Don’t Fuck Shit Up…………….

“Do your part and try not to fuck up anything up today. It’s only Tuesday, you have the rest of the week to fuck something up. Repeat after me…….”I will not fuck shit up today, I will not fuck shit up today, I will not fuck shit up today”

Now, how many of y’all can do it?”


Some of y’all who check me out on Facebook may have seen me post that early this morning. I don’t expect many saw the status update, well, because I don’t have many Facebook friends. Why does any of that matter? Well, it doesn’t actually, that little pick-me-up above was based in part on a conversation I had with my wife and some stupid bullshit I saw in the news and then later heard on the radio. See if y’all can follow me here, because it could get complicated trying to have everyone get where I’m coming from. You know me, I try to keep it simple and keep philosophy out of the equation, but I think writing this post will give me a chance to fucking vent without having to physically yell at someone? Comprendo?

I lead a pretty simple life and that is achieved only because I don’t complicate it with unnecessary bullshit or drama. It wasn’t easy to achieve but with some very hard work I was able to figure it out and maintain that lifestyle. I know, yay fucking me, right? This morning at 4 am I get a call from my dad, whom I consider to be a closet racist, meaning only speaking in true openness to close family and friends. Lucky me, I’m the only son, who still to this day tries to convert to hate people because of their color, culture, language, or country of origin. He’s not very picky either, I’ve always said there isn’t anyone special, he hates everyone for one reason or another. Anyway, he called to tell me to have a safe day since the verdict and lack of indictment was going to have “everyone” acting stupid. I’ll spare y’all the racial slurs. From experience, he tells me, there are mixed races working on a construction site which causes tension beyond all the normal machio machesemo, and that’s racial shit that they can’t even deal with in their own, so I better keep an eye out for the crazies before they snap. OK, gotcha. End of call. Luckily, somewhere in my youth I realized I wasn’t like him and I wouldn’t live my life like that, but that too is a double edged sword because our society and culture refuse to see beyond skin color. In a way, truly being color blind gives me an advantage, y’all just think on that for a while. From my vantage point, color seems to get in the way of just being human. Anyway.

Beyond that my wife and I then discuss the conversation I just had with my dad. He used to piss me off, now I just humor him without debate so it can end faster, no fuel no fire mentality for me. My only thing I ask is how in the fuck does that trial impact me. It doesn’t. But others are different, they got to fuck shit up to show society they are unhappy and that white people are the cause of ALL their problems. If course, I simplified that a bit, but you get my point. So, like always, more laws get broke, more life gets put at risk, property gets damaged, and so forth. For what? Because a decision got made that wasn’t approved of? Ah, right, no we got to loot and fuck shit up because in our minds an injustice has been served. Fuck off, go home. Of course, the opinions of a simple fuck like me speaking common sense falls on deaf ears because I don’t feed that line of bullshit. Plus, I wasn’t there and therefore I can’t judge what happened. What do you want me to do, believe the news? Believe the race baiters? Why can’t I believe a police officer who was trained, tactically and otherwise, to make those hard decisions? It saddens me to know that in our society, in the year 2014, that people of ALL races always throw down the race card first, its the first fucking thing that happens. Why? Good fucking question, why. Good luck getting an answer as well.

And, we ALL know that way race plays a role in our society, culture, business, and families, that will never fucking change. I think we are just too damn stupid to change, myself included, and we fear a life with no hate and with no racial tension to drive decisions we make. Plain and simple, we’re fucked because we, as a society, don’t want to be unfucked. Now you know why I hate people. People will suck the life out of you, draining your will to live. Well, fuck living life that way. Its shit like this that makes me wonder where we all went wrong. I have the answer, well a part of the answer in my opinion. Everyone fears that their words and/or actions will offend someone. We need to get offended! We need to have our fucking feelings hurt! Why? Because if we cannot speak out about how we feel about things, we are fucked, and the people who are fucked are the ones who have lost. It doesn’t make a fuck what color we are, everyone wants to be heard for one damn reason or another, but in our society we have been overly conditioned to put the feelings of others first. For what? To get shit on? Is that the gratitude? I don’t even want to know how one justifies in their head that looting and rioting is the answer when they feel a decision is unjust. Then what happens, sheeple see sheeple do, that’s exactly what the fuck happens. Its one thing to be sympathetic and something quite the opposite to blame what you did on someone or something else. But that’s our society, we don’t hold each person accountable in the same way, and because of that we somehow figured out a way to justify every action we take and every word we speak.

Go ahead, fuck shit up. Fuck it up real good. When you wake up tomorrow you can add all that shit you fucked up to your resume. As far as I’m concerned, just burn the whole fucking planet down, burn it all, because fucking shit up is how we roll. I give up. Who cares. Just fuck it. Then, and only then, we can start from scratch, only to fuck it up all over again. Its late, I’m tired, and I’m so fucking done.

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They Floated Down From The Sky

I like to share stories with y’all that leave me with more questions than answers. Why? Perhaps y’all might be thinking the same thing or y’all might have the answers I seek. Sometimes the story is just too damn bizarre not to share with y’all. So, my basic questions are these. One, what does it look like when it’s raining 2000 dead mice? Two, how does 2000 individual mice feed the expected 2 million brown snakes? Three, am I too believe that only the targeted brown snakes will eat this free meal that has fallen from the sky? Four, what will the collateral damage to other species of wildlife or humans be? Five, how would you react if you looked up and saw a real life dead mouse plague raining down on you? Gives new reasons never to look up with your mouth open, doesn’t it?

Anyway, here’s the story that has me having way too many questions.


Back in the 1950s, brown tree snakes arrived in Guam, and thought “Ah, paradise.” They have thrived on the small island, which is now home to something like 2 million of them — much to the chagrin of local birds and the U.S. military, which has to deal with regular snake-caused power failures at the Andersen Air Force Base. So the Air Force is sending in the mice. NBC News reports:

They floated down from the sky Sunday — 2,000 mice, wafting on tiny cardboard parachutes … the rodent commandos didn’t know they were on a mission: to help eradicate the brown tree snake, an invasive species that has caused millions of dollars in wildlife and commercial losses since it arrived a few decades ago. That’s because they were dead. And pumped full of painkillers.

Brown tree snakes have two weakness: tasty mice and acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol. For the snakes, acetaminophen is fatal. So the military dosed the dead mice with the drug and blanketed the forest with them. Ideally, the snakes will eat the drugged mice and die. And the dead mice will be memorialized forever in this unlikely triumph of prey over predator.

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