Entering Through The Exit Door


Welcome to 2016, a year that so far has proven to not be any different than previous years. Of course time does tick and days fly off the calendar, but people will never fucking change. That was reenforced earlier today while i was visiting our local big box store. Typically I know why I’m going to the store, typically I know exactly what I’m looking for, and today wasn’t any fucking different. My mission was to get a bag of potatoes, cooking oil, a pack of new socks, and a new air freshener for my car. A simple fucking mission that should have taken ten minutes but almost ended with my ass going to jail. But, let’s back up a bit, we need not be at the end yet.

When I arrive at the store I parked quickly and headed in. As I’m going in the doors clearly marked with the word “Enter” a lady pushing her cart full of groceries, with the young children on tow, who was so concerned with what was going on with her phone nearly took me out, but I lived to shop yet another fucking day. As I watched her wander into the parking lot her kids were all over the place while she was still on her fucking phone. As amazed as I was, I had shit to buy so I could get out of this fucking zoo. Oh, you’re wondering what was said, I told her “excuse you this is the entrance” and she didn’t say anything, never looked up from her phone.

So, I grab everything I came for and went to the self checkout because I only had four things. Done. Time to go. As I’m heading to the exit I can see and hear a shitload of commotion going on. At first I can only see the two sheriff’s deputies but as I got closer I see the lady who was on her phone who almost hit me walking out the entrance a bit ago. Seems she had four children when she entered the store but only three followed her out. So, as she is in a big fucking panic now, blaming everyone under the sun, all because she couldn’t get off her fucking phone. As sad as this situation is, as much as I don’t think she needs to be in possession of any children, I offered to help find her missing child. However, that changes after she pops off by yelling at me because I’m the reason she got distracted at the door when she was leaving. Wait just a fucking minute here! So, I verbally unloaded on her everything I was thinking before but bit my tongue and didn’t say. Needless to say, in the heat of it all I was politely, yet sternly removed from the entrance of the store, where I had a seat in the sheriff’s cruiser so I could give all my information and my side of the story. So I explained it to him. Ten minutes later I was let out of the car, only after asking twice if I was being arrested.

And then, then I just left, never looked back either. After a bit of reflection I’m torn as to how I really feel about today’s events. Half of me thinks she deserved to have this happen to her. Makes me really wonder if this is the first time she lost track of one or more of her children. It’s one thing to be a self centered cunt being on the phone not paying attention. It’s one thing to go out the wrong door while fucking around on the phone and almost taking someone out. I get it, some people just have their head up their ass all the time. Half of me, the dad half, worries about her children eventhough they’re not mine. I do hope everything ends up well and I’m not watching the news about a young child being found dead in the woods after being raped and tortured. But, all things happen for a reason and maybe, given a slight glimmer of hope for her, this was her fucking wake up call. I can’t honestly say, only she knows the answer.

Well, anyway, I need to get my ass in gear making my sausage and fried potatoes. Look, we all are going to die, I might as well die eating the foods I like eating. I have some more to talk about, but not now, but probably tomorrowish.

Don’t Think I Haven’t Noticed You


Okay, I’ll admit, I’ve been pretty busy, and it has taken its toll here @ T.S.O.T S.B. in many ways. But that hasn’t stopped y’all from visiting and following this blog. I might seem ungrateful because I’m not posting much but I’m really not, in fact I wanted to do a special post to let y’all know how much each one of you is absolutely appreciated. With that being said, I will also apologize for my lack if presence here, life moves fast and I’m still trying to get mine under control. Anyway, I hope y’all had a great Christmas and New Year, if that is what you celebrate, if not hopefully the past couple of weeks have been good to you. Thanks to everyone for following and your continued support. There’s still room for new followers, just saying.

Welcome To The Year 2015

So, here we are in the year 2015. As I look back over, not just last year, but many years in the past, I have to wonder how I got this far in my life. I remember as a kid how each new year made me feel like I had been victorious over the prior year, I survived, I lived past even my own expectations, and I’m willing to do that shit all over again. In my opinion, with everything that happened to me personally and to my family in 2014 I can say, confidently, we survived. If all I can bitch about is the financial strain of unemployment then there is something to be said about that then. As we enter into 2015 I am reminded that we still are behind on some bills but at least I can pay them now and life will move forward for us.


Meanwhile, I did think I would not have control over these blogs because logging in has had its intermittent success and failures, there has been a couple days now of issues. Fortunately, those kinks have worked themselves out as I have not had the time to mess with it. At first, to tell y’all the truth, I wasn’t actually upset, I saw it as a clean break from, what seems to be, wasting everyone’s time, including my own. But, unfortunately for y’all I gave it a second thought and decided to give it one more year. Honestly, y’all haters have really began beating me down, breaking my spirit, and making me feel I really regret ever doing this little social experience. And then I realized, I still don’t give a fuck what the haters are bitching about. Plus, this blog isn’t about the numbers, it never has been about numbers, people come and people go, such as it falls in real life.

I did want to start the new year out defining an actual direction for this blog, a niche if you will, but so far I have decided to keep it in a shotgun style because it (this blog) isn’t about one simple idea, that’s boring, so there will be no format changes happening. Oh sure, I will add stuff and remove stuff here and there, but I doubt the once in a while reader will notice anything. Speaking of which, I have been trying to figure out why using the word FUCK is soooooo offensive, or why pussy is something that is never spoken out loud. Let’s let this year be different, please choose different things to be upset about besides pussy, titties, nudity, strippers, meat, the word fuck, or anything else that got your panties in a wad last year.


To quote a friend of mine, “it is what it is”, my blog isn’t for everyone, hell it might not be digestible by anyone, but I will continue to do with her as I please. For all of y’all choosing to continue to spend time with me, congratulations its going to be a banging year, for those of y’all who left or are leaving, hope my door doesn’t hit you in the ass. I may not be around as much now, but be assured I’m still watching y’all every day. Don’t fret my friends, tomorrow will always be another day.


Finding A New Year’s Format Change


I must say that when I got into my Pathfinder on New Years day to go get my oil changed I was quite alarmed and pretty disturbed. No, there wasn’t anything wrong with the car, but there was plenty wrong with a radio station that I’m a regular listener to. I will be honest, I’m a creature of habit when it comes to what music I enjoy listening to. I listen to basically 3 kinds of music, heavy metal, classic rock, and current hard rock. Depends on the mood and the time of the day really, but I tend not to stray from those three genres. So, anyway, when I turn on my radio to the classic rock station I’ve listened to since probably 1980 or so I’m greeted with the format change. Yes, it would appear that at 00:01 on 01 January 2014 the classic rock station was laid to rest and replaced with a hip hop/ r & b station. After a few minutes of shock, quickly changing stations back and forth I realized that I was indeed not dreaming.

So that is that, another one bites the dust. I have seen, over the years, since I’ve been back in the area I grew up in since 2002, a few radio stations do the magic format switch while nobody is looking. I can count 4 other “rock” stations that have reformatted to Spanish reggaeton, country, and now hip hop r & b. I guess it shows what the Houston market has turned into. I wonder how long it will be before the radio has nothing to offer to me personally on the public free airwaves. I understand it comes down to $$$ but I can’t help but feeling that I was just told a good friend has died a horrific death. Initially I was a little pissed about the format change and then I decided it really wasn’t worth my grief. Today is a new day and one must move on because it is a new year and I have bigger fish to fry.


Who brings a gun to a knife fight?

Originally Posed 04 January 2012

This was the question going through my mind this past Monday while a wise-ass was pulling a knife on me demanding my wallet. But wait, that’s jumping right in the middle of my story. I need to back this train-wreck way up. First I need to tell you how I got to the point of wondering what I was wondering and why. For some reason I always like starting a story anywhere but the beginning for some reason. Go figure. So, let me start from a good point.At my regular day job we were closed on Monday in observance of the New Year. Not unlike many businesses throughout the country. However, my part time employment was open and my manager calls me to offer me mega money to come in to work on what would normally be my day off. Since we didn’t have any plans but to sit around the house, my wife said go for it, we could use some extra spending money. For those of you who do not already know, I bartend part time at “gentleman’s club”. The pay is normally good, I work about 20 hours a week for about $1500.00. Not bad when you consider my day job pays me the same for working 80 hours. Anyway, she wanted me to work 8 hours at double and a half pay. I will be right in was my reply.

Anyway, I get a shower and get dressed and I am on my way. The parking is usually pretty non existent there, so I rode my Goldwing like I normally do. I stopped for gas and cigarettes and away I went. I made pretty good time and made it in by 6 pm. It was dark already when I pulled in the parking lot to secure my bike. I got off my bike, took off my helmet, and here was this retard standing there waiving a little knife at me demanding I give him my wallet. Now, I am 6′ 8″ tall @ 285 lbs and this guy was all of 5′ tall and maybe weighed in at 125 lbs. My brain works all situations in humor and I immediately was thinking what a cute little knife this little man was struggling to waive at me. I told him to let me get my wallet out and he free to have it and everything in it. He wants me to hurry! I wanted to ask if he was late for a date, but instead I proceeded reaching for my wallet. Oops, I couldn’t provide my wallet, but I did produce my .50 cal Desert Eagle and put it right in his chest. I can’t even explain the look of shock and horror that was on this man’s face, use your imagination. A patron decided to walk by and talk, my guess is he wanted to talk about buying my bike, again, for the 100th time and realized what was going on. He went inside to alert my supervisor, who then called 911. There was a pretty quick response, 3 minutes tops, by HPD. One officer took the thug and the other proceeded to check me out. After my pat down, weapons check, and paperwork check, I was released. All of this happening with my boss watching, and she did not look very happy.

Once it all settled, we went into her office, where we sat and talked about my place of employment and how she could not allow me to work there any longer because I violated the rules, which I found out later, are posted on the front door. I never seen the sign that states there are now weapons allowed on the premises because I always used the back door. So, I was terminated. I didn’t contest it. She paid me what she promised me and told me to come back in a few months to talk to her about re-employment opportunities. Wow, Happy New Year. This was definitely a turn of events from what was expected from the evening.

Let me introduce y’all to Frank. Frank is my Desert Eagle .50AE. I have had this weapon for many years. That day marks only the second time I had to bring it out in a threatening situation. This weapon is fired quite regularly out at my property, as well a my others. Does no good to own weapons if you are not a good shot and are not prepped to use it. I have possessed my concealed carry license for many years. I believe that I have the right to legally defend my family, myself, and what belongs to me. I am not a gun nut and I don’t believe a gun is the right choice for many people. After my incident, I spent some time reflecting. Everything that occurred finally sunk in yesterday and really got me to thinking.First, I verified my will was up to speed and current. It is. Second, I thought about what my wife and kids life would be like without me. And last, how lucky I was this dumbass was such a dumbass. I am very lucky he didn’t stab me and then rob me while I bled out in the parking lot. Collectively, all went well. I will miss the money from my part time job. I did learn something about myself also, and that is I need to take life a bit more seriously. I am in full understanding that I could have been seriously injured or killed the other night. My wife was curious as to how much cash I actually had in my wallet that evening. It was a very disappointing $4.00 and a gas receipt. Pitiful that I had so little to offer this criminal.

Yes, I did press charges. He was charged with attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, illegal possession of a weapon, public intoxication, and failure to produce identification. The officer did mention he had a few outstanding felony warrants also. This guy will appear before the judge on Friday, I am seriously thinking about attending the hearing.

What did I learn from all of this? Its hard to say. I am glad I have had the training I have had, military and otherwise. I am glad I was able to contain the situation. Most of all, I am glad that my wife and kids still serve as this little voice in the back of my head that tells me they are waiting at home for me, don’t be too long. The lesson I would like to pass on is that a prepared person still feels the presences of fear but uses it to control his emotions. Sure, I was humored then and as I write this I get a smile on my face simply because I remember the look on his face when I turned the table. When it is all said and done, I am very lucky he was not any good at what he does, very lucky.

As far as the title to this post, it came to me as I was reminded of a time playing with my son a few years ago. We were play sword fighting in the living room. After my son lost a few times, he went back to him room for a while. He came out and we had another sword fight, but it had a twist, he pulled out his Nerf pistol and shot me while my guard was down. He asked why I brought a sword to a gunfight. Good question son, real good question. Why indeed.