A “Blast” From My Past……………

Anymore when I go looking through things I have had in long term storage, meaning its in the very back, buried in the very bottom, usually under something pretty heavy, long term storage. Lost and forgotten by all practical aspects of not knowing what is even where. In my Air Force days, working in the munitions careerfield, plainly just called AMMO by us, I collected unused ammo cans because they make excellent storage vessels for practically anything that would fit in them. Once I got out of the Air Force, and over the years, pretty much all I have had are gone. The ones I have still today still are being used in the original nature of the cans, to hold ammo. My dad asked me to look and see if I had any extras laying around because he’d found some plans on the internet to make a stove and a portable set of speakers. He wants to make one of each for himself sometime in the near future.


Luckily for him I found three cans, my last remaining three cans being unused, that I gave to him for his projects. All three cans were empty except for one, it held a roll of very unique stickers that I would be required to use way back when. I can’t even remember putting the roll of stickers in there, but when I opened the can, there they sat, unmessed with since the late 90s. Almost like digging up an old artifact in a way. It’s got the best of me as my memories fade, trying to figure out why they were there. Just goes to prove that things sealed in these cans stay well preserved and if I hadn’t opened the can they would still be in that ammo can at the bottom of the pile.

I’m looking forward to seeing the old man’s work as he repurposes these old cans into something someone has dreamt up. One day he will let me see them, I’m sure, and I will post his diy projects for others to try. I just hope I don’t need to dig for any more stuff for him because there isn’t no telling what I will find.

Sex Sells In Everyday Advertising


I know that I’m not the only one on the planet who sees that there are many companies using “SEX” to try to sell the public their products or services. To be honest, I have seen many that the message they are trying to send is lost and all we are left with is a memory of something sexy, but we are no closer to buying anything afterwards. Maybe that’s the point. Anyway, I decided to put together a handful of posts to relay examples of a few categories which use “SEX” to sell, for example, automobiles, food, music, clothing, candy, businesses, promoting, accessories, alcohol, nonalcoholic drinks, and much more. And yes, I must admit, I have always tried to have a little sexy around when promoting my own blog. So, I’m looking forward to this little exploration, I hope y’all enjoy it as well.


Once Upon A Time………….

………….. in a not too distant past I had a life of which I haven’t shared ever before. Of course, there are people who know bits and pieces of this story but I’m the only person alive who knows the actual story as it actually happened. Some may call this story a confession of sorts, some may shake their heads in disbelief, but in the end maybe you can realize that there was a time in my life when these were considered the best days in my life. Be sure to follow close as there are a few twists and turns that if you aren’t paying attention you just might get lost. So, are we ready? If so, let’s go!
When I was a freshman in high school I began dating a girl who, in the beginning, wanted to have nothing to do with me what so ever. It was all good because after the first couple of dates we became inseparable. We continued to date all thru high school, did the prom, and then we graduated. We had not made any arrangements on our “future” and continued on thru the summer as if we would be together forever. There was one exception, when summer was over I was headed to collage and she was staying home to work to help support her family. I didn’t go that far away, only about a 4 hour drive. In fact, every weekend, in the beginning, say for the first six months, I was driving home to see her or she was driving up to Waco to see me. Where this became difficult is when I got a part time job for spending money because this job required me to work nights and most weekends. So, as the months passed, less and less visits were happening. After being gone for 8 months or so I get the “call” that nobody wants to get. She was crying and explaining that this relationship was no longer working for her personally and she felt it was very strained. She went on to explain that all the visits have become purely sexual since every minute I wasn’t working we were fucking. She ended the call with an I love you and I hope you have a happy life. Well, needless to say I had one of my very first WTF (what the fuck) moments because I didn’t understand what the problem was because never, ever, once had she ever had one complaint that she voiced to me. After a few days I called her house wanting to talk to her and her mother explained she was not available since she was on a date. A date, WTF? I took it personally I suppose because I wanted to get married after high school but she didn’t because she felt it would be a struggle with me going to college. I understood that to mean that when I graduate we would be getting married. Way wrong assumption. So, now we were no more, it was over.
That night friends and I went out drinking and ended up in a local strip bar that all the college girls from Baylor University stripped at. Sounded like fun so I was in like Flinn. We drank, we partied harder than I probably should have, we met some very nice and very pretty girls our age and we basically just had a good time, a really good time. In fact, I ended up taking the girl I was spending time with home with me to finish the party she had started. We did a little more drinking, we did a little smoking, we took a few magic little pills (speed) and throughout the entire time it was one very long fuckfest. She was in my house for 30 hours straight and at least 27 hours were spent just having the nastiest sex I had ever had. I was hooked to say the least. I was wondering how I could have this every night for the rest of my life. When it was time for her to leave she told me “this one is on the house, next time it will cost you to party with me”. Oops…….what? Then I had one of those ah ha moments. I was still hooked, no matter what, I was hooked, I would have to find a way for this entire thing to be repeated repeatedly. So, every night she was working I went to the strip bar, drank with her, smoked with her, gave her money, and would spend my evenings with her. We would party at my house or hers, I would contribute cash for the drugs and alcohol and life was moving forward. In reality it was all just a damn blur since the days and nights were all running together and I didn’t know my up from my down any more. Oh, but what a time I was having! Then something happened to our fuckbuddy relationship, she told me she loved me. I know right, holy shit, what just happened? The following weekend we got stoned and decided to drive to Las Vegas and get married.
I guess we were super happy on the drive because we kept on drinking and getting stoned for the 20 hours. Have you ever got a blow job doing 110mph? If not, I don’t recommend it, pull over and get your nut. I was a swerving idiot the entire time, every time, and the times after that. But I couldn’t tell her no, it was impossible to tell her no. We finally got to Las Vegas, trashed as all get out, found a pawn shop, bought her ring, and then found a chapel. In less than an hour in Las Vegas I was a changed man, now I was married. Never once did I ask myself “what in the fuck are you doing” because that never crossed my mind, not even once. We spent a few days in Las Vegas partying our asses off. Our last night there she got wind of a “Strip Off Contest” at a strip bar called Cheetahs. We went, she entered, she danced her ass off, and she won. She won 10 grand and a all expense paid vacation for two for 3 days to, you guessed it, Las Vegas. So we stayed for three more days which are actually just a blur to me now. I am sure we had fun because I can’t remember much of it at all. The trip back to Waco was a little quieter than the trip up. She slept most of the way, only getting up to pee and eat. We get back into Waco and move her stuff into my house. My 2 roommates were pretty excited since now they get to brag they live with a real life stripper. The next night it was the start of our new routine, she went to work stripping and I went to work at the auto parts store stocking shelves and unloading trucks. After a few nights I got a night off and decided to take my new wife some dinner since we had not even been grocery shopping since we got back. She wasn’t there. She came in for a few hours and was seen leaving with some guy. Interesting piece of information. I went home and waited, and waited, and waited some more. When she got home I was just a wee bit pissed.
The very first thing I asked her was how her night went. She just kinda shrugged her shoulders and said “you know how it is” and went to go take a shower. I explained that I stopped by the bar and what i was told. Her face got that Oh Shit! expression on it. She just said ” that she had to tie up some loose ends before they got out of hand”. Meaning? What it meant was she had to give this guy his goodbye fuck because he was a “regular” paying friend of hers and now that she is married she will have to stop all the extra play time. Really? After we are married? It blew up into, still to this day, the worst argument and fist fight I have ever been in. It started in the house, her punching me and me defending myself at first and then I fought back, game on. This went on for a good thirty minutes and finally ended up with both of us falling off a 2nd story porch to the ground below. Neither of us has recollection of how we got to the hospital but we both know that is where we woke up. We both had multiple broken bones, bruise, cuts, and so forth. On our 3rd day there I announced to her from my bed to hers that this marriage isn’t working for me and I will be going to get it annulled as soon as I can get out of the hospital. She cried and it was actually very sincere because she was promising it would be the last time. In my head I knew it wouldn’t be the last time. In my head I knew the next time one of us would end up dead. And that was that, within 10 days of getting married I was single again and we parted ways. I did stop in a few weeks later at the strip club to see how she was healing up and we spent a considerable amount of time talking. Yes, I took her home with me. Yes, we had some fantastic make up sex. No, we were not back together, we were saying goodbye.
According to her friends she was very depressed over the next few days. According to her friends, I was all she would talk about and how she still loved me eventho I discarded her like a piece of trash. I was notified the following Wednesday that she committed suicide. I buried her that Saturday. No family, no friends, just me, the preacher, and her. That is all about that. Eventually I got back with who is now my ex-wife and as you can guess we did get married. The rest y’all know I think. I joined the Air Force and started my brand new life. Over the years I have visited her grave site, I will just sit there, thinking, looking, and wondering what she would be like today and even what life would have been like if we had stayed married. I know, I always get the same answer too, nothing would have been different. The End.