Where Is The Best Friend Line Drawn?


Greetings Scorpion Sting –

I hope you can use this story somewhere on your blog. I have been wanting to send you my story for sometime now, pretty much since I stumbled onto your blog a few long months ago. Mine is a lifetime story which I will tell in a short version because it all cumulates into one weekend which has changed my life personally forever. I will start with the two gorgeous women in the pictures I sent you. We, the three of us, have been friends since we were thrown together to play in diapers at daycare. We are all three generally the same age, all birthdays are in the same month, August, and we all just recently turned 21 at one giant birthday party out in the country by a local lake. I will use our nicknames we have always went by as I describe who we are to you. The blonde has always been known as Thing One and the brunette as Thing Two, and as you may be thinking, that leaves me as The Cat (as in The Cat In The Hat). Why? As toddlers we would get into mischievous troubles and since I was the boy in the madness I was always blamed somehow for orchestrating it all. We would continue to be this threesome throughout our school years, except our mischievous nature grew much more intense. Especially in high school where Thing One and Two decided to really blossom. They would get both wanted and unwanted attention from quite a few of the high school boys. We grew up like brothers and sisters for the most part. All of doing our own stuff but always being involved in each others stuff. It was a weird relationship I never realized was that way until we got older. All I can tell you is this, we did most everything together because we were always together. In fact, we all started working at the same place right out of high school up until just recently for me as I have quit, we’ll get to that.

Now, for the purpose of this story to you and your readers, our 21st birthday party. Thing Two’s parents have been in the process of clearing some land at a local lake so they could build their retirement home since all of their children are out and on their own. They wanted to downsize but still have the room for everyone to get together. Since there was now access to the lake they thought it was the perfect place for is to gather for the birthday party with all of our friends. Now, I have seen them in bikinis before, I have seen them naked their entire lives, hell when we were younger we bathed together, but when they came slinking out of the tent together on that fateful day my jaw absolutely dropped to the dirt. I was experiencing rushes of blood allover my body that I have never felt before with Thing One and Thing Two. As the day drew on we all drank way to much and many things got out of hand, things were said that maybe should have never been said out loud, much less even thought of. As day turned into night my lust for them grew in intensity and finally the awkwardness broke for all three of us. I was standing alone watching them dance, shake, and party for some time now, finally it took its toll. These two slinked over to me and pointed down to my shorts and asked if that was for them. Embarrassed, I tried to walk away in silence but they grabbed my arms and told me we needed to have a serious talk about what was happening. Talk? There was nothing to say. After a bit of embarrassment I was escorted by them out to have a seat by the raging campfire. While we sat there drinking, eating s’mores, and cussing like sailors I noticed they were acting differently, they were full on flirting with me in front of everyone there. It increased in intensity once they began touching me places in ways that, until that day, never considered, but was enjoying it more than I tried to let on. Before long the party would break up and everybody except us three left. We laid out a they laid out a blanket in front of the logs we had been sitting on around the fire and had a seat where I was instructed to follow suit. Sitting between them now, I was being bombarded with questions, mostly they wanted to know how many times before I watched them in the shadows with an erection. Then, out of the wild blue came the confession from them that changed our friendship forever. They explained that for years they have been attracted to me me but always felt I didn’t feel the same way so they never acted on their feelings. What? I was in total disbelief. To this day I do not believe it went down the way it did. It wasn’t possible.

Then Thing Two said she had a plan and announced to me how things were about to happen. I could not believe my ears and certainly was not believing my eyes. First they both helped me stand where one pulled my shirt off and the other pulled my shorts off. I was harder than I had ever been in my entire life, it was almost painful. They sat me down, kissing on me as I sat, and then told me to get ready. Before my eyes they began stripping each other, caressing each other, and kissing each other all over their bodies. I could not believe what I was witnessing. After what seemed a lifetime they came over to me, slid me down so I was laying on my back. I was to told to close my eyes because we we going to play a game now. Then I felt something being wrapped around my head, I was being blind folded. Then, in the came of the night, I felt the warmth and wetness of one of them sliding down my erection. After a few up and down deep glides I was asked who I thought it was, Thing One or Thing Two. I don’t know, how in the fuck am I supposed to know. Then, I was released from her clutches and I felt the tender warmth of a tongue licking away all of the juices left behind. Again, I was asked, who did I think it was. Again, I have no idea in the world. As great as this should be I am becoming very frustrated with both of them. Then it began, in silence one mounted me again, this was the other one, I could tell. Just as soon as she began motioning up and down the other decided to sit on my face and grind until I gave in and enjoyed both rides. They would switch back and forth, each time it got more violent and more aggressive. Before long I was ready, somehow they knew, the both quickly jumped off and began to suck me, I could feel both mouths, both sets of teeth, band north of the hands. Then, with out warning I exploded, it was like a volcano you see erupting on TV, I just kept going for what seemed to be an eternity. Moments later my blindfold was removed and when I got them into focus I saw that both of them had been covered in the eruption. I giggled at first and then they asked, in unison, if it was worth the wait. Well, fuck yeah. Except I didn’t know I was waiting form this day to come. After a quick dip in the lake to clean up we all returned to the fire to get dressed. The sun was coming up, and I can see now why Thing Two’s  parents chose this spot, it is beautiful.

Nothing was really said while we cleaned up so we could leave. The drive back to drop them off bat their apartment was creepy quiet. We said our goodbyes and mentioned we would see each other on Monday for work. I never showed up to work. I have not returned calls or texts. I haven’t been answering the door either. After about a month I broke down and went over to their place. I wanted to talk and I was told there wasn’t anything to say, things will be as they always have been, we will all three be and remain absolute best friends forever. What happened did because it needed to happen I was told, I can live with that.

A note from Scorpion Sting. As moderator of the content on this bog this is normally where I would add my own commentary but I have made the choice to just leave this one be. I will ask tho, where does the best friend line get drawn?

What Are The Seven Deadly Sins?


  • PRIDE is excessive belief in one’s own abilities, that interferes with the individual’s recognition of the grace of God. It has been called the sin from which all others arise. Pride is also known as Vanity. Your punishment in Hell will be: You’ll be broken on the wheel. Associated symbols: Pride is linked with the horse and the color violet.
  • ENVY is the desire for others’ traits, status, abilities, or situation. Your punishment in Hell will be: You’ll be put in freezing water. Associated symbols: Envy is linked with the dog and the color green.
  • GLUTTONY is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires. Your punishment in Hell will be: You’ll be force-fed rats, toads, and snakes. Associated symbols: Gluttony is linked with the pig and the color orange.
  • LUST is an inordinate craving for the pleasures of the body. Your punishment in Hell will be: You’ll be smothered in fire and brimstone. Associated symbols: Lust is linked with the cow and the color blue.
  • ANGER is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury. It is also known as Wrath. Your punishment in Hell will be: You’ll be dismembered alive. Associated symbols: Anger is linked with the bear and the color red.
  • GREED is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. It is also called Avarice or Covetousness. Your punishment in Hell will be: You’ll be boiled alive in oil. Associated symbols: Greed is linked with the frog and the color yellow.
  • SLOTH is the avoidance of physical or spiritual work. Your punishment in Hell will be: You’ll be thrown into snake pits. Associated symbols: Sloth is linked with the goat and the color light blue.

The seven deadly sins are the sins to which we as humans are most susceptible because of our fallen human nature. They are the tendencies that cause us to commit all other sins.  They are called “deadly” because, if we engage in them willingly, they deprive us of sanctifying grace, the life of God in our souls. The Seven Deadly Sins have been in existence since man’s exile from paradise. Ever since the days of Adam of Eve, we encounter seven deadly sins. These seven deadly sins make a definite borderline between what is good and what is bad. All stories in Bible mention each of these sins which result in death and Hell. These stories educate and instruct followers about man’s tendency to sin. Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed and Sloth are the major sins. These sins represent the opposition to the seven major virtues, which each person should possess from the point of view of Christianity. They are accordingly opposed to the seven primary virtues of Humility, Love, Faith, Self-Control, Kindness, Generosity, and Zeal.

So, my big question will be is it possible for any man, woman, or child to live their life to the fullest without Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed and Sloth. I may not agree with the Bible but I do know this little tidbit, based on the writings found inside it, and that is that the sinister places described within are very descriptive, very colorful, and very ruthless. Again, as it is written, Christians are forced to fear being alive and just living their lives. Doesn’t seem like a fair way to live one’s life if you ask me. Can y’all imagine if the authors of the New Testament were around today? Could y’all imagine the horror movies they would be capable of writing? My own observations of the Bible are like this, IT is full of drama, horror, death, doom, “sin”, adventure, and fantasy. I repeated get told not to take the Bible literally because it isn’t written literally. Final question, then I’m done. If I’m not to take the Bible as literal does this mean it’s not a biography, that it’s not historical, and not factual? Seems to be the case, therefore, in my eyes, it remains some of the best fictional writing known to mankind.


Mysteries, Enigmas, Cubicles, And Puzzles

The latest submission to The Magic Weekend is about a young professional man who spends his days in an office cubicle and his nights doing whatever comes to mind for his mood. His actual story does not have even one of the five criteria for being here on The Magic Weekend, there is no Sex, no Jail, no Blood, no Money, and no Fame. So why am I adding this e-mail to the collection of my stories? That will be a question that you must answer for yourselves after you read and digest the information provided. Personally, I think that Robert believes that if he gets his story out there that he may finally see and end or a beginning to something in his future. You see, his story is one of covert lust that, to date, has not been resolved and he hopes that by walking us through his story that it will help him look for clues he has yet to discover. As always, I try to provide as many pictures as I can. This is one of those cases that I can only provide the two pictures you see as the other 30 some odd pictures are just a wee bit racy. I’m not in the habit of censoring what people read or see but I would like to keep my blog somewhere in the PG rating. With no more from me, let’s get on with Robert’s torrid little story.


“Hello, my name is Robert and I have a truly bizarre story for you today. My story actually takes much longer than a mere weekend, it has gone on for right at 4 weeks now. I’m sending you a mess of pictures in the order that I received them to better illustrate what has been happening. Where do I begin. How about a little background of what I do for a living as well as how I spent my time away from work. If you look through the pictures you will see one or two showing a gaggle of cubicles. That is my work environment. This is where I sit for basically 10 hours a day, cut off from the world below me and from any outside contact with other human beings. The job is real monotonous but it pays my bills leaving me with enough money to still enjoy my life here in Houston. I’m not from Houston, I’m actually a transplant who was chasing the all American dream of having a good career and making a good salary. I grew up and went to college at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), graduating with my degree in Kinesiology. When it came time for job placement I was put on to information about a company in Houston that specializes in the design, concept, and implementation of biomechanics and orthopedics. When I accepted the job offer it was at the bottom tier of the career path. I figured I had to start somewhere, why not doing research, analysis, and comparison. Translation, I read and I read and I read. Then I get to provide my information for statistical analysis which is used for approach and further investigation. Sounds complicated, but it’s really not too bad. How does this play into everything? It has everything to do with it. My social life and work life does not overlap, meaning that I have work friends and I have friends outside work, the two never cross that line. In over a year of being with this company I can think of only one other text I received while I was at work and that was from my mother wishing me a great first day of work. Which, would have been a real push of enthusiasm for me it had actually been on my first day and not eleven days into it. I know she meant well. Anyway, right at four weeks ago I get a text from a number I don’t recognize. It’s a local number so I figure I will look at it and see what is up. When I opened it up I had to look around to see if anyone saw me looking at the picture of the girl which was being displayed. The text read “I’ve been watching you and have noticed that you have not noticed me yet”. Slowly I peek out over the top of my cubicle to look around, to see if I could see anyone looking at me that looked like this girl. I got nothing. It actually ruined my whole day because I couldn’t stop trying to figure out who she was. Not real good for productivity. It is what it is though. I ended up taking work home with me because of the entire day being a bust.

The next day about the same time in the morning I get another text from this mysterious creature. By now I think she is really trying to get my attention because that picture was a bit more exposing. Thinking to myself I don’t want to get any further behind or get fired I put my phone away and got back into getting my work done. Lunch rolled around, we get a whole 30 minutes which usually leads to most people just bringing their lunch and eating in the lunch room. On that day I decided to go to the atrium area of our building to get away from my other distractions and have a few minutes to try to figure out who this girl was and what she wanted. I keep thinking she is sending these pictures to the wrong person and that I am not the intended target of her affections. Don’t get me wrong, the attention is nice, even if it isn’t for me. It can’t be for me or can it. This continued every following day. Everyday I paid attention to who was around me no matter where I was at. Thursday nights is when my friends and I get together and usually go see a new movie and then go to a local bar to shoot darts and have a few beers. I found myself getting real paranoid because I could not figure out who she was. After about 4 weeks the pictures started becoming quite explicit, to say that I was getting to see a new side of her each day would be a complete understatement to say the least. The last picture I got of her was impressive, she is quite limber and acrobatic, it was sent with this message which haunts me still to this day. It read “I’m sorry you haven’t figured out who I am in your life. Be at the Red Lion Pub tonight at 10pm. look for me and you will see me”. Really? I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

I went home after work in quite a hurry. I needed a shower and to get dressed. I felt like a girl getting asked out on a first date. I don’t have allot of leisurewear as most of my wardrobe is casual business attire. I mixed and matched and finally thought I had it figured out. Then, I was done, walking out the door. I wanted to get there early and do a little situational observation. In reality I wanted to check the place out and see which one of my jackass friends was going to jump out and say “Gotcha!”. What I got was a fistful of mass disappointment and despair. I sat there until the placed closed down. Well, I actually didn’t just sit in one spot, I would walk around, sit at a new spot, walk around, and so forth, all night long. She never showed up. For some reason I didn’t include this in the options of what could happen that evening. She didn’t show, it was plain and simple. Did she get cold feet. Right about closing I decided to text her and ask her where she was and if she forgot about our meeting. There was no reply. I called her, my call went straight to voicemail. I left her the voicemail message of “sorry I missed you tonight, maybe another time”. I collected my belongings and hailed a taxi to take me back home. I waited for a call or a text, any sign that I wasn’t crazy and that she had a great reason or no reason for standing me up. Nothing. That nothing is what continued from that point forward. I waited like a love struck puppy for an entire week for something, anything from her. At the end of the week I called her one last time and was answered with a recorded message telling me that the number I was trying to reach is not available. Did she change her number? Was the other one disconnected? I will never know since I never even knew her name. So, back to my life, back to the cubicle, I will always have more questions than answers, it will always be a mystery to me who she would be to me, I feel a bit heartbroken but know it wasn’t all real. I mean, it happened, but it didn’t actually mean anything. Now, I have some very enigmatic memories of a nameless girl who was very talented. I won’t ever solve this puzzle, but if I do I will be sure to update you.


Can y’all see now why I included this as a Magic Weekend submission. There was the promise of something from someone. The story intrigued me enough that I found myself feeling bad for this guy. I found myself wanting to reach out to help him. Therefore, I included his story here. Makes me wonder though, was she just screwing with him? Was he the intended recipient of all those texts? Is this that has been lost to ever be found ever again? Answers I will probably never know. I hope y’all enjoyed Robert’s story. I look forward to all the submissions I get to the Magic Weekend. Just e-mail them to me. What did your weekend involve? Sex? Jail? Blood? Monet? Or Fame? Send me your story now and see it here in the very near future. Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to your many returns.

The Lust And The Wounded

Every once in a while I get an e-mail that I’m unsure if I want to use here on The Magic Weekend due to the extreme graphic nature of either the pictures or the stories. As y’all know, I do not edit or spell check these e-mails when I post them here. I do, however, print out the e-mail to read before I transfer it all word for word. Copying and pasting with Blogger tends to create formatting or scripting errors so I have to be careful. I have tried to sit down to do this post for a few days now and each time I get pulled away or I just need to walk away. This story hits very close to home for me. Twenty five years ago this could have been me telling the story. Luckily, this is someone else’s story and not my own. I tell you what tho, I was having some serious flashbacks reading this e-mail from Robert. But, I suppose that is why we have memories so they can sometimes haunt the shit out of us. Without further delay I will begin with Robert’s story on his very recent trip to the emergency room. Robert is 27 years of age, divorced, no children, residing in Sallisaw Oklahoma.

“This past Sunday I was out to my family’s farm lending them a hand with some repairs that need to be done. I was eager to get back to farm to do some work because it seemed it has been years. Recently I separated from the United States Air Force after 8 years of service. Coincidentally it was just after my divorce of 6 years. I settled back into my home town thinking that it would be great to be near my family. I’m the youngest of 9 children, 8 girls and me, the only boy. My parents are getting up there in age and can’t work the farm the way they used to years ago. Which is where I suppose I shall begin. I arrived out there at about 5 a.m. in the morning ready to get to work. They needed a barbed wire fence repaired and that was the task at hand for the day. Everything went well for the first couple of hours and then sometime around 10 a.m. I looked down and realized that my glove had been shredded. After taking the glove off I was presented with the fabulous cut seen in the pictures I sent along with this e-mail. After checking out the cut I went to my truck to get something to wrap it up with to stop the bleeding. Unfortunately all I had was a very dirty t-shirt. It had to do. I hopped into my truck and headed to the house to let them know I was on my way to the emergency room at Sequoya Memorial Hospital because I had cut my hand open.

The drive took about 25 minutes due to having to drive all the winding country roads. When I went inside I was triaged and given clean material to hold on my wound until I could be seen. After a short bit the triage nurse came out to get me. I didn’t notice it before but she was very attractive. Walking behind her and watching her swing really got my blood pumping. After a moment my hand began to throb and the blood started squirting again. Holy shit, I haven’t felt this way in many years. Even though I was bleeding again I liked what I was watching. She sat we down with a gentle touch and proceeded to get the supplies out for the surgeon. Then, the fateful moment, as she was bending over to get into a cabinet on the bottom I found myself staring and then I got caught. Nothing was said, but our eyes met mid-stare so I knew I had been had. Then she looked back away and continues to do whatever she was doing in that cabinet. Then all hell broke loose right before my eyes. She knew I was checking out her ass, she knew she had caught me, and now she decided to turn up the heat. She walked back to me and reached for my hand, which at the time was resting comfortably in my lap. When she put her hands under mine she intentionally touched (repeatedly) my growing hard on. The whole time she continued on as business as usual, never looking up at me. Then, she instructed me where to place my arm and hand so she could clean my wound to be looked at. She made sure that her breasts continuously rubbed my arm. After a moment I could feel how hard her nipples had became. I have no idea what I was thinking at the moment, I just rolled with it, not wanting it to end anytime soon.

Then came the crushing drop back to reality, the doctor came in. He went right to work stitching me up like the laces of a football. The nurse never made eye contact with me the entire time the doctor was is there so I thought it was all over. I remember thinking she was such a dirty flirt. But I can’t lie, I really enjoyed every minute of it. After I was bandaged they both left. Before the doctor left he told me that the nurse would return with my follow up instructions and will answer any questions I had. After a few minutes she returned with my discharge and aftercare paperwork in hand. She went over it all and pointed out that if I had any questions to call the numbers listed at the top of the papers. Then she flipped over the paper and told me to call this number for anything else I wanted to discuss. The number was handwritten and included her name, Mandy. I told her she will probably be hearing from me because there were many things I would like to discuss. She just smiled and left the room. I was smiling as well, maybe even for the same reasons. I know one thing, she made my day and that made a trip to the emergency room worth while in a way.

So, I left the emergency room and was headed home. I stopped at a local hamburger place and grabbed a burger to take home with me. After I enter my house I set everything down so I could get started eating my burger. I looked down at the papers and her phone number was staring back at me. I wonder if she really  wants me to call her. I wonder if it would be professional or personal. It was a odd situation to be getting a woman’s phone number. I thought about calling her the entire time I was eating my burger. Out of the blue my cell phone begins ringing. When I look at the caller i.d. I see that it is my mother calling. We talked for a short while and I explained everything was going to be fine and I would be able to finish up at their house in a few days. After I ended the call I decided I was going to take a shower and wash the day away. After putting a bag on my hand I realized that the whole shower experience was about to get real interesting. The entire shower all I could think about was Mandy. They weren’t very clean thoughts either. I wish to myself that I would have been able to get a glimpse of skin when she caught my eye. All I have is my imagination and it’s damn hard to imagine what someone looks like naked when they are wearing scrubs. So, let’s just say that my shower full of dirty thoughts of Mandy did not conclude with a happy ending if you know what I mean. With nothing better to do I laid up in the bed and watched the tv until I fell asleep. Disappointing that Shark Week isn’t exactly starting off strong for me this year.

I woke up having those same dirty little thoughts of Mandy. I can’t get this women out of my head for some reason. After a bit of the morning passed by I decided just to call her figuring it can’t hurt just to talk to her. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was expecting company about 3 in the afternoon. I don’t know how it happened, I just know that she will be here in less than 5 hours. As each hour ticked off the clock my anticipation of her showing up really made me anxious, almost to the point of being nervous. I don’t know why, this isn’t my first time to have a woman to my house. Well, actually it is, to this house at least. I haven’t had a date since way back when I was just starting out in the Air Force and we ended up getting married. I haven’t had a date of any sorts since my divorce or anything that actually resembles female companionship for that matter. I straightened up my house as good as I could, it wasn’t that dirty to begin with. I got to thinking it was probably time to finish unpacking, but not today. I dressed relatively casual, shorts and a polo type shirt, simple. At around 2 O’clock time began to stand still. I had to get my mind off of the clock and time in general. I decided to play on the xBox a while to kill the last bit of time, I haven’t played Halo in a while so this should be interesting.

A knock on the door startled the crap out of me because I was into playing my game deep. I jumped up, dusted the chip crumbs off my shirt, and headed for the door. as I put my hand on the knob I had to remind myself to just breathe. When I opened the door I was stunned with how Mandy looked. Everything went into slow motion as I watched her hair blow gently in the breeze and then finally she grabbed my hand and asked if I was okay because I looked as if I were going to pass out on her right there for a few moments. In my head I know it is because all the blood in my body did a mass exodus straight into my shorts. She glanced down for a second and then looked back up at me asking if that was for her. I was stunned! In my head I’m thinking fuck yea it’s for you……..what did you bring for me! As she entered into my house I couldn’t help but notice the dress she was wearing. It was simple, it clinged to her in all the right places. I don’t think she was wearing a bra because she could cut diamonds with her nipples. Just as I remembered, her ass was incredible! I just wanted to reach out and touch it to make sure this was all real. She sure smells real. I offered her a seat on the couch and a drink of her choice. She wanted some ice water because she was burning up with the heat outside. I lowered the temperature for the air conditioning to help cool her off. What I really wanted was to turn on the heat just to see how sweaty she would get. But, let’s see where she wants to go with all of this first. She sipped her water while we made small talk for a while. She is like a bear trap for my mind and won’t let it go for nothing.

She stood up slowly and asked for me to point her in the direction of the bathroom. Well, that’s easy because there is only one bathroom. I showed her the way and she went in shutting the door behind her. I went back out to the living room and waited, and waited, until finally it seemed like this was taking way to long. I walked down to the bathroom and thought I heard water splashing. I called her name at the door and she answered with a come in here I am just cooling off in the bath. ?????? She’s doing what…..where…..right now?? I slowly opened the door, I tried to peek a little to see if she was telling the truth. Now I know I am dreaming, there is a fabulous looking blonde sprawled out in my bathtub! Holy hell this can’t be happening for real…….can it? It was indeed very true. There she was without a stitch laid out completely naked in my tub. Let’s throw caution to the wind I thought as I sat down on the toilet next to the tub. I could do nothing but stare at her and could see that she was cooling off because her skin was crawling with goosebumps. Casually I reached into the water between her legs and the water was ice cold. When my hand retracted I brushed the inside of her thigh and her skin was sizzling still. Never once did she open her eyes, she just laid there with this smirky little smile on her face. After a bit she sat up and asked if I was just going to sit there or if I could wash her back. I can wash a back I assure you. She stood up with her backside facing me and sat onto the edge of the tub. She handed me the liquid soap and the washcloth and told me to get busy. I lathered up the washcloth and began to wash her back, I watched the soap run down her back and down the crack of her beautiful ass. As I moved down she would sway back and forth a bit, my guess is she liked what I was doing. When I got down to her ass she stood up and bent over saying that it would be easier to get every inch of it now. Very true, I lathered her up and down, from her feet all the way back up. She turned to me and began to undress me rather harshly and rushed.

She told me to get in the tub so washing her frontside would be easier. I sat down, stretching my legs out as she wasted no time sitting in my lap facing me. She slid up so her ass was resting right on my already hard ready to explode dick. She was spread wide open when she put her feet up beside my shoulders and she laid all the way back. She handed me the cloth and told me to get to scrubbing and stop the staring. Well, at least she knows what she wants! I did my best to make this take as long as I could. The soapier she became the more her hands were moving. She would massage herself and trade of into massaging me, she would stroke and pump slowly while she dry humped me. Before I knew it she had slid me inside her as she rolled forward and began kissing me. I think her sixth sense had kicked in and she slid off of me and stood up. Man, another bath without a happy ending. What is she doing to me and why is she doing it. She slipped out of my grip and slinked away dripping wet. I got out of the tub right fast to see what the hell she was up to. When I got into the living room she was bent over the back of my recliner. Without hesitation I walked up behind her and slid back in. At that point I was no longer in control, she made me ride her like a bucking bronco. I could see no end in sight, she had her way with me, which was okay by me, for the next couple hours. Not that I was hoping for it, but it was finally over. We both lie on the floor winded, sweaty, and needing a rest.

After a while she sat up, stood up, then helped me up. She went to the bathroom and came out getting dressed as she was walking. She took a look at my hand and decided that it needed to be re-bandaged because the other one had become quite unraveled. She took of the old ones and replaced it with a fresh one then leaned in to give me a long hard kiss. She explained she will want to see me again very soon and not make her wait so long this time. Very well nurse, I will be sure to keep you coming over here. We will have to see how that works out. I wonder if this means we are dating or just fuck buddies. We will that unfold as it may. After letting her out I watched as she walked down the driveway, her ass still treats me the same, I hope she will come back.”

I will need to follow up with Robert on this one I think. I will also need to scold him for not sending a picture in of Mandy. I will say this to y’all, he was nervous about me posting this story because he didn’t know how people at Blogcatalog would react. I don’t think he has to worry, his Blogcatalog identity is safe with me. And this, boys and girls, is how this blog works, y’all send me your stories and I take the time to share them with whoever will read them. I hope y’all enjoyed the story. I look forward to seeing more brave souls from BC coming forward with their stories of Sex, Jail, Money, Blood, or Fame. Until next time…………………….have a great weekend!