Why Toilet Paper Needs Advertisement


I was looking at my Facebook feed last night, normally a great way for me to keep up with friends and it also provides a great sources of reading material I try to follow regularly, when I came across a picture that wanted to know why toilet paper needs to advertise. I know everyone reading today has seen it. My first reaction, like most of y’all I can only assume, was to smile and agree. Why indeed? After all, everyone is buying toilet paper because they need to buy toilet paper, right? Companies need to advertise things like Android phones, so people will buy them instead of iPhones, Galaxys, or nothing at all, but who, in a modern, in a developed country’s economy, will go without toilet paper? Is it you?

Let’s take a more in depth look at toilet paper advertising. Y’all understand that a company actually does need to advertise for toilet paper as do all the other products, its all about supply and demand sprinkled with a little business economics. Let’s start with the assumption that the marketing staff at Company X, who make Brand X, are properly compensated, and are not out there wasting money on television, radio, Facebook and Google ads like some kind of raging group of fucktards. Company X must have a good reason for spending all that money on advertising. What is it?

Advertising actually serve several distinct purposes. I’m sure the picture of the toilet paper with the overlay joke confused most of the marketing zombies, with everyone else just ignoring it or just not getting the fucking joke altogether. Perhaps there are more important reasons to advertise toilet paper than appears on the surface of this mystery. All companies who produce products need to sell those products to make profits. Companies are not still open today because they lose money now are they? The answer is a big fat fucking no, so they need to advertise to get their products in front of as many consumers they can, like you and I. Advertising serves many purposes, let’s look at them together now.

Product Awareness: This is critically important when you have a new product, either new to the industry or new to your company, and want to make customers aware of it. If we still lived in the days when people wiped their asses with stones or leaves, and you had this amazing new product called “toilet paper”, then the purpose of advertising for toilet paper would be to make consumers aware that a much better alternative exists for your sensitive little bottoms.

Market Share: This is important when the products are generally known, but alternatives exist in the market. To return to our Android phone example, just about everyone in the US knows about cell phones, but they can choose from many brands besides Android. So, the makers of the Android phone advertises its cell phones to drive potential customers to buying an Android over the alternatives.

Increase Consumption: Even if you know of the product, and you prefer a particular brand, you can be brainwashed into purchasing even more of it. If you already know about cell phones, you even have an cell phone, but now you’re considering one for your teenager who is in school. Commercials featuring cell phones in a setting filled with school aged children can again brainwash you to convince you to increase consumption.

In developed markets such as the United States, absolutely everyone knows about toilet paper. Company X doesn’t advertise Product X for product awareness, since everyone knows it exists and we are going to buy it (hence the joke picture). Similarly, no one will increase consumption beyond what they would otherwise. People from Company X use the shitter as often as you and I do, clean themselves with toilet paper, flush the soiled toilet paper, and are done. Unlike cell phones or oranges, no one will buy more than they normally would. Unless you are a prepper, then you have an 8 years supply of it that you guard like gold bars. Maybe, one day in the future, scratching paper will replace paper money like cigarettes did in prisons.

But there is fierce competition among the brands. Company X wants you to really believe in the benefits of their band of toilet paper; while Company Y wants you to prefer their brand. They battle for your market share in toilet paper via commercials and advertisements.

In the end, these competing companies always need to understand why they are advertising a particular product and for whom. The original joke image (not shown in this post) is almost correct. It just needs to end with: “Who is not buying toilet paper to wipe?”

Let’s let this post serve as my good deed for the day. This particular Public Service Announcement (PSA) has been brought to y’all by The Sting Of The Scorpion Blog (T.S.O.T.S.B.) and is in no way affiliated with Company X, Company Y, or the toilet paper industry. I’m merely a consumer of toilet paper as I can only assume many readers here are as well so I wanted to explain the joke, not that y’all needed it explained, but it just shows how money, even money we wipe our ass and flush with, still drives our market. Understanding the economics of toilet paper might get us to think about how and why we spend our hard earned money. The day may come when we need to ration toilet paper or even use it as currency. Enjoy your next trip to the toilet and remember that underpaid workers depend on you flushing as much toilet paper as possible so they have a job tomorrow.

Somewhere In Time

While visiting Dinosaur Park in Rapid City South Dakota my son snapped this picture on his phone while walking up the 100+ stairs to get to the top. He wanted to discard it for being blurry and not looking right in his eyes. I thought it was pretty cool looking and wanted to share. It proves my point in many ways in and about life, that something doesn’t have to be “perfect” to be perfectly portrayed. Mistakes happen and this time it looks like somewhere else in time. At least it does to me.


I will do an additional post about Dinosaur Park and its not so pleasant history over the years. Be sure to stay tuned.

World Wide Photo Challenge # 2

automotivator (5)

Welcome to the second World Wide Photo Challenge. For this challenge you need to take a picture of yourself “Enjoying Your Favorite Alcoholic Beverage”. If you have multiple favorite alcoholic beverage then you will need to take multiple pictures. After you send in your pictures they will be inserted into this post and added the Pinterest board World Wide Photo Contest. Of course, the post and it’s contents will be repeated shared, as it is updated, on Blogcatalog, Facebook, and Google+. For those of y’all that contribute, I will provide you with the link to share wherever it is you share things. Also, with every contribution to the post I will put up a link to your blog (unless you don’t want me to) to drive a little traffic your way.

I only have three rules for this challenge.

  • #1 Photos of you  “Enjoying Your Favorite Alcoholic Beverage” is the subject of this challenge.
  • #2 Photos must be at least NC-17 if you want me to share them with the world. If you are unsure, just send them in and I will sort them out.
  • #3 Each photo needs to have a short description, your name, and the place taken. Include more information if you want.

Please, no minors with alcohol pictures, they will not be used. Understand that mostly adults will be playing along here who might be inclined to send in pictures of an adult nature, in which case photos would go straight to my Pintrest board and referenced here, otherwise the photos will just be held, enjoyed, but not posted. Keep in mind that The Sting Of The Scorpion is considered “an open to all ages, races, religions, and so forth and so on blog” and I would like to keep that in tact.

At the end of this challenge the your pictures will be judged and a over-all winner will be chosen. I have not secured any prizes as of yet, but I’m working on it, and will announce it at a later date if it is going to happen. What you get for sure is your name up in lights on my blog and all the above places mentioned and the knowledge that all the effort you personally put into your photo(s) was well worth the effort. So, e-mail all your great photos into thestingofthescorpion@gmail.com .

KISS “Monster” Album Review


I have never made it a secret to anyone, on-line or in real life, that I am a diehard KISS fan. Hell, I even spent a fair amount of cash a few years ago just so I could “be” Gene Simmons. I know, I sound like such a wet little girl. I can accept that. I have seen KISS live over the years at least a dozen times, I never passed it up if I could afford it. I have many things signed by all the band members. I have had the opportunity to actually meet Gene Simmons twice in my life, both times in Las Vegas Nevada at different times. Anyway, I enjoy their music and I will always be a support of the band known as KISS. But, we are not here to discuss my secret love affair with the band, I wanted to share my personal thoughts on their latest album, Monster. Everyone will probably not agree with everything I say and all I will tell you is we are all entitled to our own opinion, and this will be mine. I remind everyone I have zero musical background and zero credentials to review or judge a band’s music. Unless you take into consideration that I am a metal fan until I die, always have been and always will be. No, I do not consider KISS to be a metal band, that’s not what I’m saying, I’m just saying I have some kind of hard rock or metal in my ears most of my awake hours so I know what I like and what I think sucks the dingle berries out of a dead rhino’s ass. KISS Monster is not one of the one’s that suck, quite the opposite in my opinion. It may not be their greatest work they have ever performed, but in the top 3 KISS albums in my book. By the way, the artwork above was found on the good ‘ol world wide web and the photo below was taken by me for the specific purpose of this post and one other. The picture below is of my copy of the KISS Monster cd, yes I said cd.

In my opinion there are two kinds of music fans as far as the band KISS goes. People either love KISS or they hate KISS, there aren’t many in-between-ers out there. Sooner or later KISS will be calling it quits leaving us with waste cases like Cyrus and Biebler to carry the torch in the next generation of music. At which point, if those two are the only thing going I might take my own life because there will be nothing to look forward to each day any longer. Everybody in the music industry does one of 4 things to end the careers of band members. First, they were a “one hit wonder” and faded away as fast as they came on the scene. Second, the band breaks up and heads their separate ways. Third, everyone needs to retire at one point or another. And fourth, this one seems to be a biggy in the rock industry, which is an untimely death. My hope for KISS is that one day they just retire. Not all bands can go on forever and that’s great, they had a fantastic run. In my opinion, KISS is one of the most recognizable bands on the planet, known across the genders, known across generations, and known across the races. Not too damn many bands can say they are that “known” world-wide now can they. I can name a few, but the list is short. Anyway, if you already own this cd or downloaded the album somewhere you already know how good it is. For the rest of y’all, you now know what to do. I know, this wasn’t much of a review but it gave me a chance to write about KISS and that is always worth it to me.

00 KISS Monster CD

Artistic Statement

Before I begin I would just like to say that I have witnessed many disturbing things in my life as I have traveled around the world, anywhere from the birth of a child to watching a man gasp for his last breath because nothing could be done for his injuries. I live with many disturbing images in my head which have been comfortably suppressed deep within for a very long time now. Yesterday, while messing around on Pintrest I came across a picture (shown above) that in my opinion crosses many lines. I found out one doesn’t have to look very hard on the internet to find results in regards to humans breastfeeding animals to make an “artistic statement”. The example I found and will use is found on Wikipedia where I found a sampling of information regarding the history and modern culture of humans breastfeeding animals. To me, I find the practice of humans breastfeeding animals in modern times very disturbing. Historically I found it sorta interesting because certain cultures used the practice for religious purposes and for cultural purposes. But, for some reason, there are artists who create images to make an “artistic statement” in our modern times. These can be seen on anything from music album covers to protests by PETA. Which is why I am here today, not to discuss history or sub-cultures in third world countries, but to discuss the impact of modern day images done to make some form of statement artistically. I can’t actually believe I am committing time to explore the information to create a post to share. Part of the reason that I am doing a post is because of a discussion I generated last night on Blogcatalog called “What in the fuck is wrong with people?” and some of the responses it generated. Now, I am not in anyway saying that those comments or opinions are right or wrong but it really got me to thinking about the artistic value of a picture showing a young woman breastfeeding a lamb, shown above.
Now, y’all are free to keep and maintain your current opinions about humans breastfeeding animals for the sole purpose of being photographed and the image used to portray a certain kind of message. Clearly the message is lost on me because I don’t get it. I do get the value of “shock” however since in today’s society it seems to be par for the course so one person can out do another at whatever it might be. Granted, I am NOT an artist in any regard and I will NEVER claim to be an artist or to be able to think along the lines of an artist. But, out of guilt by association, I do know artists, either self-proclaimed or professional. I have shown the very top image in varying circles of acquaintances, friends, and family to try to provoke a response of opinion. The opinion’s were as varied as the people. On-line, of course, what a person says can always be taken in or out of context with many saying things they would never say in front of their mother. The people “polled” varied, as well, in age, sex, and ethnicity. It was what I would consider to be a pretty broad spectrum of people. I sit here today writing this post a disturbed man because I am still trying to figure out what the fuck is wrong with the human race. As I get older and try to deepen my understanding of the world around me I find myself wanting to crawl into a box, tape it closed, and never come out ever again. I know what you are thinking and yes there are many more insane things for me to be disturbed about. I think what bothers me the most, using the three images here, is the fact that these photos were posed and done on purpose. They were not photographs of things happening in some remote village or a casual accidental photograph, they were planned, they were posed, and then they were published. Which reminds me, before I forget, I googled “women breastfeeding animals” and these pictures were part of the results. I could not find “credits” for them nor did I look too hard either. They belong to who they belong to and that’s just fine with me. In the end, I don’t care either so there is no sense sending the information to me, just don’t waste your time or mine.
Overall, I am left with more questions than answers. I was hoping I could solve the “why” part of the mystery while doing some research. Instead I have made it worse for myself. I am a simple person, I like things to have a simple answer, and I get bothered when thresholds I don’t understand get crossed. It catches me offgaurd in so many ways. If the images don’t disturb you then you are a better person than me. I wonder if the artists who took these photographs will stumble upon my little ol’ blog and want to offer up what in the hell was going through their skull to “need” or “want” to do a photo like these. Better yet, maybe one of the models would like to explain why they chose to do the picture and what doing the picture has done for them personally and professionally. Until then, lucky you, I am at a loss for words. And, as I mentioned above, I am not trying to change opinions here, just expressing my own opinions. You can get back to the life you live now. I thank you for stopping by and looking at some disturbia that does have “WOW” factor and still makes me ask WTF!