I’m Back……………

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger is a very old saying my dad would tell me when times were troubled. It is also fitting for me today, well, not me personally, but dead and gone are my prior blogs. If you are reading this post then you are aware of what I am referring to. I will fail to mention them just to avoid some cosmic cross check where my new blog might just get mis-identified. We can’t have that now can we. Just know this is the real me and I will continue to blog in the fashion I am accustomed to. One thing I will mention is that I had a good run with my main blog, it served the purpose of me talking to myself for a good 6 years. That is what blogs are for, right, talking to ourselves in hopes that others will stumble across us somehow and read our ideas? Well, if not for you it definitely is that way for me. I am sorry that I lost just over 600 followers/members with the death of that blog. I do hope everyone returns once they find me at my new home. The name may change, but you will always get the real me, no punches pulled here as well as in life. For all my old friends, welcome back! For all my new friends, welcome aboard, be sure to hold on tight because it can get a bit bumpy at times.
Where do we go from here? Forward, of course. The will be no looking backwards from this post on and I am looking forward to the forward momentum. With help from friends I was able to locate the archived versions of my now dead blogs which I will be extracting a handful of posts to breathe new life into them. Nothing is really going to change except I plan on going at it all much harder. There will, however, be a small delay in the complete an actual birth of this blog since I do have an impending surgical procedure to deal with on my left shoulder in the very near future. I don’t know how much I will feel like blogging or carrying on afterwards either until a good deal of recovery happens.
Y’all have been good friends thru the good, the bad, and the ugly and I would never be able to ask for anything more. Thanks for stopping by and I hope there will always be something new each time each of y’all return.