It All Started With A Kiss

Our first submission is a whopper of a tale. This young lady tells a story of how a kiss led to the twice flipped truck of her boyfriend. The young lady wishes that I don’t use her real name or her boyfriend’s real name either. In fact, Jack and Dianne would like me to leave out the location as well. She claims that she has hit 4 out 5 of the criteria since the weekend in question involved sex, jail, money, and blood. The fame is something they wish to avoid. I told them not to worry since nobody reads my blogs too closely anyway. So, without further delay, I tell the story as it was e-mailed to me in the first person as told by Dianne.

“Jack came to my house on a sunny Saturday morning. We had plans to go to the lake and just have some fun for once. When Jack pulled up in the driveway I ran to the door to get there before the cats because the cats don’t really like Jack that much. I think Jack was still worried about the last time he came to pick me up since my cats did a number on his leg and hand. What can I say, my cats love me and protect me. I finished getting dressed since I only had on my bikini while Jack loaded the coolers into the back of the truck. I would catch Jack peeking thru the door every once in a while just trying to catch a glimpse of me getting dressed. I just told him he would have to wait and keep it in his pants for now. Everything is done, everything is loaded, and with a smack on my ass we were out the door. I was feeling a bit playful so I really didn’t mind. Jack is a great guy and puts up with allot of my crap so it is his way of being playful with me.

It didn’t take long after we got on the road for it all to really get heated up in the truck. I sit right next to Jack when he is driving because I like having Jack’s free hand rubbing my leg, as well as other places, when we drive. It didn’t take long before I was getting pretty hot and bothered with this going on. Soon, my shorts had to come off. I took them off real slow to make sure he knew I was teasing him. He doesn’t mind, he likes being teased by me. Before we knew it I was kissing him on his neck, doing a little biting, and decided it was time to unzip his shorts and give him a surprise. At first I just played with him in my hand while we kissed and so forth. Then, when he looked like he couldn’t take the suspense any longer I slid him out and into my mouth. I started off slow, real slow, just licking and stroking a bit. Then I felt his hand on the back of my head, slowly pushing me down until I was at the point just before gagging. It was on from there, it became very fast and very hard. I was going to make him make such a mess he wouldn’t know what to do. I started nibbling and really stroking him fast. We are almost to the lake so I started going a whole lot faster.

I knew when the moment was there, his head whipped back hard enough to knock on the back glass. The next thing I remember is the both of us knocking around in the truck as we were flipping thru the air. The truck landed on it’s side in the ditch. Jack was against the door and I was pinned on top of him. Both of us laughing, partly because it hurt so bad and part because we were wondering how we would explain this mess. Luckily for us we were on a well traveled road. It seemed like only moments before we could hear people yelling if we were okay. Not too long after we heard the sirens heading our way. We were removed from the truck by the fire department and rushed to the ambulance to have our injuries assessed. Somewhere, somehow, in the mix of the accident and everything I lost my bikini bottom completely. I was not actually aware of this little fact until we were sitting on the back of the ambulance when I looked down to see why my leg was hurting so freaking bad. Seems nobody was minding………I wonder why. Then, of course we were shuttled off to the hospital. We both had to go into surgery to stop some bleeding and set some bones. Awaiting for us was my parents who weren’t even aware I was going to the lake in the first place.

A summary of our injuries are as follows. For me, a 5″ cut very high on my inner right thigh, the violent removal of my VCH piercing, 2 broken ribs, 2 broken fingers, right bottom molar knocked out, and bruises everywhere. For Jack, a broken nose, a broken right ankle, broken left wrist, multiple little cuts on back of head, multiple bruises, and both thumbs broken. The truck is totaled. In fact, totalled is an understatement. Jack went to jack because at the time of the accident, 1 day before my 18th birthday, he was charged with reckless driving, providing alcohol to a minor, speeding, and damage to government owned grounds. He is out now, paid all the fines, and has started getting everything in order to get his insurance going on replacing his truck.

There is probably allot I left out, but you get the overall story even though. This accident happened 5 weeks ago. We are both pretty much healed up, still very sore and all. In case you are wondering, I am 18 now and Jack is 24. I graduate high school in a few weeks. I know I probably didn’t hit all the criteria, but there was sex, he did go to jail, it has cost allot of money, and I don’t ever want to see myself covered in that much blood ever again.”

This little story goes to show me that I never actually fully know who is reading my blog(s) and most certainly never know what kind of gem lays waiting in my e-mail. I look forward to many more stories. Everybody has a story. It may not have been last weekend, but it happened on a weekend somewhere in your life. We want you to share. We want you to e-mail it to us so we can share it with the world. I know what a VCH piercing is……… you?