Words Are The Double Edged Sword


What we have here today……… Is a failure to communicate. Everyday in our daily lives we encounter those people who are not capable of telling the truth, to speak without lies, to give excuses not reasons, and fail to be accountable for their words or actions. Why do we allow this to keep happening? The growing trend is having an excuse instead of a reason, to push off responsibility instead of having accountability. Does it bother you that few people want to own what they say or do?

“When people give you excuses day after day, think of them as sandpaper. Eventhough this may scratch and irritate you, you will end up polished in the end and they end up becoming useless.” The first time my dad told me that statement because I was complaining about something I don’t even remember, he told me to think about it anytime someone wants to give an excuse over a reason, therefore not wanting to be held accountable. That statement comes in to play often in my life because I really dislike 2 things people do on a very regular basis, feed me bullshit and/or lie to me. I think the main reason I ask why or wtf so often is because I have little faith that people are capable of telling the whole truth. I question almost everything because there is truth in every word not spoken.

Am I’m alone in my quest for wanting everyone to be responsible for their words and actions, therefore being able to be held accountable. I really wonder if it is easier to lie and bullshit then to make an effort to be forthcoming. My wife tells me I’m guilty of judging people not for what they are saying, but for what they are not saying. I used to not know exactly how to take that observational comment, but over time I realized she is right, I spend allot of my time thinking about what the person didn’t say. Do y’all think people have lost accountability for their own words and actions?

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I Love It When It All Comes Together


In the still of the morning air a breeze would stir letting you know fall is trying to be here, but can’t quite get it’s act together yet. All is quiet except for the cars racing down the feeder road in a grand hurry to get somewhere ten seconds in front of the other guy. And then, this is a big and then too, the first concrete truck arrives, ready to begin the pour. I was taken back, back to when I was doing predawn concrete pours with my dad, back in the day so to say, and I was reminded how exciting pour days really are.  I realized then I was home again, being involved in construction, knowing that this was the job I had been waiting for, knowing that I had missed being away. One day I need to take some time and tell that story, but not today, today is about present time, and how one more step in this process has been completed. So, yes, I’m very excited it is done, that the day is done, and tomorrow we press forward just a little bit more with progress. Right now I need a nap, so I will post more tonight.