Something I Need To Say Tonight

I originally posted this on Facebook and I realized that people that visit here and comment aren’t just coming from Facebook, y’all come from everywhere. My message is quite universal tho, it applies to everyone around. That’s why I like this blog and the audience that visits, neither of us know exactly what we will get from one day to the next, y’all are all great, thanks.


As I sit here outside in the cool of the evening, drinking my 4th glass of crown and smoking too many cigarettes, I realized I had a pretty fucked up day. But, now its over, now I get to finish my relaxing, take a hot shower, and sooner or later climb into bed. I just wanted to thank those of y’all who took the time to visit my blog today, to thank those who commented, and those who shared with me on Facebook today. It’s refreshing to know that there are people in the world that also get fed up with the lady I dealt with today. Antimilitary fucks just get under my skin, one cannot educate or eliminate them, so what can we do other than tolerate their overly aggressive attempts to lash out for reasons unknown. Anyway, it was good to talk with people today, it felt good to get pissed, and it will let me go to sleep before I polish off this entire bottle of crown. Tomorrow is another day with new challenges and old ones as well.  Again, thanks, y’all know who I’m talking to.

A Battle Between My Two Favorites


Factor in the facts that I am riding a Goldwing listening to Ozzy @ full volume while I am cruising some very quiet country roads at very high speed. It reminded me of when The Ride Of The Valkyries plays as a vital part of the intimidating plot in one of my favorite movies ever, Apocalypse Now. If you are asking yourself how one can have anything to do with the other all I can tell you is my bike is as quiet as a mouse fart in a cemetery and screaming out of my speakers one can here Ozzy singing Crazy Train. I am heard before I am seen and have often wondered what goes thru other’s heads when they see the bright lights in the darkness and Ozzy barking at the moon. Would it freak you out?

Anyway, I find the therapy of drilling thru time listening to something hard, fast, and heavy gives me the freedom to shrug of things that bother me and gives me great pleasure when I am just out riding for no other reason except to be riding. What’s my point here? I found my way, have you found yours? Think about that for a while. The best part of all was the fact that my wife was along for the ride with me. She isn’t a fan of loud rock music or of going fast when she isn’t control, but loves to ride with me because it is time we spend together. We make time, we always make time to be together. Plus, after 15 years as a passenger, I was informed she wants to learn to ride and wants a bike of her own. Of course, she insists it will need to be something much, much smaller. And so, we begin another chapter in our relationship.

Now, go do what makes you happy!

Have Time To Answer 50 Questions?


1 What do you regularly do before bed?

2 Who would you say is there for you when you really need them?

3 If given the opportunity, where would you time travel and who would you bring with you on the adventure knowing that you’re not going to alter anything in the present?

4 Is there anyone you miss a lot?

5 Favorite drink? (Alcoholic and non-alcoholic)

6 Do you smoke weed or cigarettes?

7 Would you help the last person you called/texted hide a dead body?

8 What would you take as a weapon if you were to go into a building to assassinate a crime lord that killed your family? Would you be discrete or go in and start killing people until you get to him?

9 What are three norms that you absolutely hate?

10 Who are your top three idols?

11 If you could go back to any point and time and do things differently, where would you go and why would you change things?

12 Beer or Liquor?

13 You have the opportunity to meet any musician, dead or alive. Who would you meet and why?

14 What was a constant thought that passed your mind today?

15 Are you going to school? What are your classes like/what’s your major?

16 Favorite video game?

17 Something you know you shouldn’t have done, but did anyway?

18 What is a television show that makes you want to strangle someone?

19 Most fucked up situation you have ever been in?

20 The last time you were hugged and you cried?

21 Who is your favorite character from a film?

22 Is there a film you can watch repeatedly and never get tired of it?

23 Make a list of bands/musicians that you recently started listening to.

24 Do you think you would do well in a zombie apocalypse?

25 If the world was ending and you had two hours before the Earth was destroyed, what would you do?

26 What was your first kiss like?

27 Favorite curse word(s)?

28 Who do you think would visit you if you were in the hospital?

29 What do you think of most when you’re falling asleep?

30 If you had to choose between immortality, wealth, or any six concert tickets with the opportunity to go to any of those concerts from any time period, which would you choose?

31 What do you wish you could be doing right now?

32 Who is your favorite person in the world right now?

33 What do you think it would be like to have been born with a tail?

34 Do you like your name?

35 What would you do if two strangers started fighting in a convenience store full of people?

36 What are you looking forward to in the near future?

37 If you had to use three songs to define yourself, which three would you use?


39 How do you feel about humanity?

40 What’s the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

41 Do you have a internet crush? What would you do if you had the chance to hangout with them?

42 What do you want to do with your life?

43 Which of your friends is the funniest?

44 Where do you go when you feel like shit?

45 What is holding you back from doing something you really want to do?

46 What state/country do you live in?

47 Would you ever hangout with someone you met on the internet?

48 When was the last time you got home and actually fell asleep withing ten minutes of making contact with your bed?

49 What really turns you on?

50 What is a memory that you’re very fond of?





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