Worst Conversation With My Wife Ever


Over the years I have made it a point to keep my relationship with my wife and our marriage off of my blog and definitely off of Facebook for sure. Granted, looking back through the years and lifespan of my blogs I see that I’ve scratched the surface enough for readers to know that I am indeed married to a wonderful, caring wife. I don’t just say that here because she reads my blog, it is said and conveyed daily in our private lives, just so y’all know I’m not looking for brownie points from her. My wife and I have a “bad” habit, we talk with each other all the time about things that actually matter, we go beyond talking about work (which is actually forbidden by both of us), the children, or the bills that pile up. Yes, we do talk about those important things but they are not allconsuming to the point where that is all we talk about. We are different in how we talk, I like to talk in a long winded manner, telling stories, and bringing the details to light. Yes, we have talked about that as well, seems to get worse as I age. My wife on the other hand is more emotional about things, eventhough she tries to be short and sweet, she suffers from a similar affliction of not being able to get to the point. She considers it a fault of hers, but I admire that she trusts me with her emotions. The other day we had one of those “out of the blue” conversations that she likes to start on occasion. Out of the blue for me but well thought about on her part. Just know this, I will be 47 next month and she just turned 40 this past June, so I personally understand we are not the same age we were when we got married 17 years ago. We’ve put on a few miles, a few pounds, a few wrinkles, and much gray hair for me personally, we don’t talk about her one or two she has pop up, we just color it and move on.

So, she asks me if I think she is turning into her mother as she gets older. I will explain my answers here as I explained them to her. A husband who pays attention to his wife sees changes over time, sees the different moods and generally knows what causes them and what cures them, he listens not only to what she is saying but what isn’t being said as well. I like to think I have a good handle on “reading” my wife and she has a great flare for doing the same to me. We have learned that there is a time and place for everything. I don’t know about other marriages but I consider ours healthy in many ways, the main one being we still love one another, it not tolerating each other, it’s wanting to be with each other, needing and depending on one another to get through each day and night. The answer to the question is no I don’t think she is turning into her mother. But, and this but raised an eyebrow with my wife, as we get older, as our children get older, I see her professional life taking over the mother and wife life. Meaning, she puts in long exhausting days at the office being a manager and being in charge of people, money, and property all with the goal of turning a profit. Most people don’t think of a doctor’s office as a business and the goal of every business is to make money. She has been an office manager there for 14 years, she knows her shit frontwards and backwards. On top of that, she does it all with just her high school GED. (Life happened, that’s all I want to say). But when she gets home she doesn’t need to be in charge, everything at home usually runs like a well oiled machine, thanks in no small way to my own personal efforts. You see, I work my 40 hour work week in three days over the weekend, so I am home all week long mostly.

Yes, I have seen her go from her early 20s to now 40, yes the body I knew for her then has changed, yes her mind has matured as well, and yes I do see the start of the crows feet wrinkles and the occasional gray hair or three. Big deal, we’ve gotten older, it was expected, I knew it would happen, her problem, in my opinion as told to her, is she has yet to accept the fact that she has now turned 40. Women, in general, in my opinion, treat 40 like a death sentence or something that is so feared that when it happens that they magically are going to change and not be wanted any longer. I have never, nor will I ever, tell my wife I want to trade her in for two 20 year olds. I like where we are in life together. Does my wife wear a moo-moo? No she does not. She does wear sweats and my old t-shirts around the house. When not at work she has her hair up in a pony tail and isn’t wearing make-up, which is what I like. I don’t like all the make-up and bullshit, but she does, so I shut up. But what she really wants to know is if I think that she is mentally, or the way she speaks, or how she acts, or how she thinks, or is anything she does show signs of her turning into her mother. This ultimately could be the question of death for me. I might need to sleep with one eye open, she does spend a good deal of time watching the I.D. channel. My fate has now come crystal clear to me, it has all been a dream, now I get to die a horrific death that nobody will ever be able to blame on her. But does it have to be so bad? I think not, and here’s why.

I explained to my wife that she need not worry about her own personal growth, evolution, and development because she should be happy that she remains her own person. It’s true, she’s changed, I’ve changed, we all change for better or worse for whatever the reason may be. I tease her a bit though, and tell her I like her mother, she has some great traits and qualities which I really admire. At the same time, I enjoy who my wife is, how she acts, how she speaks, how she thinks, how she moves, how she dresses, and especially how she makes me feel every single day, which is loved. I unfortunately do not think my answers are well taken or understood simply because I can only give likenesses and observations, because in my opinion, the only person who truly knows the truth is her and how she feels. Yes, I am her partner, but no I don’t read minds, a person can only learn by what he is shown or told when it comes to a relationship such as marriage. Is she the same woman I met all those years ago? Yes and no. But here’s the catch, I like who she is and how she represents herself, she is her own person, I feel lucky to be allowed to be with her through the best of times and the worst of times.

To sum this all up, we all change as we age, we all make a choice to either accept those changes in our partner or to not, and sadly that is why we see marriages fail, failing because people don’t think long term, they don’t consider that maturity makes us different, and we don’t prepare mentally for those kinds of challenges. Why? Only reason I can think of is it is because we are selfish. But I’m no marriage counselor, I’m no expert in the field of relationships, I just a married man who still enjoys the company of his wife. I offer only one piece of advice, find what works for y’all and nurture that entire process and live life like there is no tomorrow, because, you know, shit happens when we least expect it to happen. I look at my late grandparents, married 83 years at the time of his death and she died of a broken heart 2 months later. That’s love, that’s needing the other person to be in your life, that’s being heart-broken when a part of you is missing.

Okay, I’m done with my story, my peak into my private life, and I hope y’all understand that our marriage is not one of tolerance but one of acceptance. We are who we are, it is what it is, and we all just need to relax and be who we are comfortable being. Or be like me, an asshole tainted by my dislikes for people in the general population of our planet. Yes, I have a low tolerance for most people, but at the same time I have compassion towards those I care about, more often than not there is no middle ground, and I don’t play well with others. With that being said, I end this post, but fear not, there will be more, much much more.

A Married Woman’s Confession


A long time friend of my wife contacted me over the weekend to tell me she had an email waiting for me if I wanted to run with it on my blog. She mentioned that it didn’t really “fit” into any of my categories but thought of me when she started writing it all out. Going in blind I told her to go ahead and send it to me. After reading it, my wife tells me to just post it, fuck a particular category, because this was just a great reading experience. She is right, my wife always said she thought Sarah was a little kinky but could never put her finger on why. So, here we go! The material in the following paragraphs is for informational purposes only, and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment provided by a qualified health care provider. In other words, consult your doctor or mental health professional before trying anything you are about read next.

I am 28 years old, very happily married, and I have a successful career. I am also a sex addict. To give some background, I was a virgin until 19. I had ZERO interest in sex or boys or anything all through high school. I also come from a very good, healthy, loving home. I was never abused or raped growing up and have an amazing relationship with my parents – especially my daddy. I have always been daddy’s little girl and I always will be. I was a very good girl growing up, and I always had good grades, took school seriously, and I have never done any drugs. I’m not even a big fan of swearing. A very straight laced girl right? 

Well once I lost my virginity at 19, it all changed. I don’t know what it was, but something in me exploded and I knew that I loved sex. I moved away to college soon after high school and studied hard. By day I was in class, earning amazing grades and a near perfect GPA. By night I was having sex with men I met at the clubs. 

Now let me be frank about this. I am a self-proclaimed slut. I am really not sure how many men I have slept with for certain, but the number may easily be 100. I have done a lot of wild things. Group sex, public sex, strip shows for fun at parties, sex with much older men (when I was 19 I had an on\off sexual relationship with one of my father’s coworkers who was 51). But the thing is, I am not in any way ashamed of anything I have done in my past. I was always safe, and never put myself in any dangerous situations. I was on birth control, and I always used condoms on top of it. I also got regularly tested as an extra precaution and piece of mind. My friends and family always knew that I was a very level headed and independent woman. But sex was my outlet.

Without sounding like I am being conceited, I am very tall (6 feet) and very attractive (considered one of the pretty girls in high school, even though I was not really into that clique or even cared at that time). Getting male and some female attention was never really a problem for me. Men were quickly drawn to me. I am also openly bisexual and have been romantically involved with both men and women. In my life, the only two times I ever truly fell deeply in love with anyone has been with my, now husband, and a woman that I dated for a while in college. 

I am also very obsessed with my sexuality and femininity. I dress incredibly feminine and sexy at all times. Not trashy mind you. I am talking, very tasteful dresses, skirts, a lot of vintage inspired outfits, and always high heels. I am so obsessed with wearing high heels that I wear them around the house at all times. I plan the next day’s heels out in advance and place them by the bed, so that when I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is slip my feet into my heels. They are such a crucial extension of my femininity and I feel so naked and uncomfortable without them. I am so triggered by feminine sexuality that I am obsessed with admiring and surrounding myself with beautiful women who embody femininity. I am also attracted to feminine women like myself and my romantic female-female love relationships were with women who were tall, had soft-skin, long beautiful hair, and were feminine like me.

I dress sexy at home and at work and I love it. I am always in a skirt or a dress and obviously I love my high heels, which easily pushes me up to 6’5” tall and turns me into a walking pair of legs that turns a lot of heads. I am obsessed with being a sex icon. While my work attire may be close to the line of inappropriate, I always manage to stay with sexy, sophisticated. I work with all men and they don’t seem to mind and no one has ever sat me down and complained. I am still always professional and they are all very respectful. In fact, if I actually didn’t come in too dressed up, everyone would wonder what was up. On the rare occasion that I change out of my heels, everyone comments on it and is shocked to see me, since they are used to seeing their leggy office girl. I enjoy being the eye candy in the office and I feel that for some of them, I can be the best part of their day. And for the record, none of them treat me with any disrespect or have ever harassed me and I am friendly with all my boys at the office. Plus being the only female makes me queen of my department.

Now on to my marriage: I am in a loving and wonderful marriage and I could not be happier. I am infinitely loyal to him in every way and never have and never will cheat on him. Our marriage is a bit different though, because we are a Dominant\submissive couple. I love being submissive to him. I wear sexy lingerie, or costumes, and other erotic outfits and high heels around the house at all times, and I live under a set of rules that he has for me. Now this is not in any way an abusive relationship. Far from it in fact. I feel the safest ever in his control. He never hurts me and we, of course, talk about bills and finances like equals just as any other couple does. I have input in our relationship, but in all other facets, I am submissive to him. This is a lifestyle I chose to live and I am happy this way. I can’t imagine living a life any other way.

When I have sex, I like it frequent and I like it rough. We often engage in bondage- nothing extreme or that causes injuries, of course, and I like him to dominate me and use me as he pleases. I love being his as he wants me. Submission is my outlet. Its liberating to me. We have been married for 3 years and our marriage is stronger than ever, thanks in part to our lifestyle, which we both enjoy immensely and because we know each other so well. No other man knows my limits for pain as well as he does, and can respect my boundaries without every breaking them. This is the ultimate relationship of trust. We also talk about our lifestyle every week and discuss things as a couple, and we are very serious about always keeping communication going no matter what. We are always checking in with each other.

I know this is all a lot of information, but sooner or later i needed to let some of this out. I seem to be a very rare type of woman. I am into very rough sex, I have slept around with around 100 men, many strangers, and I love exhibitionism. On the other hand, I come from a good home, am a sweet girl to everyone, and I have very high self-esteem and ambition. These things seem to be at odds. I read so many awful stories of how so many women become sexually compulsive because of early childhood abuse, or bad relationships with their parents at home, and are usually miserable and have low self-image. I had an amazing family life growing up, I am still close to my parents who are still married, I am happy with my life and all of my choices in it, and I have very high ambition and high self-esteem. I am happy in my marriage and my job. I love myself. And on top of it, I am not at all ashamed of my past and in fact resent the stigma that being a slut is a bad thing at all as long as you are safe and smart, which I always am.

So what is going on here? I don’t wear panties under my skirt because I masturbate at least three times a day and panties get in the way. There is also the thrill of people potentially getting a peek at me. I’m obsessed with being an object of sexual desire, and I am happy with it. My husband can barely keep up with me, the poor guy, because I just need so much sex but he does his best. I masturbate at work when I am alone. How did I go from never even thinking about sex or even boys up through high school turn into full blown sexual addiction at 19? What makes a good sweet little daddy’s girl with good grades, like me, go out at night and have sex with four men at once at a party? How did I manage to find random men at a club or a bar and so easily feel comfortable having sex with them against a wall around the side of the building or in his or my car? How was I able to have a “no strings attached” long term sexual relationship with my male roommate in college, and not ever develop feelings, but then became clingy and loyal to any boyfriend or girlfriend I became romantically connected with? 

On top of everything, why am I so emotionally stable? I have never had depression and have always been a happy and confident woman. So why does “rape role-play” with my husband arouse me so much? How exactly after losing my virginity at 19, did I get so sexually confident that I seduced my dad’s 51 year old coworker at his home and never once had a second thought about doing it? How can I, on one hand, have sex or give oral to nearly any man that was interested and I found half way cute without batting an eye, yet still have enough sense to use birth control, condoms and get frequently tested? 

How abnormal is this?

For the record, I do have a therapist who is baffled. He says that one hand I am definitely a sexual compulsive based on many factors, however I am an anomaly in that I somehow manage to avoid putting myself in dangerous situations, or letting it cause any problems in my life or negatively affect my life. Though he isn’t too happy to know that I am masturbating in my office at work, and considers that a bit risky.

Does any of this make sense to you? I am not asking for advice because of shame. I actually feel no shame, and as long as I am happy and confident, then I will continue to live a great life. I am asking for advice, I suppose because I just want to understand myself better. I want to get into my own mind and understand what drives me.

To leave you with just one more recent scenario, my husband and I recently visited and old college friend of mine who I reconnected with online and turned out to live nearby. We both dressed up and had dinner at her place. We had wine and some laughs, but I noticed she was getting flirty with my husband. She’s always been the flirty type, and I’m a bit of the jealous type, so when I saw her finding excuses to touch him, like slowly brushing bread crumbs off his shirt sleeve, the green eyed monster came out and I immediately started doing ownership moves toward him. When we got home he went to the bathroom and when he came out he found me, nearly completely naked, and bondage tape next to me and I told him that I needed him to tie me up and dominate me hard. My jealousy had turned into rabid desire at the thought of my friend wanting him and it made me so insanely horny. While he was aggressively thrusting inside of me, I begged him to spank me, harder, and harder, and harder, until we were way past our usual threshold. I don’t know why, but I wanted it hard that night. After more begging, I had him finish by holding me by my throat and spanking me until my butt was beet red and tears were running down my face. And, by the way, I had one of the most intense orgasms I can recall in probably years. This happened just last night, and my butt is sore to sit on still, and…goodness help me, but I love it, and I loved him spanking me to that needed emotional release. I’m glad he is my husband and knows that crying during rough sex is an emotional outlet for me, where most men would freak out. 

How am I so well adjusted as a woman, yet in need of such extreme arousal? How does a confident and independent woman in a great career and a great salary, also feel alive to be a sexual object for man to lust after? Am I weird for wearing high heels everywhere except when I shower or go to bed? Am I weird that I lose a bit of my confidence and femininity if I don’t have high heels on? Where does my obsession with my own sexual femininity come from? And why I am so happy with my life and have such a great, wholesome childhood, yet still become a complete slut in college? 

I just need to understand my own mind here. I was thinking of making my own blog one day, I wonder how that would go over.

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The Wisdom Of ASS In Your Life


Life is all about ASS.

You’re either married to an ASS,

Divorced from an ASS,

Dating an ASS or,

Trying to forget an ASS.

You’re either working your ASS off,

Sweating your ASS off,

Freezing your ASS off,

Laughing your ASS off,

Crying your ASS off,

Kicking ASS,

Kissing ASS,

Spanking ASS,

Hauling ASS,

Wiping ASS,

Busting ASS,

Trying to get a piece of ASS,

Or you just enjoying being a total ASS.

They don’t teach you about the ASS in your life at school.

Please Re-Blog On Your Blog!


Please, everyone out there, re-blog the following statement onto your blog.

We need to spread awareness before it is too late.

The reason I’ve asked everyone to share this post is because we have all dated, known, worked with, worked for, related to, married to, divorced from, someone who suffers from being a fucking idiot. We all need to understand, being a fucking idiot is real and must be taken real serious. You could be sitting next to a fucking idiot right now. There is still no known cure for being a fucking idiot and unfortunately our sympathies do not help. Sometimes a chunk of 4×4 or other large dense object to the back of the head helps, but not as much as we might think. We can raise awareness right here, right now. Unfortunately, less then 53% of y’all won’t re-post this because you can’t figure out how. I urge y’all to learn and reconsider because we must become aware of all of the fucking idiots on this planet. They need our help. Won’t you please help?


Have Better Things To Do In Life


There’s nothing I like better than to be reported to the places that I have accounts or that I’m hosted with on-line. It absolutely amazes me that people don’t remember that they made a conscious choice to visit any number of places I offer like The Sting Of The Scorpion, my Facebook page, my Facebook Fanpage, my Pinterest page, and at Blogcatalog. I have not made it a habit of hiding the fact that if you visit me you might get offended because my pages are for me personally. You might ask why I share then. Why indeed. It’s simple really, I will try to  bring it down to a kindergarten level so the fucktards don’t feel left out. I share because I have found that sometimes people like looking at what I have to offer. I offer and say what most pussies won’t offer or say. Why have an opinion if you don’t express it? I know my opinion really only counts to me and just like assholes, everyone has one. I’m no stranger to getting hate mail from all the people with their panties all wadded up in their asses, nor am I a stranger to complaints because of my content. Sometimes I feel like the fucktard whisperer because I constantly need to remind the general public that if you wish to be here than you wish to accept life on my terms. What are my terms? I say what I want, show what I want, and have the content what I want. So what if I talked allot about the United States Government shutdown. Big deal I talked about the elite politicians, to include President Obama, Congress, and the growing number of people who chose to opt out of Obamacare because they believe the law doesn’t apply to them personally. Fuck them all because they really have lost all relations with what we call the real world. If the truth hurts you that bad then it will really hurt when you actually pull your head out of your own ass. What else?

Well, obviously I have a life I live everyday. It’s not a simple life, but it’s mine and I welcome it everyday with open arms. I’m married, I have children, I have a granddaughter, I have a job, I have private healthcare through my employer, and I am a tax paying American. All of which people want to bitch about. I got a fantastic question a few days ago asking “why is your blog not gay friendly?” What? How does a person answer a stupid question like that? I’m definitely not anti-gay nor do I speak of gay topics here. Why? Simple, it is a subject that is way out of my realm, it’s something I don’t understand, and it’s a subject I don’t try to comprehend. Why? Probably because it’s not an actual part of my life therefore I don’t have much, if anything, to say about it. I know what I do only because I read and watch the news, which are probably the two worst sources of information possible. I was surprised to see all the haters that popped up when I spoke my mind about the band Bearknuckle. Apparently I’m not any kind of authority on rock and roll which makes me stupid. Also, someone mentioned that being from Texas should make me more inclined to knowing country music, not rock music. Tell you what, I listen to whatever music tickles the short and curlies around my butthole. I enjoy music, period. Many times, as I write about you ignorant fucktards, I almost just delete the entire thing because as I read back I realize this has been a waste of my time. I suppose I just like to have a record of the bullshit that makes it through the filters.

What else don’t the fucktard community like about me, let’s see, let me look at the e-mails real quick. Oh, yea, shit, I almost forgot the best things, and by things I mean boobs. How in the hell can people have a problem with me providing information about October being Breast Cancer Awareness month? What in the fuck is wrong with you people? If I feel the desire to do a Public Service Announcement (PSA for the dumbasses) then I will do it. Or was it the style it was done in? Was it the fact that you looked and you liked it? They are just BOOBS! I appreciate boobs, I love boobs, the world would absolutely suck if there were not boobs in it. We need to do everything possible to preserve the precious boobs of the entire planet. I would think the women out there could understand that boobs are important and some of us in the real world understand that. I can speak candidly about breast cancer from personal experiences with family members. Which, if more people donated money to fund the study and research for breast cancer the care wouldn’t be so freaking expensive. It’s a fucking shame that Obamacare has breast cancer, research, and treatment, so low on the totem pole. So, since we can’t always expect the government to wipe our asses, we need private organizations to pick up the slack. In reality, if it weren’t for the private organizations handling it then it wouldn’t be handled. I’m sorry that all y’all saw were girls with nice boobs and didn’t see the message which is your own fucking fault. I applaud Slap The Penguin (STP) for his efforts and messages he put out on the topic of BOOBS as well. It’s nice to know I’m not the only boob lover on the planet. Oh, don’t get me started with how the shit is stacking up about me writing my Bartender Stories because the reasons y’all have for stopping are little more than humorous. I told everyone in the beginning, if the story hits close to home then I have done a good job of telling my story. Strippers aren’t in everyone’s life, I know this, but, some (if not many) of the life situations are very relatable to many people. What else can I say.

I was made aware that some people (term used lightly) have reported me to WordPress, Facebook, and Pinterest for the use of vulgar content. The e-mails I got from each of them only stated that the content was being investigated for being vulgar. In the mean time my accounts may be suspended or even deleted with no notice at any time. Tell you what fucktards, you may get me deleted, but I will re-spawn again and again. I used to try to figure out why pussies feel the need to be disruptive and I came to one single conclusion, the fucktard pussies of the world don’t have a life, it’s that fucking simple. Piss on all the haters. Keep sending me your shit because it is entertaining to read and reminds me why I blog in the first place. Why? To talk about my life and the people in it, not all of those people are fucktards, but that population is growing daily. So, in the end, I invite all you regular fucktards and new incoming fucktards to join in and keep sending me stupid shit about why you personally think I should fall off the face of the planet. Let me offer one simple piece of life advice to those of y’all still confused about what to do every day. Just live YOUR life, go outdoors, meet some real people, and shut off the fucking internet every once in a while. Most importantly, JUST FUCKING BREATHE! Try it with me, 1, 2, 3 ……..in hale ………1, 2, 3 …….. exhale, repeat, repeat, repeat. Feel better? One can’t say I didn’t try to help y’all.