Try To Understand My Point Of View


Through many, many private messages, text messages, and emails today I have been asked why I’m not falling in ranks by updating my profile picture everywhere with a picture of myself in the military. Hmmm, well, today is no different than any other day that I enjoy a fair amount of anonymity since my blog, my personal life, and professional lives usually only cross because words are spoken. If it helps, I’m a 6’8″, 230#, white, going gray, dark brown eyes, prior military service, Texan, 47 year old of the male species of the human race. Now you should be able to pick me out of a crowd, right? So, all y’all get is a mental picture unless you were lucky in the past and actually saw 2 I posted before. If not, you’re sincerely shit out of luck. With all of that being said, I cannot apologize for my lack of personal pictures, they just don’t exist on the internet, I’ve tried hard to keep it that way. To tell y’all the truth, there aren’t that many pictures of me in existence for one reason or another.

I Need More Pinterest Followers!


It’s never to late to follow T.S.O.T.S.B. on Pinterest because that is where I put all the pictures posted here and thousands more I don’t put here. As always, I offer everything y’all never knew y’all needed to see all in one place for your growing viewing convenience.

This Squirrel Needs A Caption

First of all I would like to thank every single person who submitted a caption or ten in the last captioning contest. As everyone saw with that one, a real living, breathing person came up with a truly unique caption and won the grand prize. Thank you Jayme for being our latest winner!


What is the prize for the winning caption you ask? It’s nothing, there is no actual prize for you to hold in your hands. However, the winning caption will be put on the picture shown here, then a winning post will be created here displaying your name, your blog’s name, and a link to your blog. What do you have to do to play? Simply leave your caption and your and a way to contact you if you are the winner in the comments below. The winning caption will be chosen next Friday morning, 02 October 2015.

Y’all Have Clicked These Pictures Allot

When I get super bored I look at the statistics for T.S.O.T.S.B. to see what leads y’all here and to see what links/pictures y’all click the most. Y’all might not know but this particular blog has only been around here on wordpress for 14 months and some changes. In 14 months I have tried my best to have a vast array of different posts, different shares, and a handful of staple regulars. Two of the most popular “features”, as told by the statistics and comments, are the Bartender Stories and The Magic Weekend stories. I shouldn’t find it odd that those two areas of my blog are the most searched and sought after, but I really do. The biggest complaint I get from readers is that I censor some of the pictures I post, I get told I operate using a double standard because I oppose censorship yet I enforce it strictly on my blog. Eventhough I have explained that I wish to keep my blog at a PG rating to a NC17 rating. Plus, I know people, and I know people have a grand enough imagination to put back in what I’ve censored out.

Associated with the above links, I give you the #1 picture that gets “clicked” here, in 14 months y’all clicked the below picture 8892 times.


The #2 picture that gets “clicked” comes in at 6389 times.


The #3 picture that gets “clicked” comes in at 4129 times.


The #4 picture that gets “clicked” comes in at 3956 times.


The #5 picture that gets “clicked” comes in at 3921 times.


Note to reader, not ALL of these 5 pictures are found on the panel to the right, y’all had to hunt for a couple of them. In the end I’m very happy that my “advertising” interests readers enough to click on the picture. So, I guess the big question I have for y’all is what makes y’all click what y’all are clicking? Also, I would like to add that every single one of the links to the right get very regular daily clicks, which I appreciate y’all looking at my blogging friends as well. It will be interesting to check back in a year to see what the picture statistics look like then. Well, that’s if T.S.O.T.S.B. is still around.

The Perfect Screenshot

This particular screenshot has been provided by Chess over @ the blog “A Little Whatever” sent me this screenshot late last night. She wanted to know if screenshots were accepted and now we all see the answer. My only requirement has been the picture has to be from you as you see my blog on whichever device it maybe. Its always a bonus when you include yourself, your surroundings, or pets or friends, but I fully understand the reasons for sending it however. In fact, Chess reached me easily last night on fb messenger. So, the collection of pictures that y’all take of my blog as you see it is growing nicely, now what are the rest of y’all waiting for?


Talk About Being Photobombed!

Rexi continues to blow all of y’all away will her regular photos of my blog pulled up on her computer. She has proven it can be dome, repeatedly, she’s not afraid of fame and fortune. Well, not really fame and there’s no fortune, but you get my point. She has formally called all of y’all out, throwing down the gauntlet, and claiming to be champion. Are we going to just let her walk away with it hands down, without a fight, I feel so ashamed for the rest of the nonparticipants. So, thanks again Rexi, for yet another great picture.