Once Again, Pinterest Is Unhappy


It appears that I have made the gods @ pinterest angry once again as they have again suspended my account for posting what they consider to be sexually explicit material. What was so bad that they felt the need to kill off my account once again? The picture referenced in the e-mail is the picture I have inserted below. This must be pinterest’s New Year’s resolution as I was informed by e-mail @ 00:19 0n 01 January 2014 that my account is being permanently suspended. So, at that point I made a decision and I will not be doing the pinterest thing any longer. For those of you who were amongst my 1897 followers all I can do is apologize because I will not be back on pinterest. All links referencing pinterest have been removed from The Sting Of The Scorpion and y’all will also notice in the future that pinterest will not be something I reference any longer. And, that is all.

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