Both Equally Naked; But Equally Separate


What in the unholiest of fucks is going on here? My wife and I were online last night window shopping new masterbaths since we are considering ripping out our standard whirlpool tub and going bigger. The first thing my wife says to me when she saw the top picture was that the guy was covering up his hard-on. Then, now that these friends are drinking that it’s going to become a friendship with benefits, but not in the tub because each side is too small. What’s the point she asks, if you got to get out to even get frisky? This tub is not a solution we are looking for, we don’t want or need a barrier between us. Room to move, yes. Individual bathing compartments, hell no. Who dreams shit like this up? Better question, who in their right mind buys a tub like this one? Not us, when the party in the tub gets going we don’t want to get the rugs wet just because we can’t get to each other. Our product review: negative, not going to happen, we like being naked literally together, not just in the same room.