The Old Man Cruising………..


This morning, not any different from any other weekdays, I was out of the house with my son headed to take him to school @ 6:30 am. On my return trip I decided I needed to be listening to something loud, choose Five Finger Death Punch, and push motherfucking play. As I am pulling back into the parking lot my wife is making her way to her car to go to work. I look over at her when I noticed she was smiling and shaking her head at me. When I asked what she replied by saying “that one just doesn’t see an old man driving an old man car waking up the neighborhood with death metal”. Old man? Old man car? Waking up who? I suppose she’s right, it was decently loud, impressive sound coming from a 15 year old luxury car. What can I say, I like it loud. In fact, I already have my sound system selected which will be another Merry Christmas to me present, that and the limo tint, then I will be set for a while I think. I personally believe when my metal gets too loud for me then I might be getting old. That may happen one day, but that day is not today. When will she learn?