Thank Y’all For All The Birthday Wishes!


Many of y’all figured out that today is my birthday and have been wishing me a happy birthday all day. It is true, I was born 16,801 days ago today, I’ll let y’all do the math. Anyway, I’m very lazy lately here on the blog as well as on social media so I wanted to give a shotgun blast type thank you to everyone for making this a great day and making me smile more than I might be entitled to. Again, thank you for all of the nice messages, videos, emails, and pictures, I really appreciate EVERY single one of them.

Thank Y’all For Choosing T.S.O.T.S.B.


I know there are about a billion great blogs out there for y’all to check out and I just wanted to take a moment to thank each of you for giving this blog a look. In my book y’all are the best! Hopefully y’all can tolerate me as I ho through day to day. And, for new followers, as well as just newbies here, the links at the top of the page are information about myself and this blog if there were any questions. Again, a huge THANKS!

Thank You Everyone!


Thanks For ALL The Great Emails!


When I began checking my email this morning I realized how much email accumulates in 24 hours and have noticed the daily increase over the past several months. On a daily basis I sit down to over 250 unique emails and twice that in spam that is actually filtered, caught, and segregated. It typically boils down to 100 or so legitimate blog related messages which I read and respond to as needed. Why is this all important? It shows me that people are not only visiting my blog but they ate reading as well. In fact, a fair amount of what is posted (refers to “pictures” or graphics) comes from visitors wanting to share. I can never say thank you enough for those. Let’s just say I get many stories, pictures, ideas, and comments that are ALL greatly appreciated.

Which leads me to want to answer some common questions I get to help everyone out. Yes, I refer visitors to explore the links/tabs at the very top of the blog and the links to the right for a shotgun blast of information about me and this blog. Yes, I am a retired disabled United States Air Force veteran who has seen some bizarre shit all over the world and I like to talk about most of it here. Yes, for many years I have been a real life bartender and much of that time was spent working in a full nude strip club. Yes, the bartender stories I write were told to me in person at one given time or another. Yes, I will put your Magic Weekend story here on my blog, that’s why I have that particular feature. Yes, I am aware I use colorful graphic language, it is often a direct reflection of how I speak in real life. No, I am not a professional writer and I choose not to use a spell checker. Yes, Bearknuckle is a real Atlanta based band and yes, I do consider them to be quite badass and fantastically talented. Yes, I will put just about anything up here on my blog if I personally like it or personally find it interesting. Yes, everyone’s email is always welcome.

I think I will break it off there. I just wanted to take the time to publcally thank everyone who has been taking the time to email me for a multitude of reasons because I really do appreciate each and every one of them. Well, except the spam, I could actually live without spam emails. Again, thank y’all so much for the continued support.