Still McHating It!

It has been a while since I have had to write about my absolute disgust and hate for any food that comes from my least favorite food chain on the planet. Believe me, I have been around this planet more than a few times in my life time. During such adventures I have had the opportunity to sample many foods from many establishments in many countries. Over the years I have found myself entering McDonalds for a quick meal because of the lack of options offered. Each time I ever made that mistake I was filled with disappointment and usually had to force myself to puke the vile garbage out of my system. I will give McDonalds one thing, these serve consistently crappy food worldwide. I really don’t know how people do it. Frankly, I don’t know why people want to go there in the first place.
So, some of y’all are probably wondering what I am writing or ranting about today. Very good question. I have, in my opinion, a very good answer. It all started yesterday after I got home from my doctor’s appt. I was tired, wore out, and sore, so I did not want to cook, eat, or go anywhere. My wife made the command decision to take herself and the children out for something. Great idea. They were gone for about 25 minutes before they returned. I knew right when the front door opened that the had returned with crap from McDonalds. The smell made me sick to my stomach. I went to my shop and stayed there for a few hours. Yes, literally, the vile, putrid smell of that garbage brought chunks to my lips, and I have a very strong stomach. I found things to do to occupy the time. I found it to be a good time to clean up and get ready to start something new.

By the time I went back into the house my wife had taken out the fast food trash to the trash bin to get it out. She was also nice and lit a few candles that do a good job of masking foul smells. We talked a bit about her dinner choice. I explained I don’t really care if the eat food from there, but please eat it there or go have a picnic somewhere. She agreed never to bring it in the house ever again. When it is all said and done I kinda feel bad because I am letting the way I feel about a particular place impact my family. At the same time, I also feel if they just considered what they were actually consuming that they too would be able to see the light. I know, I know, it is a very popular fast food chain and since it is so popular most people overlook that the food really isn’t actually all that great. I can’t speak for others and their taste buds so I don’t know what they see in the food. I know one simple thing, I am still McHating it!