Stranger Things Have Happened


I will have to admit I was not expecting to see what I did while I was visiting one of my favorite web sites for metal news and so forth. I don’t get paid or any kind of endorsement from them so I will only be mentioning it one time because the picture above and the link were both borrowed to put here without permission so I could talk a little bit about a few things. The web site is Metal Injection and is a place I generally trust when looking for metal related information. One last mention about a cool feature of the web site is Metal Injection FM which is streaming metal 24/7. So, that’s all the free publicity I offer today. If I got paid for it I would feature a link and a live stream to the music, hint hint. But, as it stands it will still be found in my handy bookmarks.
So, why are we here? I have a few reasons for writing this post. It all begins with a link similar to the one above that was on my Facebook wall (because I follow the Metal Injection fan page) that stated “It’s the Limp Bizkit you weren’t waiting for”. Being a closet Limp Bizkit fan I like to check out their new stuff and review/re-live the old stuff as well. Don’t judge me. Out of curiosity I followed the link using my cell phone. The speaker (can we call it an actual speaker?) wasn’t doing the song any favors so I linked it up with my shop stereo here at work in the 97,000 sq. ft. warehouse I call home during the days. A quick note to explain what that means to all of y’all. I have the warehouse “wired” with a fantastic amount of high end speakers and equipment that rivals any concert you have ever been to. Anyway, I linked up to the system to give this song a listen. I should of kept reading when I had a chance because if I would have read further I would have seen the song features someone I can’t stand, lil’ wayne. He ruined the song, the video, and all chances of me actually liking this new video. Fortunately, Limp Bizkit was able to pull of a decent sounding song. I don’t, however, recommend listing to it around younger children or anyone who is easily offended by words like fuck, pussy, and ass, just to give a few examples. I won’t say the video stole 4:47 of my life that I will never get back, but I felt a little cheap and used afterwords.

I never planned on reviewing this song or this video and I think I have done a good job of not doing just that for everyone. I just think it was a bad pairing of “talent” and in my opinion something done in poor judgment. I spent a few hours of my spare time reading different reviews all over the internet in many different forums and websites. The consensus I got, the vibe I felt, was one either liked it a great deal or one hated it a great deal. There wasn’t much on riding the fence on this one, which is sad, because I feel all alone here on my fence. Look at it if you want to or don’t look at it if you don’t want to, makes me no nevermind either way. I was just taking an opportunity to express my personal feelings about stranger things happening and much stranger pairing of musical artists have happened in the past. I’m sure that this won’t be the most bizarre I ever see, hell rock has crossed over into country and there are even rappers in a few country songs nowadays. Hank Sr. has to be rolling in his grave right now. There you have my 2 cents. This is a great opportunity to make an opinion of for your self so don’t be afraid.