I’m Happy With The New Background


As shown here in the Rexi photobomb, we can see how the new background looks on a large computer screen. I like it! Thanks, as always to my special friend, Rexi.

Looking For Feedback…………….

In my efforts to take the words of the people and apply it directly into my blog, I have made a change to the the background scenario. Why? In some browsers the old background, which was rich in texture and color, would (as it was explained to me) make my blog load slowly. As well, it was mentioned many times, that the old background was “demonic” and/or “scary”. I had some other samples over the last year made by friends that I couldn’t get to work no matter how I tried to apply it, however, I really, really appreciate all of those efforts. With the help of friends, the colors of the new background were tweaked to be black and red, continuing the color scheme here. Personally I really like it, now I would like your feedback. Here is the sample, and you can now see it applied as the background. Thanks in advance.


Beware Of Background Image Changes


I have been scouring the internet looking for a background image for The Sting Of The Scorpion that is dark and gritty allowing the text in posts to remain white. This change actually started a few months ago when I changed the color theme here from blue to red. I would let it be for a while until I had enough random comments mentioning the dislike of the current background. I realize I can’t make everyone happy but in my attempt to do so I will open this all up for submissions. I ask that two guidelines are used in your own search, it must be able to be seamlessly tiled and I need it to be dark and red. The above picture is my latest attempt to get a good contrast between the background and the white text. It’s not the fault of the reader that I’m color blind but it is something y’all must suffer through with me. Thanks for the understanding and help in advance.

Please send any submission ideas (full size) to thestingofthescorpion@gmail.com