Welcome To The Year 2015

So, here we are in the year 2015. As I look back over, not just last year, but many years in the past, I have to wonder how I got this far in my life. I remember as a kid how each new year made me feel like I had been victorious over the prior year, I survived, I lived past even my own expectations, and I’m willing to do that shit all over again. In my opinion, with everything that happened to me personally and to my family in 2014 I can say, confidently, we survived. If all I can bitch about is the financial strain of unemployment then there is something to be said about that then. As we enter into 2015 I am reminded that we still are behind on some bills but at least I can pay them now and life will move forward for us.


Meanwhile, I did think I would not have control over these blogs because logging in has had its intermittent success and failures, there has been a couple days now of issues. Fortunately, those kinks have worked themselves out as I have not had the time to mess with it. At first, to tell y’all the truth, I wasn’t actually upset, I saw it as a clean break from, what seems to be, wasting everyone’s time, including my own. But, unfortunately for y’all I gave it a second thought and decided to give it one more year. Honestly, y’all haters have really began beating me down, breaking my spirit, and making me feel I really regret ever doing this little social experience. And then I realized, I still don’t give a fuck what the haters are bitching about. Plus, this blog isn’t about the numbers, it never has been about numbers, people come and people go, such as it falls in real life.

I did want to start the new year out defining an actual direction for this blog, a niche if you will, but so far I have decided to keep it in a shotgun style because it (this blog) isn’t about one simple idea, that’s boring, so there will be no format changes happening. Oh sure, I will add stuff and remove stuff here and there, but I doubt the once in a while reader will notice anything. Speaking of which, I have been trying to figure out why using the word FUCK is soooooo offensive, or why pussy is something that is never spoken out loud. Let’s let this year be different, please choose different things to be upset about besides pussy, titties, nudity, strippers, meat, the word fuck, or anything else that got your panties in a wad last year.


To quote a friend of mine, “it is what it is”, my blog isn’t for everyone, hell it might not be digestible by anyone, but I will continue to do with her as I please. For all of y’all choosing to continue to spend time with me, congratulations its going to be a banging year, for those of y’all who left or are leaving, hope my door doesn’t hit you in the ass. I may not be around as much now, but be assured I’m still watching y’all every day. Don’t fret my friends, tomorrow will always be another day.


Y’all Have Clicked These Pictures Allot

When I get super bored I look at the statistics for T.S.O.T.S.B. to see what leads y’all here and to see what links/pictures y’all click the most. Y’all might not know but this particular blog has only been around here on wordpress for 14 months and some changes. In 14 months I have tried my best to have a vast array of different posts, different shares, and a handful of staple regulars. Two of the most popular “features”, as told by the statistics and comments, are the Bartender Stories and The Magic Weekend stories. I shouldn’t find it odd that those two areas of my blog are the most searched and sought after, but I really do. The biggest complaint I get from readers is that I censor some of the pictures I post, I get told I operate using a double standard because I oppose censorship yet I enforce it strictly on my blog. Eventhough I have explained that I wish to keep my blog at a PG rating to a NC17 rating. Plus, I know people, and I know people have a grand enough imagination to put back in what I’ve censored out.

Associated with the above links, I give you the #1 picture that gets “clicked” here, in 14 months y’all clicked the below picture 8892 times.


The #2 picture that gets “clicked” comes in at 6389 times.


The #3 picture that gets “clicked” comes in at 4129 times.


The #4 picture that gets “clicked” comes in at 3956 times.


The #5 picture that gets “clicked” comes in at 3921 times.


Note to reader, not ALL of these 5 pictures are found on the panel to the right, y’all had to hunt for a couple of them. In the end I’m very happy that my “advertising” interests readers enough to click on the picture. So, I guess the big question I have for y’all is what makes y’all click what y’all are clicking? Also, I would like to add that every single one of the links to the right get very regular daily clicks, which I appreciate y’all looking at my blogging friends as well. It will be interesting to check back in a year to see what the picture statistics look like then. Well, that’s if T.S.O.T.S.B. is still around.

Kicking, Screaming, And Covered In Blood

http___25.media.tumblr.com_b756a316e4b2557ed041c7e406b13ee7_tumblr_mzizrwRyVC1rzb0veo1_500I came into this world kicking, screaming, and covered in someone else’s blood. I have absolutely no problem going out that way as well. I know, I know, what a ray of fucking sunshine I am. I can’t help it sometimes. Sometimes things just need to be said and then they need to be dealt with accordingly. Seems that lately, in the real world, I have been doing nothing but defending myself. For a bit I felt cornered, and for a bit I was ready to come out at all costs. Is it fair to say I feel I need to defend my sanity against all who wish to try to stomp it out.

First of all, I’m fucking tired of doctors. I’m not a fucking pin cushion. I’m not a fucking guinea pig. I pay for doctors to diagnose me and to keep me well. All the practice shit should have been done in med school and not right now using trial and error on patients. I don’t consider myself to be fragile, but enough is a fucking enough. I told my wife I’m done with doctors for now. I’m fed up with all the bullshit and all the fucking run around involved. Get new doctors you say? Fuck that I say. I’m not interested in finding one to tell me what I want to hear, I’m just looking for someone to take into consideration that I am a human being and not a damn lab rat.

Speaking of which, some people from the church my wife and kids attend decided to come over this weekend. The conversation came to why I haven’t been the van driver and when can I start back. When? Never. The back stabbers run deep in that church. I’m an outsider and not accepted because I won’t be brainwashed into their sheeple ways. I’ve seen the dark side and I didn’t like what I saw at all. The only reason that my wife and children keep going to church there is because we have come to an understanding which is I will not be a part of any of it at any time, period. But this didn’t stop these cackling bitches and it was like my wife was afraid to say something, anything. I understand, she wants to have her place with these people and doesn’t want to make waves. But, it would have been nice for her just to say I wasn’t interested so everyone could move on.

Somehow I have become the asshole blacksheep in my family. I have always felt like I was on the outer rim of acceptance because as I get older it is just how it “feels”. I don’t understand it tho, I don’t understand it one fucking bit. I’m the one that is involved in my parents life, I put my life on hold to help them when ever it is asked of me and sometimes when it isn’t, I just volunteer. This bothers my sisters, one older and one younger, because the “scorecard” is not balanced. I help out with my parents when they are too busy which makes them look like selfish bitches. However, I seem to be too busy to help them out. Shit happens. For my parents 35th wedding anniversary back in January I sent them on a all expense paid trip to Las Vegas. I kept it a secret from everyone and surprised them when I took them out to dinner, which my sisters were not invited. All I got from them was bullshit because I didn’t ask them to go in on it one thirds which made me a selfish asshole. My idea, my planning, my money, my treat.

Lets talk about my self centered sisters. My older sister is two years older than me. Her and her husband live north of Fort Worth in a $790,000.00 house they had custom built a few years ago. Together they take home over $300,000.00 a year, drive expensive cars, have expensive toys, and send their girls to private school. All she does is bitch about how “broke” they are and how they can’t ever afford shit, how their credit card bill are all high, and so on and so on. Maybe a few money management classes would do them some good. But, being lowly me I have no opinion on how they should spend or save their money. So, piss on them. With her, I might talk with her once a year. I haven’t seen her physically in about three years. She thinks I’m mad at her for something so she makes even littler effort in anything that fucking involves us. Good, the less drama the better off I am.

On to my baby sister, fifteen years younger than I, and still treated as the baby. I get allot of grief from her because I take the opportunity to be in my parents life. She claims to be too busy as her excuse. I get very tired of her fucking pissing and moaning all of the time. She becomes the fingernails going down the chalkboard and then she becomes irritating and annoying. I’ve been blunt with her and told her I don’t care, but she says I’m her big brother so dealing with her is one of my many duties and obligations to this family. Really? I have fear she has become a lost cause. Her and her husband make about $50,000.00 a year and do nothing but bitch about money. At least I can see one thing about her, I know she has the balls to say shit to my face instead of being just a backstabbing gossiper.

I would like to say that I’m just fed up with the people in my life (outside my house) because they push, pull, and stab. Why? Because I let them? I’m done with the drama and the bullshit. I used to care and over the years I have seen that fade in to oblivion. I don’t want to even care any longer. I don’t want to feel bad because I don’t fucking care any longer. The older I get the less bullshit I can tolerate on a daily basis.

Sadly, my blog gets the abuse which in the end means all of y’all get the abuse. I used to enjoy writing here because it was an outlet to air things out that I was thinking. It’s slowly turning into a monster which attracts people who only want to be a negative influence. Before y’all get all offended, I’m not talking about everyone, because for the most part this blog has great people hanging around it. I have “met” some cool people through visitors and visiting other blogs. I have also seems to gained a group of shitheads who just want me to cease to exist. I don’t know if that is fucking metaphorically or if that is really what they wish would happen to me. I have really been wondering why I “write” any more. So, I think I will take a break from writing, maybe a day, a week, a month, or just forever. I will probably keep on posting pictures and quotes because those are fun and don’t take much effort on my part. I will probably continue reading the other blogs I read regularly, liking and commenting as needed, but I think I’m done sharing my own for a while. One never knows, that could change by the end of the day.

I guess I should apologize for being disappointed in shit in general. It’s not y’all’s fault I get fed up with all the bullshit and such. If followers want to un-follow because the writing will slow or end altogether for now then I will completely understand. I just want loyal followers to know that this isn’t personal towards y’all. We aren’t breaking up. As always, one can contact me on the blog anywhere y’all please or directly at thestingofthescorpion@gmail.com to send an e-mail. I’ll get out of my “funk” sooner or later, I just wanted to explain why things will be slowing up for the most part here while I get my shit together.