New Blog Equals New Hate Mail

0000 hate-mail

I really didn’t think it would take long for the haters to catch up to me here @ my new location. I didn’t cut and run from the other ones, I did leave a forwarding address, and I wanted it to be real easy to find me. Was this a mistake? Should I have made it a challenge to be re-found? I think not, because for the most part the haters only equal around 8% of my readers. Now, you might be asking yourselves, as I often do, why do they keep reading if they don’t like me or the content I publish. Well, keep scratching your heads boys and girls because I don’t have an answer to that question and I fear I never will. For those of you new to The Sting Of The Scorpion and what goes on here let me explain it a bit. This is my personal space where I post what I like, for whatever that reason may be. I have never felt I needed to justify that in the past and nor can I see myself ever apologizing for anyone being here.  With that being said I will give you my newest Hate Fan’s e-mail to me late last night.

“Dear Mr. Sting,

You don’t know me but I have been doing a little reading on you new blog on WordPress and I can say I don’t like what you post, say, or represent. The only reason I ever found myself looking at what you call a blog is because I needed to use my 17 year old daughter’s computer and your page was pulled up. I began to look around and there is quite a bit of fowl language and what might as well be porn the way some of the girls are dressed in those pictures. I could only take so much and had to back out it because in many ways it pissed me off. I noticed that you reference a certain section just for “Hate Mail” and when I was reading thru it I noticed that those readers and I have allot in common, we all think you should crawl back under the rock you came from. I have since forbidden my daughter from reading /viewing your blog. I noticed she was a follower and I un-followed her in case you are wondering. I don’t see the point in continuing because as I can see you have no interest in changing your ways. Perhaps you should know that there are parents out here who don’t appreciate any of the messages that you are trying to get out there.  I wish you success, I would wish you luck but we both know you already need as much luck as you can get to keep this flop blog on the up-side.

Meagan R., Ogden Utah”

I could spend allot of time with this e-mail but I’m making a choice not to since she seemed to have already answered all the questions she had. I will say one thing tho, I don’t know how or when people find my blog. Many times this blog (and my old ones) was found doing some form of internet search or referred by one of the four places I post links back to this blog. I have no control of who lands on my page or why they choose to come here. I always like to remind everyone that the choice to come here is yours and the choice not to be here is yours as well.  Just remember if you send me hate mail it just might end up being a publish post as you see above.

Look, I’m just here having fun my own way.