Bragging About Bugs Bunny

Personally, I knew there where more stories out there about the characters which parade around our Nation’s theme parks. I have seen enough freaky shit in my life that nothing actually surprises me anymore about people and the way they behave, in private or in public. But, every once in a while I’m reminded that people are always trying to have as much as they possibly can before they die. For many, like JC and JS (JS is the one groping Bugs Bunny in the middle picture). I found myself studying this picture closely trying to figure out what Bugs Bunny’s real expression actually was. I think he is smiling on the inside as well. Before I begin, these two young ladies claim all three of these pictures were taken with their personal camera. Without further ado, I will let JC and JS tell their story as it was written to me via e-mail. As a note, not all photos submitted were included as these three were the only three that didn’t have nudity.
We are JC and JS. We were born, raised, and still live in Houston Texas. We are sisters thru marriage, JC is 21 and is the daughter of my step mother. I’m 21 as well and have always been by my dad’s side. Our parents married when we were 10 years old and we have been inseparable ever since that day. Through out our teen and now adult lives we have always been attracted to the same guy at the same time. It has always been for us, no sibling rivalry here, not even now, because we always share everything. As the years went by we always went to Six Flags Astroworld here in Houston and then in 2005 it closed and we were forced to travel to San Antonio to go to Six Flags Fiesta Texas. As teens we would flirt and screw around with the characters just to get a reaction from them. To date, we never have had any complaints, and I don’t think we ever will. I can remember that we would flash our tits and bare ass to any character who would look. We would pose to have our pictures taken and at the right moment the tits would come out. Included in this e-mail are 23 various pictures from us of how we were messing with Bugs Bunny on our most recent trip to Fiesta Texas with our best friend LF who took most of the pictures, she is pretty shy.
I don’t know which of us noticed that Bugs was starting to get into it all. I think he was having a good time with us, so much so that he kept pulling us in for just one more picture. Now, this all started out a game, we just wanted to fuck with his head for a while and then leave him panting with a hard-on to explain. But no, after a while the groping and copping a feel became a two way street. The more we felt his enormous carrot the more he was grabbing our ass. After a bit, it became personal, we were showing him our tits and he reached out and got a feel. Neither of us knew what to do so we just stood there with our tits in the hands of Bugs Bunny. This had never happened before, nobody has ever grabbed or touched back. Bugs knew what he wanted for sure. The three of us became more aggressive as the minutes ticked by. It didn’t help that handling Bugs’ rather large package had me so wet that I thought I had pee’d down my leg. I think he noticed, really I do. This carried on for quite some time until I told Bugs I couldn’t take it anymore, he better find a place right now and fuck me like his life depended on it. He was very reluctant, we couldn’t get him to break the “code of silence” they are sworn to I think, he just kept waving his hands around and gesturing to us. I can remember thinking to myself that Bugs was down right now.
We escorted him to a secluded area, sat Bugs in the grass next to a tree, and began the games. JC dropped her jeans as fast as she could and jumped on to the giant bulge where his crotch was and began grinding him away, she dry humped him like there was a race to be won or something. I was a little bit crueler, I peeled my jeans off and sat right on that little pink nose of his and rode his bunny face until I was so wet that there was no turning back. LF noticed this was getting a little hot so she said she was going to go and be the look out for us. I think she was shocked. I wasn’t going to let this giant cock go to waste, it wasn’t happening, not today. Before long the bunny suit had to come off because he had some serious fucking to do if he ever wanted walk again. Fortunately for me, JC didn’t ride him too hard and left some for me, just enough that I could get a little crazy with him. Before long, he had all that he could take tag teaming us and declared us the winners. JC and I got up and were getting our pants back on when LF came walking back asking if we were done yet. She could see we were and told us to go look out, it was her turn. From the noises we heard I think she broke Bugs and when she was done all we heard was him moaning like a wounded animal. Damn.
 We will never be able to go into Fiesta Texas the same way now. We might always be looking for Bugs and his giant package. I will say this for Bugs, he is the only man that has ever rode me so hard and so deep that I could hardly walk. Not too many people can say, I would think, that they were banging like bunnies at the theme park. It’s hard to say what our next adventure will be because this one will be a bit hard to top. Although……. now that summer is here all the water parks will be jumping with young men or old, who will be getting an eye full if they are lucky. Now this has me thinking and wondering what kind of fun we can really have at the water park if we set our minds to it. I will try to take pictures and send them in with another story if one ever happens.
Now, I have no doubt JC, JS, and LF will have little trouble finding trouble to get into. I can only hope that they choose to send it in to me so I can publish it here. That goes for everyone reading today, you know that you had an adventure of some sorts that involved Sex, Jail, Money, Blood, or Fame. You know you want to write to Scorpion Sting and share this story, you know this to be true.