A Dynasty Without A Patriarch


I have spent most of the morning reading what others have been writing about the indefinite suspension of Phil Robertson from the popular A&E reality show Duck Dynasty. If you don’t know who I am talking about or what I’m talking about you just might live under a rock. I admit it, I have been watching Duck Dynasty since it all started out and I will continue to watch it until it gets the axe, but then we have re-runs of course. I was a Duck Dynasty fan before it was “cool” to be a Duck Dynasty fan. The show is right up my alley. That does not mean I align my beliefs, values, or morals alongside the Robertson family, it just means I enjoy the television show for it’s entertainment value. So, back to what I was reading, which fell all the way from the extreme left to the extreme right as far as opinions go. Here is my opinion. As I may not agree with what was being said does not mean I condemn anyone for what was said. When someone does a personal interview one is liable to get some personal opinions, especially from such a colorful family like the Robertson family. Some of could read before there was controversy, some of knew a little bit about the people before the was a show called Duck Dynasty.

Anyway, I was reading an article @ FoxNews which was written in a real entertaining way, which is what sells right, entertainment value. I provided the link without permission and I will not be quoting anything from the article, instead I will be talking about some points from it and from the article which started it all in GQ Magazine. I have read many articles, opinions, and commentaries about this GQ interview. Which, if I really need to mention this fact, is bringing a generous amount of revenue to GQ because everyone who didn’t care a week ago all of a sudden gives a shit and wants to gossip with their opinions. Why? Ratings, revenue, and readership. So why am I writing something about it all? Simply because I have a few words to say. I gain nothing if someone reads this post or if nobody reads this post. I do it just for the sake that I want to say it out loud.

I’m a huge fan of freedom of speech. However, I don’t speak of the kind of freedom of speech that holds no repercussions. We are all responsible for our words and actions no matter who we are. Everyone should be held to the same standard. Are we all held to the same standards? Hell no we are not. If I need to explain that to you then you are really at the wrong blog. A&E has ties with different groups with deep pockets to keep happy. It has zero with keeping the American people happy. What does it matter, in my opinion A&E shot themselves in the foot with this one. The Robertson family will survive with or without A&E and they would probably be better off in life if they just went ahead and ended the relationship. The had their run, both parties literally made an assload of money, and neither one of them needs the other to survive in this presumptuous world. Just remember, just because you are offended does not make you right, it just makes you offended.


The pictures in this post were located using a Google image search. I did not have permission to use either picture which were found publically. As well, the two links provided were placed for reference only, it does not mean I agree or disagree with what was written in them. I also did not have permission to share the links which is why I only talked about them as “articles” and not their content. If you visit them it is your choice, I found them as well using a Google search for the GQ article with Phil Robertson.

All Hail The Duck Dynasty!

D C Cork

As a fan, not a diehard fan, but a fan nonetheless, I like seeing the marketing tools that promote the Robertson family, Duck Commander, and Duck Dynasty. There items for sale are very popular with the crowds at Wal-Mart. In the area of the country I live in, southeast Texas, camouflage is an actual color on the color wheel. One does have to be out hunting to see anyone in camo around here, it is real commonplace. With that being said, the products bearing the faces and the name of the Robertson family do very well in my neck of the woods. Neither here no there, I think the Robertson family does well for itself with the help of Wal-Mart. I don’t find myself in Wally-world too often, but when I do it is usually to get an item or two, run in and run out, lickity split if you catch my drift.

The other day I was in there to get a bottle of wine for my wife (off the $8 shelf) and some spray shoe deodorizer for my 12 y/o son’s rank ass gym shoes. Right next to my wife’s normal choice for wine, also a pink moscato, was this bottle of Duck Commander “Miss Priss” Pink Moscato. I picked it up to look at it and thought to myself that my wife just might like this wine. Now, my wife is rather picky, she has tried many wines in our marriage of close to 14 years, but always returns to her staple pink moscato. So, with the flip of the coin I decided to get both bottles, the Duck Commander as a “surprise” and her wine as the back up so I didn’t have to go back to the store when she doesn’t like the new wine. The results? She really liked it and I was informed she may have just found her a new brand of pink moscato to start drinking. It was a bit more expensive, $8.87, but I think it will be worth the extra 65 cents.

D C Pink Moscato