I Hate To Say It, But Here We Go Again


Once again I find myself looking for a job in a sea of opportunity which I don’t have the qualifications for. But then again I don’t have the skills that “most” companies are actually looking for. There are plenty of jobs out in the greater Houston area for $10 per hour and over an hour away, but I can’t afford to take those jobs. So, I have been busy once again over the last three weeks looking for new opportunities. I won’t bore y’all with my resume here, but, if you are in the Houston area (north/ northeast) and looking to hire a disabled veteran and you would like to view my resume, I will gladly email it to you as soon as you send me an email. I don’t know what else to say, this feels awkward in so many ways, like I’m pimping myself out on the street or something. This is probably because I’m not very good at networking with people, when in reality that’s what I should be doing every day all day long. So, if y’all know something and wish to pass it on please email me. I’m return, I will send you my resume, it will come from my personal email and not the email you send your email to. Confused? My email is thestingofthescorpion@gmail.com and hopefully we can connect soon.

World Wide Photo Challenge # 1

WWPC#1Welcome to the first World Wide Photo Challenge. For this challenge you need to take a picture of yourself with the one thing you can’t live without. If you have multiple things you can’t live without then you will need to take multiple pictures. After you send in your pictures they will be inserted into this post and added the Pinterest board World Wide Photo Contest. Of course, the post and it’s contents will be repeated shared, as it is updated, on Blogcatalog, Facebook, and Google+. For those of y’all that contribute, I will provide you with the link to share wherever it is you share things. Also, with every contribution to the post I will put up a link to your blog (unless you don’t want me to) to drive a little traffic your way.

I only have three rules for this challenge.

  • #1 Photos of you and “The One Thing You Can’t Live Without” is the subject of this challenge.
  • #2 Photos must be at least NC-17 if you want me to share them with the world. If you are unsure, just send them in and I will sort them out.
  • #3 Each photo needs to have a short description, your name, and the place taken. Include more information if you want.

As it was explained to me already in the last 24 hours, mostly adults will be playing along here, in which case photos would go straight to my Pintrest board and referenced here, otherwise the photos will just be held, enjoyed, but not posted. Keep in mind that The Sting Of The Scorpion is considered “an open to all ages, races, religions, and so forth and so on blog” and I would like to keep that in tact.

At the end of this challenge the your pictures will be judged and a over-all winner will be chosen. I have not secured any prizes as of yet, but I’m working on it, and will announce it at a later date if it is going to happen. What you get for sure is your name up in lights on my blog and all the above places mentioned and the knowledge that all the effort you personally put into your photo(s) was well worth the effort. So, e-mail all your great photos into thestingofthescorpion@gmail.com .

Our first challenger is Melody Kia. Find more things from her @ Melodrama.

Melody Kia

Kris Landt (Me and the only thing I can’t live without (hint: “it” is an element). )
See Kris (aka helenafortissima)   @ Channeling Hippocrates

photo (79)

JerseyLil with Roscoe and Coco

One thing I can’t live without…my dogs! On the left (looking at the photo) is Roscoe, who went to the Rainbow Bridge a few months ago at age 14 but always in my heart. On the right is Coco, looking around for squirrels to chase! Photo taken in my front yard. JerseyLil (Madilyn). See more @ JerseyLil’s 2 Cents