Scorpion Sting’s Tag Cloud Challenge


All of the 1800 published posts here on The Sting Of The Scorpion are tagged with keywords that I considered to be revelant to the material being used. Some say I use too many tags and others tend to think I over tag at times. Personally I hope to hit a happy medium every time. At last count, there are over 7,000 visible tags in the tag cloud to the right of this page. How often to you click the tags when visiting a blog or website? Do you tags to highlight keywords in your own posts?  One should really explore the keyword tags because one never knows what one will find.

So, here is my challenge to everybody reading this or any of the posts you will find here, click the tags. More specifically, I want you to randomly pick five (5) words from my tag cloud and then click to open the related posts. Yes, I know this involves reading, choosing, and browsing, but I hope it is worth the time you spend doing it here. Coincidentally, the tag cloud image above is a direct image of sample words found in my tag cloud. I used a found a fancy little generator at the Google app store. If you ate interested I will tell you which one specifically, just ask me.

Ready? Set. Start clicking!