Video: Tony Stewart Hits Fellow Driver


First, I warn you to watch the video with caution. Second, I recommend you search out more sources of information, the one provided is but one of hundreds available, all basically explaining the same chain of events. You are all welcome to form your own opinions, but I will be giving my own right now.

My son and I have been long time fans of Tony Stewart, we have seen him have his fair share of accidents over the years, but after watching what happened on the track we are fans no longer. We were watching the race on television when it happened and it was clear that Tony Stewart was trying to send a message after the two cars tangled, neither driver real happy I would have to guess. I will leave it there because if I say any more y’all will know how pissed I really am.

Below information borrowed from SportingNews

“Tony Stewart hit and killed driver Kevin Ward Jr., who walked toward Stewart’s sprint car Saturday night after the two had an altercation at Canandaigua (N.Y.) Motorsports Park, according to authorities, witnesses and video of the tragedy.

The three-time Cup champion was racing a sprint car in the Empire Super Sprints series at the half-mile dirt track in upstate New York, about an hour from Watkins Glen International, site of this weekend’s Cup race.”

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Racers Aren’t Born

My son Jackson welcomes this newest addition to the Jackzilla Racing family. Tuesday he turned 12 and we surprised him with his very own brand spanking new remote controlled (r/c) truck. Over the last couple of years he has been practicing and training using trucks of mine that I have been collecting over the years. He has become an impressive driver and we decided it was time to give me back my old used trucks and give him an updated upgrade. Personally I think we hit the nail on the head. I had to pry it out of his hands to bring it to work the following day because a friend wanted a demonstration. He is thinking about getting his son a r/c truck and had no clue on where to start. It also gave me the perfect opportunity to take a few pictures before the body got too terribly thrashed.
I plan on having our r/c track completed by the end of the August at the latest. I fear that upon it’s completion that we may never see him again, ever. My neighbor asked why I was building a r/c track in my back yard a few months ago. I laughed and then answered “why not”. Why not indeed. We need a place to tear up that is close and cheap. I’m tired of paying track fees and driving so far to race on good tracks. So, I’m bringing the track home. I will write a post here in the near future and throw in a few pictures. My wife has me considering opening the track to the “general public”. There would be some logistical problems tho as the track is in my back yard. We’ll have to see.
My wife asked where a boy’s interest in racing anything with wheels comes from. I had to think about it because it is, however, somewhat of a complex question in itself. Obviously, racers aren’t born. Many will disagree with me of course. I have heard it all before. People say “he was born with gasoline in his veins” or “he was born to race” or “racing is in his blood”. I will give it all one thing, their are people born with natural racing skills and there are people that are not. Those in between are the ones the world is actually made up of. It’s made up of kids with an interest and a dream, everything else is practice, practice, practice. Take me for an example. I grew up around the “toys” of my father. He had the r/c planes, the motorcycles, the fast cars, the hot rod boats, and of course, the ultralights which were his passion. Fortunately I was rarely told no. Fortunately I had a dad who wanted to share his toys with me. What did this do for me? It helped make me very practiced in many different things, most of all it taught me how to work with my hands, and it also taught me how to be my own mechanic.
Now, take my son for example. He has learned from a very early age the importance of being able to diagnose and fix problems. He has also learned that there isn’t always a solution for every problem. Some things are just meant to be a mystery. He is with me most of the time when I’m not at work. I enjoy him being with me and doing things with me, no matter what it is we are doing. I think he likes being with me also, even when we are doing nothing at all. He took an interest early on in my r/c trucks because they hung on the wall of my shop like the heads of dead animals. One day he asked to see one with his hands, he wanted to touch it, smell it, and see it up close. I figured it can’t hurt. Well, it took off from there. I have gas and electric r/c cars, some worked and some died years ago. I made a deal with him that if he could get one of the “dead” ones back to having a pulse again and get it breathing again that I would buy replacement parts if needed. I wasn’t interested in throwing money into something that would never have the heart to race again. He did it, not really to my surprise because if someone was going to be able to figure it out it was going to be him. I had three that were dead, one gas and two electric, and now they belong to my son who races them frequently. Time went by and I could see his interest has grown so we decided to take the plunge and get him his very own r/c truck.
I see already that I will need to install some stadium style lighting at our little backyard track because for the last couple of nights he has been out racing his new r/c truck by moonlight. Only time will tell.
All pictures provided in this post were taken by me and are the exclusive property of me. If you were thinking of visiting the website found on the front fenders of this truck you will be very disappointed as it is a fictitious website which was used for the purpose of graphic display only. You won’t find anything there except a blank non-existent page.