Review: BearKnuckle “Blood On The Iron”


BearKnucle: “Blood On The Iron”

I was very, and by very, I mean extremely pleased, to be asked to give a listen to the local Atlanta band BearKnuckle’s brand spanking new album titled “Blood On The Iron”. Once again these local boys nailed it and nailed it hard. Putting my thoughts into words was a little hard in the beginning but I think, after repeat listening at deafening volumes both with and without headphones, that I can come to terms with my very positive conclusions. But first, some due credits and reminders. First and foremost, under no circumstances, does anyone have permission to download, copy, or use anything to do with the BearKnuckle band to include, but not limited to songs, artwork, photography, titles, and so forth. I will help the band hunt you down and make your life a living hell. All of the band members have day jobs and any and all proceeds go directly back into the band. So, don’t rip them off, ever. Later I will provide linkage to their website and a few more that might interest y’all. Also, if you visit the website there is one track, ” Black Lungs”, that you can listen to as the preview of the album. I am lucky, besides the band and the twin’s mother, I have been given the opportunity to preview the entire album, the rest of the world (that’s you) gets to wait until 15 May 2014 to get your grubby little paws on this fantastic album. If you are reading this and it is after 15 May 2014 then you are in luck, its available for purchase right now. Their website is chalk full of information, insight, and history. When you are done here be sure to check it all out, do it, I command you! Like the album art? The album art for “Blood On The Iron” was the fantastic creation of Clara Moon, so don’t even think of stealing it! The album, “Blood On The Iron” is proudly labeled by Blood Drunk Records who can be found by visiting and also you can find everything BearKnuckle at and I promise one will not leave disappointed.


BearKnuckle is Willie Williams, Jordan Hayes, Rory Landt, and Nick Landt.

BearKnuckle: “Blood On The Iron”

  • Black Lungs
  • Ockula
  • Is It Worth It?
  • Holograms
  • Shallow Pleasure
  • Fossils
  • Soma

Now, I was and forever will be impressed with BearKnuckle’s first album (see link to that review on the right hand side of this page), and it takes a brilliant band to knock out two back to back kick ass albums such as they have done. Although I have never met BearKnuckle in person, I can imagine the high energy shows they must put on live. Speaking of great energy, great energy is what one will experience each time they crank up “Blood On The Iron”. You will want to crank it up to maximum volume every single time you push play, believe me, I am right about all of this. But Scorp, why in the hell should we take your word for it? Why? You dare to ask ME why? Only because I’m Joe Public, the consumer, the guy who listens to music all day long everyday. I am no expert but I give credit to those I like and I will trash those who need to spend their eternal resting in the bottom of a landfill somewhere. I don’t listen and review music for money either, I listen to music because music puts the wang deep into the core of one’s very soul. Too deep? This album does that for me, it reached in with sharpened claws to dig into my very being. Some people are moved by movies, or the stars, or mother nature, and even religion, but music is my ticket, music is my soul, and I have found there is no need fighting, I just let great music consume me. Its not every day a band like BearKnuckle hits the sreets which means they command to be witnessed with their phenomenal collective band.

Everybody has a favorite song on every album they own, I am no different, I have my favorites as well because they are our go to songs that we love to love, no matter what, end of discussion. But, before I end this discussion I will add that I have an absolute favorite song on “Blood On The Iron” and it hands down, Soma. A very close number two, for me, is Holograms. Soma just got into my head and it just took hold and stuck for me. Those of y’all with favorite songs know exactly what I am saying. But everyone has to make they own decisions for their own reasons. Personally I would like to thank BearKnuckle for giving me this great music to add to my library and for giving me an opportunity to have yet another new favorite song. You decide after purchasing “Blood On The Iron” for yourself on 15 May 2014. My conclusion? Two thumbs up and a Hell Yea every time and all the way! Now, go check out Bearknuckle’s great website for all the details about your purchase of “Blood On The Iron”.

Before you go, please enjoy the slideshow below set to the song Soma. The slideshow was created by and belongs to, Kris Landt. She was granted permission by the band to create this slideshow for this post and to be a permanent fixture on the ” Bearknuckle Info” page located at the top of this blog. Please enjoy!