Quick Announcement About My Foot Surgery


Just a quicky to try to get the word out to those of y’all I haven’t told or don’t know what I have been dealing with my foot for the past few weeks. Need to catch up and be brought up to speed, go see Life Has Given Me The Boot and then come right back. So, after 3 weeks of hard-core (in my own opinion) physical therapy I returned to the podiatrist to follow-up on my “condition”. The long and short of it that my tibial nerve is being pinched off in the tarsal tunnel. The surgery will release the connective tissue therefore releasing the pinch and pressure points. As well, he will be doing a plantar fasciatomy the remove/trim what’s left of my plantar fascia. While he is in there he will trim the fat pad which is causing a portion of the pressure on the tarsal tunnel and the nerve. As he told me, it might be a different ball game one he is inside poking around. The end result, if you use the red gradients on the picture below, the goal is to try to get the pain in those area to stop. Let’s hope it does. That picture is the best description of the pain I feel with each and every time I take a step. So, anyways, my surgery will be Thursday, 19 September 2013. I will be out of the loop here probably from then until at least the 22nd or 23rd of September. At that time I will do a follow up post with my post-op results and plans for recovery. I will continue posting until the 18th and then not til the following week. It would be a great time, if you are bored and have time, to check out everything my new and improved blog has to offer.


By the way, both pictures borrowed courtesy of a Google search.