 February 2014. For me personally it was the end of a trip lasting close to five years. What can I do? Cry about it? No. Why? Because I don’t want to. Its not who I am as a person. However, as far as my blog goes, it might just cripple it until I can get an actual laptop since I no longer have access to my PC at work. But, I guess it is what is is. More so, the loss of income temporarily is also going to make an impact. As well as the fact that I provided the family medical, dental, and vision insurance. Losing that is fine as well, picking up the pieces hasn’t been easy but it has been very doable. For me personally, I have been able to get into the VA medical system, which has been interesting. I will write more on that later.

So, yes it was devastating, and yes, it has caused a little riff in my life, but, life goes on, even for me. In fact, we are still taking our family vacation starting next Friday to South Dakota to visit with my daughter and granddaughter over the spring break holiday. I will do my best to get some pictures and stories up of my travels and y’all can always check out what I will post on the fly to Google+, Facebook, and now Twitter. Of course, I will try to do my best writing here as well, it seems to always been a good place to talk to myself in the past.

Thanks to everyone’s emails, texts, and messages. I really appreciate everyone’s concern for my well being. Well, except for one of the haters who hoped I was dead to explain my absence. Sorry to keep this short, but its a pain in the ass writing on this thing. Stick around, much to happen as time progresses.

A Facebook Status Heard Globally

 This past Friday was a very hectic day for a handful, 11, of people where I work. Before I begin tho I must mention that I was off from work on Friday and everything I heard Friday was from a little birdie, Facebook, friends, and from my co-workers. I didn’t find out the whole truth until Monday morning when I went into work. A person with any kind of brain could realize that business is slow around here and money is tight. Anyone working here should be able to see that when you are not working that it highly visible to the people not making any money. It’s been coming for a few months, the forecasts for upcoming jobs have been full of delays and cancellations. I’m not blind, I see these things, and to tell you the truth I have been a little worried. However, since I don’t take having full time employment lightly I always try to keep my options open. I will admit, I have made more than one phone call in the last few months to secure alternative options if everything were to take a shit around here. But, I’m not here to talk about me or how I see things, I’m here because the stupidity of some of the people I work(ed) with never ceases to amaze me. I have wasted a post or three on this and my Magic Weekend blog about a certain fucktard who is so screwed up in the head I can’t ever figure out how he gets up in the morning to even come to work, that is when he decided to come to work. I could go on and on and on about how this piece of work was a genius in his own mind but I have a story to tell. Why else would we be here?

Friday morning I got a phone call to ask me if I had heard what has happened at work. I got this phone call at a little after 10 a.m. where my little birdie told me a tale that blew my mind. While I was off and at home nursing two very sore (like walking on pebbles and glass pain) feet the company I work for was laying people off. As mentioned above, some of us can see the future because we pay the fuck attention to our surroundings. Most of the “gossip” I was getting was third party hear-say, it almost was like my little birdie was yanking my chain a time or two. When the call was over I looked to see the time not knowing how important a developing timeline would become over the next coming days. So, just remember the time mentioned above, 10ish. I attempted to contact my supervisor first and got his voicemail. I attempted to contact my manager second, got his damn voicemail as well. My last attempt was with a friend and co-worker, surely he will pick up, nope, got his freaking voicemail too. Frustrated now, I’m thinking to myself “oh shit” did I get the axe and nobody wants to talk to me. I spent the next hour and a half very worried. I was tempted to just get dressed and go into work to make sure everything was indeed okay. Finally, my manager calls me back and explained that he was in a very important meeting and was unable to step out of it to take my call. Fair enough. He didn’t volunteer any information even after allot of fishing. I informed him I fully ready to come in and work if I was needed and he repeatedly told me to just stay home and we would settle up on Monday. Then, shortly after ending the call my supervisor calls me. We had almost the exact same conversation. It was bizarre, like being in my own episode of The Twilight Zone or something. Those of you who are old enough will realize the underlying comedy of that last statement. I’m still worried a bit, very unsettled. I couldn’t ask the questions I wanted to ask because I wasn’t supposed to know anything I already knew. So, damn it. Finally, sometime after 1 p.m. my friend from work calls me and gave me the skinny on what had happened and how it happened. Also, he explained that the meeting was a company-wide meeting to explain to the remaining employees what the lay-offs were all about. Basically, business is business and we are open to make money. It was time to cull the herd to prevent a total infection of the entire company. I can live with that. I can also live with the fact that I wasn’t considered for the chopping block.

The weekend came and went pretty fast as it normally does for me. I thought about work quite a bit because with the two people that were laid off it will change the general groove and feeling in the warehouse when I go back in. Why? One of the people laid off was my supervisor’s step-son. It’s no coincidence that his step-son is also the fucktard I will be talking about a bit here today. The fucktard in question also just so happens to be one of my three “work kids” that I have mentioned a time or so in the past. As fate would have it I’m left with only one work kid. Anyway, now we are moving on, back to the story at hand. The assumption (by me) is that the fucktard went straight home after being laid off. I was given the understanding that he made quite a scene upon his exit. I don’t know because I wasn’t there. But knowing him I wouldn’t see him leaving any other way. All the other drama queens had to stop what they were doing, I’m sure, just to see how it was done. I found out on Monday that a few prior employees here which have been gone for at least 2 years were talking to my supervisor and my friend because they learned from Facebook that everyone here had been laid off and the company was now closed, the end. Both of them assured the callers that the company is still standing with the doors still open for business. The whole Facebook episode was read by a concentrated amount of people who ALL showed concern. Now, since it made me ask, I asked why in the hell they were getting the fucktard’s wife’s Facebook status updates. Yea, that’s right, it wasn’t on the fucktard’s Facebook page, it was on his wife’s page. She is a piece of work all in herself. She is very self centered, very conceited, just plain stupid, super lazy, and a poor excuse for a human being, in my opinion of course. Put simply, I don’t care for either one of them, the fucktard or his wife. This whole Facebook thing had me a bit confused. Not because she posted something stupid, but because she posted something stupid that was full of lies. I love reading or listening to someone’s lies when I know the truth, it really humors me. So, on Monday night I went and did a Facebook people search to see the bullshit for myself. Everybody who had seen it were not kidding when they mentioned how screwed up it all was. Granted, y’all don’t know these two from Jack and Jill, so y’all will just have to trust me when I tell you she is lazy and worthless and he is a genuine in the flesh fucktard. She sits at home all day on her phone or computer and is on Facebook making comments with her 1782 friends. No, there was not a misprint, you read correctly, 1782 Facebook friends.

So, I’m going to now take the liberty to lay out the conversation had about her dear husband getting laid off. There won’t be names because I still think I need to protect the identity of these ignorant fools for some reason. But, I will include the timestamp. When I’m done with the conversation I will break it all down for all of y’all. Keep in mind this content was extracted straight from the fucktard’s wife’s Facebook page. She had an engaging conversation with 6 whole people on Friday morning after he was laid off. Enjoy!

11:07am Fucktard’s wife: “This is just fucking great, ******* got laid the fuck off”
11:10am #1: “Omg why?
11:10am Fucktard’s wife: “No work. They all got laid off”
11:11am #1: “That sucks ;( hope he finds something soon”
11:12am Fuctard’s wife: “me too idk what to fucking do”
11:21am #1: “Me either”
11:28am #2: “that sucks I know he finds another job”
12:47pm #3: “oh no!”
2:04pm   #4: “I know I know I know”
2:04pm   Fucktard’s wife: “I know I know u turd”
12:12pm #5: “sort to hear that looking for a job myself so now how he fills”
6:36pm   Fucktard’s wife: “yeah I cant believe this shit happened”
6:37pm   Fucktard’s wife: “he was the hardest worker they had”
9:08pm   #6: “he can get unemployment at least it will be something”
9:10pm   Fucktard’s wife: ” yeah he should qualify but it is not enough to what we needing we could barely even get by on what he was making.

Damn I feel stupid after re-typing all that shit letter for letter. So, let’s review. Either she is stupid or the fucktard told her the entire company closed and that is why he was laid off. Possibly both. I had to read this brief conversation several times just to merely wrap my head around it all. As mentioned before, reading something like this when one knows the actual truth truly makes my head spin. Then, laughter sets in, then the urge to high five both of them in the face (repeatedly) takes over, then anger sets in, and then I was pissed because this piece of shit is a real piece of work. Why am I even sharing all of this crap with you? Because…….it’s funny. Plain and simple, it’s just funny. Plus, this is my place to explore the crazy shit that happens around me that I just can’t explain. Yes, mother, I know, it’s not my job to explain everything. Sadly, these two will eventually breed and produce an offspring of some sorts. Anyway, I won’t even get started with why they both should have been “fixed” at birth. In review, this company is still open (minus 11 poor souls), I still have my job which is a bonus, and everyday I wake up from now on I will remember to just kick ass a push forward. Don’t get me wrong, business is slow, but it’s not dead. Quick note, the pictures are from a Google search. No, I did not have permission to extract the conversation above from Facebook. No, I am not Facebook friends with the fucktard or his wife.