The Dare

This weeks little story comes, again, all the way here in Houston Texas. More specifically, the tale begins in Houston and ends in Kemah Texas. I won’t waste our time explaining the logistics, just look it up on a map. Anyway, pictured above is Laura R. and out of the 30 some odd photos sent to me this was only one of two readily usable without me having to censor the rest of them. She states in her original e-mail that she wanted to send many pictures and hope that there was a suitable one. She tells an interesting story. But, who am I to judge. On the plus side the different places she writes about in her story I’m pretty familiar with. So, let’s get into her story and get this ball rolling.
“Let me just start by saying that this entire day started and ended the way it did because of a dare. Since graduating this summer from the Texas A & M University my friends have been trying to get me to go out and see the world. They have mentioned that I haven’t been out much in the last four plus years. Which is true, it’s hard to stay on the Dean’s list if one is out partying every day. After graduation I was told that I needed to just take the rest of the summer off before even attempting to take any job or offers. I agreed to it all but secretly I was seeking employment because I need an income. A few of my girlfriends got together and decided they wanted to go to the Kemah Boardwalk for the day. I was a bit reluctant because on the coming Monday I had a job interview and I wanted to be prepared. After some drinking and coaxing the night before I was beginning to like the idea but was not convinced I should be going. Then one of my closest friends laid a dare on the table. She said that they have collected $500.00 to donate to me to go and have a good time and not worry about money on that day. Perfect I thought, I’m all in. There were just two little catches. The first one was that they would give me $250.00 in advance and the remaining $250.00 when the day way over. The day was to be operating hours on the boardwalk and I had to spend the entire day there to collect the remaining half. The second part was that I had to wear the bikini they picked up for me all day with no cover, no shirt, and no shorts, just the bikini. The only things I was allowed to have with me was my shoes, my driver’s license, my cell phone, and my cash. Worried at first I then decided what the hell and just agreed.
The following morning the girls showed up at 7:30 in the morning with my new bikini and the first half of the money. After changing and getting my allowed items we all loaded up in the car and headed off to Kemah. I was told that it opens at 10:30 a.m. and closes at midnight, so I was to be there for 13 1/2 hours doing whatever I pleased just as long as I was doing something all day and well into the night. It could be whatever I wanted. After around a 45 minute drive we were sitting at the entrance. I was given the final warning that I would be watched all day and they would be here at this very spot to pick me up at midnight. I didn’t know I was going alone so know this just became a bit of a challenge. Dare accepted bitches! I got out of the car and started to walk up to the boardwalk when all I hear is cat calls, whistling, and one of the shouted that I had a great ass. Wow, they can lay it on pretty thick. I have no problem being here with only a bikini for cover. It was forcasted to be in the high 90s so it should be perfect for me to get a little sun. At 10:30 in the morning there isn’t much going on yet but the people are coming. There seems to be allot of kids and young adults arriving, probably because this is the last weekend before school starts for everyone. This should be an interesting day to say the very least. Not to sound vain but I felt like I was being stared at quite a bit. At times I felt as though I was being undressed in some people’s minds. I’m still not sure how I feel about that. My friends always told me I had the body of a stripper. I wonder if that is how they feel when they aren’t at work.
The first thing I wanted to do was ride a few rides. I had allot of time to kill. Plus I figured I could get a birds eye view of the place and try to spot my scheming little friends. After a few hours of riding I noticed the same teenage boys always in line with me and one was always there to be in the partner chair when the ride needed two people. He was cute but I had to stay focused because he was probably only 16 or 17 years old. I don’t mess with babies. There were a few rides that really bounced around and wearing only a bikini I tended to bounce just a bit as well. I noticed on more than one occasion that this blonde boy was in like a boob trance because each time I looked over to him he was tuned right in to the boobs. As flattering as this was I had to keep in mind the fact that he probably wasn’t old enough to drive and his mother was probably watching his every move. On the last ride I went on, the Drop Zone, I was a little worried because I never rode it before and didn’t really know what to expect. After a fair amount of time in the line everyone loads into the ride. The attendant made sure we were all secure in our seats and then there were a few minutes of fear while we waited for the start. Up we all went, something like 150ft up, and then without warning we dropped like a brick. When it all stopped and the ride was settled, the bar released and I went to get off the seat and found my top had shifted a fair amount. Now I felt like an exhibitionist because I was very exposed in a very public place. When I look up after adjusting my top I see the blonde boy right there making sure he didn’t miss anything. I smiled at him and he looked up and tells me thank you. Thank you? For what? I’m just glad he didn’t have his cell phone out making a video for youtube or something. After all the rides I needed a snack and a beer so I headed over to the dock side to see what I can find.
I still haven’t figured out how to politely pick a wedgie out of my ass crack so as I walked I fixed that as well. I decided that since I haven’t seen any of my friends since being dropped off that it was time to check in. Since I was being tailed by the blonde boy I motioned him to come over and help me out. I handed him my phone and asked if he could take a picture for me. He seemed a bit nervous but came right in and did what I asked. He took like 12 pictures with my phone and then asked if he could take a few on his phone. Why not, click away. I pulled him in and gave him a very tight hug and a nice wet kiss on his cheek. He began to blush a bit so I told him I would see him around and thanks for his help. I turned to see what he was doing as I walked off and he had his phone out taking pictures. I guess I was feeling a little flattered so I turned on the strut just a bit more. I finally made it over to this little bar where I ordered a Bud Light and some bbq chicken on a stick. It’s been some years since I have been here and now it seems like everything comes on a stick here now. The bartender asked for my i.d. so I pulled it out of my top and showed it to him. He watched real close as I put it back. Now, talk about expensive, a beer and some chicken on a stick was $12.00, so I was hoping both should be the best things that have ever crossed my lips. I sat there a bit, ate the chicken, it was okay but nothing real special. I had 2 more beers and decided it was time to get back to seeing what I could do or see.
I headed out for the shops to see what I might find. I wasn’t real interested in carrying bags around but if I found something I wanted or needed the I would just have to do it. I think I went into almost every shop that was there. I was in and out of my bikini trying on everything under the sun. In the end I found nothing that really suited me or the mood I was in. Every once in a while I would catch my little blonde stalker poking around. I never intentionally tried to give him a show but sometimes shit happens. Later on in the evening I found myself hungry again and decided to head over to Joe’s Crab Shack. I figured it might be the only place I would be allowed based on how I was a bit under dressed. Along the way I just happened to run into the blonde boy. This time we formally introduced ourselves to each other. I can now call him James. Since I didn’t want to eat alone I invited James to come along, my treat. James told me he is 18 but gets confused for someone younger because he has such a baby face. I believed him eventhough I should have been asking for some identification. No worries, right? I assured him that I would be buying dinner and all he had to do is be good company, no strings attached. When we sat down he took it upon himself to sit next to me in the booth. Seemed weird in the beginning but worked out because it was very loud in the restaurant. After a good two hours we decided to leave and go on ways. He got out of the booth first and extended his hand for mine. I thought this was very cute of him to do. About halfway thru the restaurant I realized that my bikini bottom had come untied on one side and I was parading around showing off what my mother gave me. After collecting the strings to retie I couldn’t help but thinking I was so glad I had shaved. My second thought was wondering if this was an accident or if my new friend James had something to do with it since it was on the side he was sitting on. I have my bets at this time but never asked because I would hate to assume it was him and be wrong. We left and said our goodbyes, but not before he gave me his cell phone number.
After such a great meal I had but one more thing to do. I had seen a tattoo place and wanted to go check it out before they closed. I wasn’t thinking about getting a tattoo at the moment but I had always had an idea of what I wanted when that day had come. I got to looking thru the art and found the perfect tattoo for me. They looked pretty busy so I didn’t even bother asking any questions and turned to just leave. Before I got out the door I heard a voice asking if there was something specific I was looking for or was I waiting on someone. Neither really. I turned around and the guy said he was done and had time if I was ready to get something done. Fine. I pointed out what I wanted, showed him where I wanted it, and we discussed price. Not knowing any better, I agreed to $85.00 to get the butterfly tattooed onto the top of my foot. I will say that it did hurt quite a bit. I didn’t bleed as much as I had thought I would. It took about 30 minutes and he said we were done. I looked down and he was right, we were definitely done. Happy with my new tattoo I left the shop. I ran into James once again and I showed it to him and we talked about this and that for a bit. It was close to midnight now and time for me to go out to the front and catch my ride. After another hug we said goodbye for the final time tonight.
Fortunately my ride was waiting right where they dropped me off. Once I got in the car and all the small talk was finished I wanted the other half of my dare money. After getting the reports of what they saw throughout the day they finally fessed up the cash. They didn’t think I would do it or that I was capable of doing it and they were very surprised that I did do it. Feeling good about the day we ended up going out to a club once we got back to Houston for a little more drinking and a whole lot of dancing. I was lucky my girlfriends were thinking ahead and brought me some clothes. I will leave the night at the club for another time because it in itself was a rough night to say the least. You’ll here from me once again, I promise.”
In the end, her story did include a hint of things with a sexual nature, she didn’t go to jail tho, it did include money that she got because of a dare between good friends, she did have a little blood happening with her new tattoo, but none of this gave her even a moment of fame. She did make a new friend and who knows will happen with that. As far as the part two to her story, I have yet to hear anything, but when I do I will be sure to share.