Decisions: When Opportunity Comes Knocking


Recently I was surprised to get a letter with an invitation to reply to an offer that looks too good to refuse. I can’t give allot of the details for some obvious reasons but I wanted to share some of the offerings that are included as well as my thoughts. To begin with, I’m not sure I want to go back, I’m not sure I want that lifestyle again, and I really don’t want to have to sell my house and land, just to move to Wichita Falls Texas. I have been there before and I don’t recall it having much to offer. Plus, it’s not just me, my wife would have to quit a job she has had for 12 years and is doing very well at. How do I ask her to quit that? After reading the letter and the proposal I’m left with more questions than I have answers. Fortunately I have until the end of October to reply for addition information or decline altogether. Before I actually begin dissecting this proposal I will remind everyone of my past life. I entered the United States Air Force in 1988 and retired a disabled veteran in 2003 after doing 2 years of Guard Duties, making it 15 years total for me. I was indeed a “461” or “2W0″ or Munitions Specialist” or “AMMO”, it really depends on who one is having the conversation with to what one could call their career field. My military friends and Air Force friends out there understand the technical protocol and I would hope the rest of y’all will catch on. I ate, slept, drank, dreamt, and lived AMMO for many years. In fact, it is so ingrained in me and who I am that I may have left the Air Force but I never really left the AMMO community as I still follow it quite closely. So, I will begin now, to talk about the job offer I have received.

Typically I get around 3 letters from different government organizations like the Air Force and the VA. Typically it is just “information” they thought I needed to know. So, I was a bit surprised at the detail in this latest letter. It begins with a nice greeting and establishes the intent of the letter. Very official, always amazed me how these letters are done instead of just writing them in plain English. My wife read it 3 times and still can only make out that it is a recruitment effort. I don’t think these people are looking into my medical history at all because if they did they would realize that I was falling apart just as fast as the doctors can put me back together. Now, I haven’t called the included number because I don’t want to show an actual interest yet. They have done their homework about my employment since I got out. Case in fact is they “claim” that they will, based on my experience and educational background, be offering me 2 1/2 times what my current salary is which would make the position worth well over $100K annually. It would be a contract experience which makes me a little uncomfortable because the first contract is only 3 years with a 8% increase in salary each year. Sounds good on paper but I’m still skeptical. I know I wouldn’t go back active duty or active guard for the sole fact that I could not pass the physical and I’m too old now. But, as a DOD contractor none of that crap will matter. As I read thru the letter I see that they have specific interests in a part of my prior education, part of which I paid for and part of it was done as required training, neither here nor there I ended up with a degree. Up until now it has been 1000% useless except for collecting dust on my wall.

I have been trying to figure out exactly why I have become a candidate for selection. I want to reply because I need some clarification on quite a few things. The biggest question I have for myself is do I really want to be an instructor. I wonder if I could get back into the swing of things. I like my life and I really don’t want to uproot and move to the middle of nowhere. In fact, since my house and land are paid for I can pretty much guarantee that I wouldn’t be selling any of it if I do move. Well, I was hoping that sitting down and taking time to write this all out that everything might become a wee bit clearer. Fat chance, no such luck. Well, I guess I will have no choice but to bite the bullet and make the call. It can definitely wait until I have my surgery in 2 days. So, what did we get out of all of this? Probably as much as myself, not too damn much. I will follow-up on this post if or when I get more substantial information.


~(Both pictures were borrowed from the internet. Thank you.)~