Even A Beaver Needs To Rest……


Now, I’m not nearly as busy as a beaver, but my days have been full. I was casually asked today if I’m enjoying my new career choice and my answer is yes. Like all new jobs, it has it’s challenges and it’s frustrations, but not without it’s share of successes. I have been putting allot of time and effort into learning how to better understand the scope of my job. At first it was like not having a direction, it was like I was chasing my own tail in vain, but each day one more piece clicked into place. Ever tried to put together a 1500 piece puzzle with no box to look at, leaving you with no visual reference, and forcing you to attempt trial and error blindly? At the start that is how I felt, like a puppy in a new home, in a home with some really big dogs. Now, after some tasks have been initiated, with a few good results, I find myself with a little bit more assurance. Sadly, in my opinion, I still grasp at the remaining 1439 pieces trying to get it together in a timely manner.

What does this mean to y’all, the patient visitors who see very little from me lately? I guess, lately, I’ve been brain tired, and when I get home I just get my chores done, get dinner made, and then I’m out of gas. This blog used to be effortless, it still is to tell the truth, but I still do everything thing here that you see from my phone, and that takes effort and time. So yes, I have slowed up here quite a bit, bringing this blog to a crawl, waiting on it’s knees for me to pay attention to it. I know, sounds like I’m making excuses, and I probably am, if tired is an excuse that is. All I can ask is that y’all bear with me for a while until I get a grip on the new job. Keep sending me emails, FB messages, and so forth, believe me, I’m reading them all. I have an ass-load to post, now I just need to “make” the time to do it. Patience my friends, all shit rolls down hill eventually.