Make This Weekend Your Magic Weekend!

The Magic Weekend

The weekend is almost upon us and y’all know what that means. No? It means y’all need to get up off your lazy asses and do something fantastic! Then, when y’all are done I want you to submit your story to The Sting Of The Scorpion so I can share it with the world. For those of y’all still worried about your personal identity being known just remember to tell me to leave it out and change up a few things for you (like location). There have been many great submissions from everybody around and I would like to keep that an upwards trend. Do not underestimate the power of PICTURES.

So, what will your weekend involve? Sex, Jail, Money, Blood, or Fame?

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When you are ready then prepare your story in an e-mail to send to and be sure to include all your pictures.

Thanks for visiting you magnificentsonsofbitches!

Did You Get Your Twitter Stock?

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Under normal circumstances I cannot be considered a stock trader or stock investor. However, my dad approached me and asked if I wanted to go in 1/2 with him on one hundred shares of the brand spanking new Twitter stock. I took the bait eventhough I had seen that when Facebook and LinkedIn went public they didn’t do so hot at first. He set it up to buy 100 shares at the first open opportunity, he ended up getting in @ $28,90 each. I looked this morning and it closed @ $44.90 last night. I hope this is the trend, but I expect that it will fall before it levels out overall. Anyway, I was just curious if anyone of y’all got in on the stock on opening day or not. If so, and if you don’t mind, how much did you buy at what price. Thanks for sharing.

Why Do We Do Status Updates?

My kids said I really need to do a FB status update. So here goes. I am still broke. I am still married. I still have kids. I am still white. I still live in the great state of Texas. I still own guns. I still believe in the 2nd Amendment. I still have not found Jesus, nor have I been looking for him. I still work for a living. I still pay taxes. I am still a retired Air Force vet. I still drive an SUV and a Goldwing. I still enjoy cooking, grilling, and smoking animals I have killed. I don’t think there is much more to update from any other day. I will add that I am very happy for each morning that I wake up.

After posting this to FB, I began thinking about it a little more. I began by asking why do we even do FB status updates. What does a person do if they don’t have a FB account since that prohibits them from making a status update? What then? What do those people do? How do they get by without doing a FB update? I think that was my very first status update that wasn’t a link promoting my blog. Honestly, all I use FB for is to borrow funny pictures and promote this blog along with its subsequent pages. I don’t follow my friend’s lives or my family’s lives, I just get on to mess around. However, and this is one giant however with a deep sigh included however, I do find it amusing watching people update their status at each place every hour on the hour that they might be. That does humor me.

Now, I do have some friends and family that I actually like seeing their updates since it helps me see additions to their blogs, pictures they have added, or directly messaging me because I won’t answer my phone and I am not replying to texts, so they broadcast it for me. Yea Me! But, I am a person who likes to have a little fun while poking a little fun at the same time. Hence the status update I gave to FB earlier this evening. My kids thought it to be way less than funny. At least I am clearly honest with what I posted since it is all absolutely true. So, if you ever want to have some fun on FB, just be captain obvious, it worked for me. Also, I did find this gem of a saying today, don’t remember where, but it speaks volumes to me and relates to how I live my life. If you don’t kill me you better start running because I won’t be the one needing to reload.