Why Is Plague So Addictive?


I blame my children for showing me this game for the very first time. I blame my children who made killing off all mankind in a game of diseases interesting to me. I blame my children for getting me addicted to this game. I blame my children that this game consumes a more than a few hours of my day and I have a hard time putting it down. I cannot blame them for me liking the game so much. The question I have for myself is why. Why do I like this game so much? Why have I let this game take over ALL the game playing I would normally do on my smart phone or tablet? Why, dammit, why? Does anyone else in the world play this game? Are you any good at it? Did you have to cheat? I have gotten to the point, in the last few weeks of playing, where my kids use “cheats’ to try to beat my score, I do it the old fashioned way and stomp the snot out them anyways. Is it wrong I like winning this game without cheating? Is it wrong that I feel a certain amount of satisfaction winning against my children when they use cheats and I do not? Does this make me a bad father because I don’t let my children win? I would have never guessed I would be playing this game. I would have never guessed this game to be so addictive. I think I need help. I can’t bring myself to uninstall it, I am so weak. Fuck all that, I love this game! I may never stop playing it, ever. I like being the person who creates and evolves a pathogen in an effort to destroy the world with a deadly plague.  To me, this game has a complex and realistic set of variables to simulate the spread and severity of the plague worldwide. What could be a better game to waste my time playing.