T-shirt Inappropriate @ Fiesta Texas

_20140819_165050I mentioned in my other post that I have a vast collection of t-shirts because they are typically what I wear everyday. I also mentioned that on our vacation to San Antonio that we visited Fiesta Texas (Six Flags Theme Park). If I recall correctly, I added that the little adventure was worthy of it’s own post. So, here is that post. Now, due to some certain particulars, I will not be mentioning anyone by their actual names. By now y’all have most likely noticed the photo above of the t-shirt I was wearing on the morning of our visit. I said “was” wearing because initially I was refused entry into the park because I “was” wearing it as I passed through the gates. In fact, let’s start with the gate first, I will get back to the shirt later.

I don’t know how it is where y’all live but most places of entertainment that I have been to include walking through a metal detector. Seems to be a way of life in larger cities. Remember one thing as you read forward, I have had six (6) open knee surgeries on my right knee, the latest resulting in a knee replacement, so I have a little hardware holding everything together these days. I know, based on past metal detector experience, that I light those things up like a Christmas tree when I walk through. Which is the exact reason why I already had my U.S. Government issued information card in my hand. It explains the metals and other materials to the screener in English, Spanish, and French. It also has a toll free number if there are any further stupid questions. I step through and it of course goes apeshit crazy, in fact, all four times I passed through it the alarms went off. I handed the man my card and Veteran’s ID card, both were dismissed, but I was asked to follow another man off to the side so I could be wanded and patted down repeatedly. Finally, enough is enough, I asked the obviously arrogant question if they couldn’t see the huge fucking scars on my leg. And you know what my answer was? “Sorry, Mr. Z., I guess we didn’t observe those during our investigation”. This is from 3 separate people, all claiming they didn’t see them or fully understand the information card I provided.

After 15 minutes I was released to go into the park, but only if I am wearing a different shirt which is not offensive or inappropriate. Wait just a fucking minute! Offensive or inappropriate? By what standard? Because if we are going to point fingers I saw a few that I thought were in very bad taste, but according to the screeners a shirt with the Mexican flag bearing the words ” Thank you Obama for not sending me home” or the shirt with a burning American flag which read “Burn Bitch Burn” were just fine to wear in the park because the two people were not believed to be “American” based on their skin color. Y’all are yanking my chain, right? Nope. At this point my wife takes me by the arm and tells me to just go get another of my shirts from the car. WTF? So, the screening idiot stamps my hand, therefore being able to avoid the whole line and metal detector again. How nice. I did go to my car, I was furious, I did smoke a few cigarettes, I did change into a plain gray shirt, and I did go back to the park. Why? Because my wife asked me to come back in to have the family day, together, and in peace.

The rest of the day was uneventful, except the Superman ride was down 90% of the day, the only ride I ride. Yes, I did file a formal complaint to both Fiesta Texas and to Six Flags. It was all done electronically Sunday afternoon, I have yet to get a reply. Personally, I don’t think my shirt having the word ass on it offended anyone, nor do I think it would. I also believe in the freedom of speech, I may not have agreed with the two examples given above, but it is what it is, just a shirt, just an opinion. I personally wasn’t looking for the attention I received, but it happened. However, I remain pretty pissed at the fucktards they have as screeners, because that was just super ignorant on their part. Glad to know they can’t read OR see while they are looking out for everyone’s “safety”. I will cut this off here because if I don’t I could go on for hours, and I got dinner to finish cooking.